How 2 Extract DMT

Drugs are degenerate and we do not encourage use. Some are cool though, I suppose. We aren’t some Vice wannabes that think that doing drugs make you interesting. That’s pretty faggy. There may be some demonic energy associated with psychedelics. I am not sure. I am posting this because this guide was taken down in a few other places. This is the best tek for extracting DMT and I find it interesting.

Safety first!
Make sure your using eye (goggles) and skin (gloves/gauntlets) protection when working with hot solvent [Keep all open flames well away from your solvent at all times, use proper ventilation when working with solvents (fan to outside) or work outside or in an open garage]
[Note that in this TEK most liquids are weighed, hence grams and not millilitres due to the fact that many people will have a scale but not necessarily have proper volumetric lab glassware]

Lets get to it…

Required Ingredients:

100 grams powdered or finely shredded mimosa bark. (If your in the UK you can sometimes find shredded root bark on ebay – USA; try the shroomery sponsors or look around – check your state laws on root bark)
100 ml of distilled white vinegar with 5% acidity.
80 grams of food grade Calcium Hydroxide
Refined solvent (lighter fluids like SWAN, Zippo and Ronsonol work well).


Stand mixer or electrical wisk.
Strong blender or coffee grinder (only if mimosa bark is not finely ground).
Kitchen and milligram scales.
Cling wrap.
Glass or Pyrex mixing bowl.
X2 Crock pots or Water baths.
Collection dish
Mason jar with lid (or other similar glass jar with lid).
Kitchen paper towel or Coffee filter.
Photo/lens paper or Aluminium foil.
Glass or metal syringe/baster.
Stainless steel spoon.

The Basics

1) Put 100 grams Mimosa bark, powdered or shredded fine in a mixing bowl. (blend with a
strong blender if need be – pick the blender up and shake it while blitzing the bark in short bursts)

2) Add 100 g Distilled White Vinegar mixed with 120 g of boiling hot water to the bowl. Mix all the bark until its coated. Use a silicon spatula or spoon to scrape down the sides of the bowl periodically to make sure everything is well mixed and not sticking to the sides of the bowl.

3) Use a timer and mix everything for 40 minutes on a slow setting with the stand mixer or electric whisk.  If mixing by hand, you do not need to mix continuously, but the total time should remain 40 minutes (with periodic hand mixing every 5-10 minutes).

4) After 40 minutes of mixing the bark is acidified, now weigh out 80 g of Calcium Hydroxide and add it slowly to bark while still mixing, a reaction should occur causing the bark to turn charcoal grey to black.

5) Continue mixing for 10 more minutes, scraping down sides of the mixing
bowl to insure all lime is mixed well. You want your bark like thick mud, if any loose liquid remains, its ok to add a little more hydroxide.

6) After the lime is mixed place cling wrap over the bowl, careful not to make contact between the cling wrap and
the bark, let it sit for 1-36 hours, based on what’s convenient for you.

7) Verify the purity of your solvent by putting a drop from a pipette onto a clean piece of glass or in the bottom of a clear dish and let it evaporate somewhere warm. After its dried if any coloured or gritty residue remains there is a problem, such solvent should be avoided, but it is normal to see very minor “watermark” type patterns like you would see if you evaporated a drop of tap water.

8) When you are ready to do a pull prepare two water baths for the bark and solvent using either crockpots or pans if your stove is electric. REMEMBER: Keep all open flames well away from solvent at all times, use proper ventilation when working with solvent

9) Put 50-80g of solvent in a mason jar with the lid placed lightly on.

10) Place the mason jar with the solvent into the crockpot/waterbath. Then place the bark bowl in the other crockpot/bath and leave both to warm on low for 10 minutes.

11) Once everything is warm. Remove the solvent jar from the bath and turn off/remove the crockpot/bath while keeping the bark on low heat.

12) Add the pre-warmed solvent to the bark mix, slowly pour it to avoid splash. EYE PROTECTION!

13) While everything is kept on low heat; slice and move the bark slowly with a stainless steel spoon so that the solvent has the chance to make contact with all areas of the bark. The solvent should remain clear and simmer slightly. Keep moving the solvent around in the bark until you start to see the solvent evaporating, keep stirring until there is minimal solvent left, you can shake the bowl vertically to draw out any remaining solvent to the top before creating a small pool at the edge of the bowl for the solvent to flow into.

14) Now use the glass syringe or baster to suck out the solvent pool into your collection dish so now the DMT rich solvent is ready to be frozen, its ok if you suck up a bit of bark mix, it will stuck to the inside of the glass

15) Cover the dish tightly with cling wrap, then put the dish into the freezer set to the coldest setting.

16) Leave the dish in the freezer undisturbed overnight. If the solvent gets knocked around or you mess with it while it cools, the alkaloids will have a hard time crashing into each other and the DMT will likely just sit in the solvent rather than precipitate out. You will know it is ready when you see white crystals at the bottom, if no crystals form you likely have to much solvent in the dish or your bark is low in quality.

17) Take the pie dish out of the freezer and suck all the remaining solvent up with the baster/syringe back into the mason jar. Try to avoid catching any stray crystals as you recover the solvent, if you do they will be recovered in the next pull since the solvent could be reused, but it likely contains plant oils and possibly other contaminants so it is preferable to discard it as it will not contain any actual DMT at this point.

18) The DMT crystals should all be stuck to the bottom of the dish.

19) Let the dish dry by placing it back in the freezer upside down with a kitchen paper towel under it so any remaining solvent is soaked up without melting or disturbing the crystals. After there is no solvent remaining. Use a fan on its slowest speed pointed at the dish to remove any water crystals from around the dmt crystals. Once everything is cool and dry scrape the DMT off of the dish with a razor onto your photo/lens paper or foil.

20) Weigh the extracted DMT on a milligram scale to determine your yield (tare the scale with a sheet of lens paper/foil on it first for an accurate measurement).

21) Repeat the “pulling process” of extracting DMT from the bark roughly 48 hours from start time, a week from start day, and two weeks from start day. To do this repeat these instructions from step 8.  Always store the bark mix tightly covered, at room temperature, but a cool place like a basement is fine (do not refrigerate it).

[NOTE: Pure DMT should be white (crystals can also be clear).  Yellow, brown, or reddish colors are signs of contamination, which is typically from plant oils.  These can be removed with recrystallization, or just accepted and used as is (some people seem to prefer contaminated DMT, possibly because it’s not as strong). If you vape at a low temperature with the right kind of device (such as a dream maker tool), plant oils will generally be left behind and not inhaled.  Otherwise, they can result in harsh vapor and lower potency by weight (because the oils are heavy) making dosing more difficult to determine.]

GordoTEK DMT Extraction – Revised for noobs – The Psychedelic Experience – Shroomery Message Board

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