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Switching Gears

Switching Gears
We are coming up on celebrating our 50th post on Ramona Leone. To commemorate this occasion we are making a few changes around here. These were planned earlier but we decided to sit and put them into play for the theatrics.

The original goal for this specific page on this site was to be Mind’s Eye Magazine.
This was a reference to this quote:

“In my mind’s eye my thoughts light fires in your cities.”

-Charles Manson

I did not decide to go down this route because there were other sites named this.

I am now deciding to pursue this name change. With it will be a lot of other changes. I have gone through the articles and I dislike the writing style, flow, and in general the way they come off. A good majority come off as taking itself way too serious and pretentious. Cringy. Poorly written and boring. I’ve got to be honest, to keep up with the due dates I’ve let the quality become real hit or miss. In between everything else I have to do I’ve had to force this into my schedule.

That’s not a gay cope either. Really enjoy doing this and I hope others enjoy and gain from going on here. Content may slow down for the foreseeable future as I work on things. I’m going to just be myself on here from now on. Focusing on quality more than quantity.

I pull into the dark parking lot of what used to be a Kroger and is being a renovated into a Walmart. My eyes dart side to side and I park the car. Summer of ‘69 plays as I dig through my backpack and pull out a zip lock baggy with two grams of cocaine. $60/g was a steal for the area I’m in. I uncomfortable try to make a few lines on the dash and use a dollar bill with dried blood on it from last time. I feel the numbness and the drip in my throat. I take a couple gulps of some coffee and smoke a Newport. Now I’m ready.

“We live in an age in which there is no heroic death”

“But sooner or later this virtual world clashes with the real world and this is actually happening”

“A man alone is a neighbor to God”

“Death to the new world order”

I let go of it all. The fear. I must confess I still struggle with being a slave to my desires.

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