White Man’s Burden

White Man’s Burden

You will be replaced.

From New York Times:

The Biden administration is expected to lift a pandemic-related public health order this week that has restricted immigration for the past two years, a change that could more than double what is already a historic number of migrants surging into the United States from Mexico.

The change is to take effect in late May, according to people familiar with the planning, and should restore the right of migrants to request asylum once they are in the United States, just as they did before the pandemic.

Prepare for the flood gates to open and destroy your community. Covid restrictions are easing up just enough to pray for Ukraine and pay to shelter a Mexican family. How gracious.

From MSN:

The Biden administration on Tuesday is announcing three measures to reduce a growing multimillion-case backlog of immigration applications that has crippled the U.S. government’s ability to process them in a timely fashion, a senior U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) official told CBS News.

The agency plans to expand the number of applicants who can pay extra fees to have their immigration petitions adjudicated more quickly, propose a rule that would provide relief to immigrants waiting for work permit renewals and set processing time goals, the official said, requesting anonymity to detail the measures before a formal announcement.

With all the problems facing our country. Inflation at an all time high. Now we want to take as many foreign people as possible, as quick as possible. Why? What do you gain from this? Well you might think that this will benefit the economy as that is a popular argument from conservatives. That’s simply not true, these people are leeches and will replace you at your job and not pay taxes. Your neighbor that can’t speak English has a bigger family than you and is still richer than you could imagine.

The World Economic Forum has a 2030 vision. How do you think they will accomplish world peace in 8 years? These crisis events (covid, Ukraine) are used to implement the policies and social change they need in rapid succession while not losing public interest. Filling European countries with third world scum achieves the browning they are looking for to give way to a more subservient population.

This shouldn’t be a political issue. Left and right wing should be anti-immigration and were up until recently. We don’t need more people when it’s Americans that are poor, hopeless, and breaking.