Yikes! Andrew Callaghan Might Be A Rapist, Admitted Into Psych Ward

Yikes! Andrew Callaghan Might Be A Rapist, Admitted Into Psych Ward

Maybe now he’ll drop his libtard pandering.

Andrew has his sympathies. He was raised in what sounds like the most zogged out school of all time. His parents would massage his head and feet as a punishment. Callaghan even has tracers from psychedelic abuse. The perfect reporter for the zoomer youth to learn the truth about things. The Hunter S. Thompson of our age!

He would be that if he wasn’t obscenely obvious in where his bias lies. During the George Floyd riots he wore a normal shirt and is solemn as the protesters tell their piece. At a qanon convention he starts off with a woman that lost her family due to her beliefs breaking down. He gives credence to the interviewee where he sees fit. So do I, but at least I’m honest.

I (and others like me) document the world for what it really is from inside my (their) room. He’s out there in the mud and still has no idea what’s going on. In that way he is everything wrong with everything today. All his talent and potential is used to push for our enemies interests. Do I think he raped this fat slut? No. But he wouldn’t give me the same generosity, so it’s possible considering his druggie past that he could’ve forced himself on her. Jk, we all know rape isn’t real.

Watch below as his “friend” throws him to the wolves:

Andrew sold himself to people like Ethan Klein, Hasan, and Tim Heidecker. Now we can all watch as they eat him to save themselves. That’s what loyalty to traitors gets you.


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