The Problem With The Daily Rake

The Problem With The Daily Rake

I was looking at sites that I could promote when I came across From what I understand the writer and creator of The Daily Rake was a writer at the Hyphen Report and quit do to creative differences. I won’t go into the whole thing as it’s not my business and Idk why THETDC made an article about it, leaking messages and all.

The name of the site is called The Daily Rake because it’s dissident right News from a Canadian perspective, so that works fine. It is interesting that this and Kino Casino are both ran by Canadians.

The Daily Rake is so ugly. The thumbnails, titles, and cluttered sidebar show a broken soul. You can tell this guy isn’t religious. Even when I’m writing about something disgusting that I hate I make sure it looks cool. Having gay porn and Anglin’s face shopped onto an object be what introduces you to this website is revolting. Hyphen Report has boring thumbnails but they aren’t repulsive and work for the overall theme of the site I guess.

He simps for ugly, not even mid women in articles like TPUSA Hires Smokin’ Hawt Dimepiece to Shill Reheated Cuckservative Garbage and Manhandling the Manlets: The Political Importance of Good Looking Pussy, which is beyond pathetic. The latter holding the worst take of all time within it. He argues that to have a successful movement you must appeal to hot women.

“I mean, maybe literally, but also figuratively. The correlation between people being interested in something and hot girls being in it is so strong that you can tell how healthy your political movement is almost purely by the numbers of hawt babes. This is the ultimate bellweather.”

I think the more women apart of a political movement the greater it has a chance to fail, actually. Identity Europa? Girl leaks everything. Ashton Whitty? Leaks everything to Jared Holt. Lauren Southern? Leaks everything to Hope Not Hate. Most of those racist egirls ended up fucking non whites. Sorry if that’s news for you but women are evil.

The writer (I believe his name is) Sheklestein spends a lot of his time attacking the America First movement. Specifically figures like Nick Fuentes, Andrew Anglin, and Weev. There’s a 15 part series on Andrew Anglin himself a separate series called “manhandling the manlets” with a broader target on AF. You never see AF people dedicating sites and video series’s to attacking NJP (The National Justice Party) which is who this guy supports. It’s just interesting it’s only coming from one side.

My critiques here are similar to my critiques of Kino Casino. There’s something wrong with these people and it’s hard to explain. PPP is the funniest of these types and Mister Metokur is the most annoying. Buzzwords and “clever” repetitive jokes make up their content. It’s Gen X garbage. Their dreams are getting promoted at their job and finding a hot gf. Normies, in the truest sense of the word.

True R9k and pol types from the og days would not bully successful people that try and represent them. We were broken down by our reality and hated by society so we needed to create a new one. They are online to laugh at the people creating. They want to tear it down. So do the Jews, FBI, NATO, women, Libtards, non whites, Etc.

I think the work this guy put into his website is admirable. I think spending your time throwing arrows at these people is low class and there’s no real reason for it. It’s drama trash content I suppose.

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