Share The Pain

Share the pain
Make people uncomfortable. Increase the tension. You must remember that the average Americans mindset is poisoned. They have an unnatural and twisted view of the world. They believe as long as somethings isn’t hurting you, why complain? Believing tolerance is the key trait to being a good person. You must tear this down in front of there eyes. Most people know that there is evil in the world, but they only get a glimpse. The sheep believe it’s easy to till the bad guys from the good. Rip this to shreds in front of them. Show them this world of sin. Tell them stories of women getting brutally raped and beheaded by minorities.

Describe the consequences of anal sex. This isn’t being edgy. You must be optical when doing this. Don’t be an autist, present it stoically. They must like you. Only do it when you have an opening. Don’t just spam pics of slit wrists to your grandma. Tell the preppy girl at your work that dying by cop would be the best option. Describe to the local clerk an abortion. Draw the tale of a kids mom making him suck her boyfriend’s dick to your friend. Increase their existential dread. Make sure they are emotionally uneven. Ruin there week. They must see the flesh for what it really is. Our goal is to lead them to Christ. Once they see this they will be a lot more inclined to take a conservative view of the world. This is all out of love. You aren’t doing this for sick kicks. Trying to wake them up. You love them and want them to be free.

School shooter mentality

Sam Hyde and Frank hassle are great examples of this on a broader scope. Sam telling a Williamsburg crowd gay statistics. Frank with his boxed life documentary and abusing people just trying to shop. Sam is directing his trolling to an audience that an outsider can believe deserves it. They are probably arrogant rich kids and telling them that gays are pedos on a Friday night is funny. Frank is different. Many of his targets could be your family members. He’s an Xbox live lobby delivered to what could be your dad while he’s shopping for groceries. Watching him you feel disgusted and uncomfortable at first. As he pushes past the yellow tape that most prank videos have and he starts commuting crimes on film. Can’t help to feel bad for his victims. Can’t help to laugh at them too.

This is the school shooter mentality In action. Taking the feeling’s of repressed anger and striking out against society.

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