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An internet show hosted by Andy Warski and PPP, in which they systematically expose and destroy the careers of the worst people on the internet. Widely considered to be one of the greatest grifts of all time, it has been rumored that the slots are rigged, and the house always wins.
“Did you see Ragepig and Catboyfuhrer get felted on the Kino Casino lastfriday?”

Andy Warski is fucking annoying. His laugh and nasally voice is like sandpaper on the ears. PPP can be funny. Contrary to other critics I find PPP’s voice and mannerisms hypnotic in a way. The dynamic does work well with them bouncing off each other. Warski points something out and PPP digs into it, then they chew on it for a minute. There isn’t dead air and the hosts don’t hate each other yet so it works better than some other shows like this.

It looks like shit. Stock footage for the waiting room. I hate the opening with the whore they paid to introduce their show. Fake tits and broken English. It’s disgusting. The background with the neon lights looks more tacky than trippy. PPP’s background is cool, the poker cards fitting with the casino aesthetic. 

Since it’s birth the aim of the casino has landed almost entirely on Cozy TV streamers, Ethan Ralph and Nick Fuentes specifically. Using Kiwi Farms threads as guidance, they parse through the sordid details of whatever lolcow is ready to be sacrificed. When said cow hits a low, this is greeted with “felted” (poker term for going broke). 

I might not be the target audience for a show like this. I’m not a fan of reaction and drama content. I find it the lowest form of entertainment. 

PPP feels he must fight the America First movement in particular out of religious fervor. He’s a protestant conservative rising against what he feels is a corrupt catholic leader deceiving young men into giving money and ruining their lives. Warski is a slimy guy and at some point he will break with PPP, it’s not weird to say that. He admits himself he follows the money and his track record shows he switches up on a dime. PPP is motivated by ideology and insanity, nothing can stop him. This makes PPP more compelling while I have no idea why Warski is against any of these people.

In conclusion I don’t like this show. I am biased I suppose with being aligned with America First. Even as an outside observer it isn’t good content. Everyone involved has some personal grievance or is crazy. The recent swattings cozy streamers have endured 100% is from this crowd. My main problem is it just isn’t enjoyable to watch as is. PPP should do his own thing. If your content relies on someone else’s you don’t really have content. Beardson and the Weekly Sweat has been pointed to as a comparable show, I disagree. The Weekly Sweat had a good look and the guests were higher quality. They weren’t obsessed with the subjects of the Alt-Right and had many prominent figures on for debates, interviews, or to just hang out. TWS didn’t moral fag nearly as much i don’t think. KS could be a lot better just by dropping Warski and adding more variety.

The Weekly Sweat was to right wing twitter what Kino Casino is to Kiwi Farms. This works but only if they sifted through the lolcows as was the og plan of the show. It’s just the anti-AF and Ethan Ralph show now. I don’t find that entertaining or interesting. 

The viewership is pretty good, shows how big our guys would be if ourguys were still on the mainstream platforms. 

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