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Escape From South Africa

Expose Me

Get to Heaven. Jesus asks you why you didn’t spend more time watching film criticism.

Hey everyone, it’s cartoon pfp YouTuber #4269 here. Today we are going to explore the sick recesses of some other content creators mind. I will make an hours worth of content out of this drama. Investigating the sins of a let’s player detective style. You should care about this person and why they are bad. All the time spent online will really help you and your family when the power grid collapses. “Isn’t Shane Dawson trash?” Probably, I don’t know him and he doesn’t effect my life any so why would I care? The only parts important to pay attention to in culture are those that make an impact on people. When a man is shot in the chest 5 times will what inspired him to be brave enough to die be an h3h3 video?

Escape From South Africa

Things could always be worse.

From The Washington Post

The violence was triggered by the jailing of former president Jacob Zuma on July 7 for contempt after he repeatedly refused to appear before a special commission investigating corruption during his nine-year presidency that ended in 2018.

Supporters of Zuma, the nation’s first Zulu president, began protesting his imprisonment after he turned himself in to authorities in KwaZulu-Natal, which includes the traditional Zulu homeland.
In the ensuing days, the protests spiraled into a looting spree that has crippled KwaZulu-Natal and parts of Johannesburg and blockaded major supply routes, leading to fuel and food shortages in the affected areas, government officials said.

More than 600 stores have been looted with billions of rand in damage, according to the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa, which called on the African National Congress government of President Cyril Ramaphosa to impose a state of emergency.

Niggas from north brooks wish they could snatch nikes dis quik. These mothafuckas be at it like the zombies in world war z. Don’t believe me? Think I’m trippin? Take a look at these pics twin.

Ain’t no joke. Who knew the Indians and whites would team up in the race war? I think the bhagavad gita and the simpsons predicted this exact scenario playing out. You probably saw this news story and just slid by it. Understandable, we have our own problems. But it is important to see the chaos and realize this is battle royale style fun for the elites. It’s just a game to them. Maybe it should be just a game to you too.

Happiness is a warm gun

You should go into work tomorrow with a Mossberg 400 shotgun and start shooting every light you see. Set the mood by playing Mac Demarco’s chamber of reflection and let your coworkers stare in awe and confusion as you go on with your mission the same as you do your usual work. Then when you’ve completed your job and it’s time to clock out, leave quietly and detonate the ether bomb. Why not? It’s something to do. Real French existentialist move there, handsome.

Treat the nice young urban youth like shit the next time you see them walking around. You know the one. He’s not pleasant like the others. A nuance. No one else sees it, but you do. He fucked the pretty blond white girl you couldn’t. Greet him with a firm handshake and eye contact. Run him over with your car. What are you? A chicken. Do something that brings you satisfaction in your life for a change. Pick yourself up from your bootstraps do it to see how it feels.

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