Who Shot First?

Who Shot First?

From Yahoo News:

Gen Z and millennials are unique when it comes to demanding a work-life balance. They don’t just want flexible work hours and environments, they want to work for companies that align with their own personal beliefs and values.

And almost half of Gen Z and millennials would rather be unemployed than unhappy in a job, according to a new study. A majority of them put their personal happiness over work.

The Workmonitor global study was conducted by multinational human resource consulting firm Randstad. Randstad surveyed 35,000 workers across 34 markets.

The career goals of Gen Z and millennials are changing power dynamics in the workplace.

We as straight white men have more reason than anyone else to drop out of the workplace. Going NEET and committing yourself to work that actually matters is the goal for us. Meaning you aren’t a slave to a corporation and get by with the skills that you’ve mastered. This will likely become harder and harder to accomplish in the next decade in more urban areas especially.

You need to be making money. If you are relying on the government for a check this can be striped from you at anytime. If you are working and getting paid for it you are going to be better off than 50% of your peers in the long run.

From New York Post:

A madman disguised as a construction worker turned a Brooklyn subway car into a bloodbath during the early-morning rush Tuesday, setting off smoke bombs before opening fire and wounding 29, officials said.

The shooter — who has yet to be apprehended — was wearing a neon orange and green construction vest and a neon green helmet and muttering to himself on a Manhattan-bound N train when he unleashed bloody havoc just before 8:30 a.m.

The gunman suddenly put on a gas mask and released two smoke grenades as the car pulled into the 36th Street station in Sunset Park, cops said.

He was black btw. Violent blacks seem to be a huge problem in this country. Living in Weimarica means constant race war. Never relax is true now more than ever. Don’t forget that blacks are told 24/7 that you hate them and raped their ancestors. You need to be aware of this in the most mundane interactions. Things can escalate. Better to be safe than sorry. Watch your back.

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