Weev’s Poa.st Post And Assorted Writings

Weev’s Poa.st Post And Assorted Writings

$lave’s note: This is just a archive of Weev’s writings after the alleged poa.st post drew controversy. I believe he is one of the most important figures of the modern day and think it’s important to have an introduction to his work. I do not have permission or consent to repost these and have never had contact with Weev.


I am one of the major progenitors of today’s Internet trolling culture, and cited by the world’s largest alt-right site The Daily Stormer as a formative figure in what is now the modern dissident right. I am currently a political refugee in various parts of Eastern Europe after being imprisoned on false charges by ZOG. I am a crowdfunded political commentator for a living now (send me money I don’t have no trustfund like Dickie Spence).

There are thousands of international media pieces mentioning me, both as a commentator and as a story, due to my involvement in dozens of major events, many of which shaped world history forever. I am the star of a couple feature length films, The Hacker Wars and Troll Inc. There are dozens of songs written about me and one is on a Billboard top ten album. I am the subject of entire chapters of various books put out by respected academics. I have not yet begun to cause trouble.

To not talk too much about myself, I’ll let others do the talking for me. Here’s some quotes about me:

“Offensive and witty detail„ —Fox News [in ‘Hacker: I Was Behind Amazon Gay Book Delisting’ 2009]

“Think Shakespeare’s Puck„ —Taylor Buley, Forbes Magazine [in ‘Amazon: Caught In The Act’ 2009]

“has demonstrated himself to be a menace on the Internet„ —Assistant US Attorney Zach Intrater [in bail hearing]

“An American hero„ —Cyan Banister, TechCrunch [in associated video for ‘You May Take Away My Freedom, But I’ll Always Have My Crunchie!’ 2013]

“Weev laughs.  He laughs a laugh I recognize. It’s in my own bones. It’s like me talking to my friend who grew-up in London and jokes about Enoch Powell’s river of blood metaphor, whereafter I’d ask why on earth do you think it’s a metaphor?„ —Weimar Republican, My Posting Career


@[email protected] | Gleasonator

Violence works. Terrorism works. Israel was founded through massive amounts of terrorism, including plane hijackings. Islam is the fastest growing religion based solely off of its propensity to murder people for social and religious ends. Red states like Georgia went along with the election riggers in 2020 and let Biden win solely because nigger Democrats were willing to burn down cities and white Trump supporters were not.

At some point you just have to come to terms with the fact that the time for arguments is over. They have launched open war against us, and occasionally there are a few heroes that are willing to respond in kind. I support anyone that kills Democrats.

However, it is game theoretically suboptimal for racists to be out committing violence in the name of racism. The most ideologically extreme should be gathering real political power and financial wealth, and positioning the most milquetoast and cuckolded on the right to become radical partisans. The ideal situation is that we convince MIGA boomers on the edge of death to indiscriminately kill Democrats (which are the worst 85% of Jewry and 65% of blacks anyways, as well as white traitors) while filling as many county-level seats in commerce and politics as possible with covert white supremacists. If you are woke on the Jew issue, you are too precious to die for a handful of dead niggers. Your job is much more important than foot soldier. It is much better if you can get milquetoast MIGA RINOs to flip out and slaughter Democrats with no racial motivation.

Pagerank is More Powerful Than Trademark: How I Killed a Multimillion Dollar Company With Swastika Memes

Hyderabad, capital of Andhra Pradesh, is ruled by the Telugu race and is thus one of the most livable parts of India. The infrastructure is reasonably developed, and the streets are safer for women than anywhere else in the country. There’s a Googleplex there, and most major technology companies have an office or two there. There’s a fortress called Golkonda right outside the city that I made a blood sacrifice at once. It used to be the stronghold of Semitic invaders. You’ll never guess what happened next.

A major dualistic Aryan faith is extremely prominent in Andhra Pradesh. In times of peace and prosperity, many of the locals worship a goddess named Durga. Durga is a goddess of agrarian peoples, and her celebrations in most areas correspond with the harvest. She is the guardian of the crops, and her lawful punishments were evoked against those caught stealing agricultural products. She is a warrior, but a measured one. A paragon of justice. Except, of course, when there is an existential threat to the continued existence of her flock. Then her other side comes out. Durga flies into a rage, and a light of pure blackness radiates out from her. She wears a bandolier of the skulls of the wicked. She drinks the blood of demons. She becomes a living manifestation of the all-destroying forces of time, with her body joining with the Adya Shakti, the energy that underlies the universe, and samsara, the cycle of life and death. She shakes the world. Her name brings disgust to the faces of Moslems and well-to-do Hindus: Mahakali.

In response to the Moslems incursions upon Andhra Pradesh, the swastika glowed with its true power and Durga transformed into Mahakali. The Hindus there entered in a state of total war. Girls as young as 6, frequently taken as sex slaves by disgusting Mudslime pedophiles, were taught to plunge daggers in the throats of their captors. The dismembered remains of Muslims were frequently left laying in the streets. The so-called atrocity of this cult was demonized through the centuries, but I view everything that was done at Hyderabad in its name as pure pragmatism.

Eventually the tides of history turned against Islamic rule over Andhra Pradesh, and the spirit of Mahakali did not let the Hindus forget what had been done to them. After the death of Aurangazeb, a series of purges were done against the Muslims of the region. Mosques were reduced to rubble. Moslem women were raped. Moslem children were killed. Today, the Moslems that once rule Hyderabad are bound to one tiny, shit-covered district in the city and need a Hindu’s permission to live outside of it. These once-arrogant rulers now live as subhuman animals in their own filth. At the top of their former stronghold of Golkonda now lies a shrine to Mahakali.


In 2013, as I sat in solitary confinement after being illegally detained on false charges in a federal prison, a pack of Semites planned to conquer my digital territory. They trademarked the name “Weev”, which I have been using since I was 10 years old, built a social video app, and dozens of celebrities were given money and shares in the company in exchange for using the app. They planned to flood the world with a bullshit celebrity endorsed consumer platform while I sat in a prison cell and make sure that my nick was so far down the list of search engine results that I would be relatively forgotten as the feds piled on more and more false charges and kept me in prison indefinitely.


The chief architect of this conspiracy was the Jew Andrew Sachs of Saxtum Property Management and MOI, who is the descendant of Goldman Sachs co-founder Samuel Sachs. He was joined by the Jew Stephen Moyer (@smoyer), star of HBO series True Blood as a co-founder.

Also a major participant was the Jew Stan Lee, best known for appropriating the thunder god of all Nordic and Germanic peoples to sell disgusting race-mixing propaganda, as well as degenerate shabbos goy Jimmy Fallon and Gordon “Sting” Sumner.

There was only one fault with their plan: I did not plea, flipped the verdict that was leveled against me in a nigger’s sham court, and got out of prison to do unto others what they would do to me. After I got out of prison I got some rather notorious swastika ink filled with norse gods. I knew the Internet would break into a shitstorm when I released a photo of this, but I waited for the right time, when they did their biggest PR push.

When I dropped my swastika tattoo along with a fiery essay on The Daily Stormer, dozens of celebrities were talking about Weev the video chat app on TV. Unfortunately for them, TV spots don’t really translate to many page results or backlinks. Everyone who googled weev as a result immediately afterwards was greeted with a Google News thumbnail of weev the mad eyed white supremacist hacker with a 4.5 inch swastika tattoo. Normies freaked out in spades. It was the single most impactful thing I had ever done, creating far more buzz than a well publicized Constitutional case, wrongful imprisonment, and appeal.

“weev” search analytics courtesy of Google Trends.

I would delay every troll operation I wanted to do until they were spending serious money and resources to try to dig themselves out of a pagerank hole. Whenever they would drop deep into the second page of Google results (where they might as well not even exist) they would try to do another press push and garner backlinks. I responded each time by doing something way bigger and more notable than whatever shitty press they managed to get, like internationally syndicated news about using targeted white nationalist Twitter ads, or garnering thousands of news articles and dozens of TV spots by printing swastikas to tens of thousands of other people’s printers across the anglosphere.

You print to OPP? Yeah you know me!

Every troll I did was as close as I could legally get to giving some kike a hard kick in the teeth.

I made it so these people were literally paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote my shenanigans to the entire world. I starved them of the limited space available in Google News excerpts time and time again, and continued to garner backlinks to my publications from top tier sources like the Times and the Post to ensure that they would never be searchable on any search engine in existence.

In 2016, after three years of an entire team of people working fulltime, a few million dollars in funding wasted, dozens of physical events they threw in meatspace, and repeated humiliation at the hands of a single neo-Nazi blogger, the Weev app closed up shop forever. I, like the children of Durga in Andhra Pradesh, outlasted them. I bought up their domain, weev.net, sometime after their implosion.

The thing I found most fascinating about that Mahakali temple at Golkonda is that unlike most Hindu shrines, it shunned idols. There are paintings, and the pigments are the same ones they always used through the centuries, crafted not well by any modern standard for resistance to the elements. For each mural present at the shrine there is a disciple who walks up the steps every day to freshen up the mural, who has been painting it with his apprentice for as long as he lived. At this place, they do not believe in statues. They believe the holy decors of the living goddess should be replenished by their continuing love and devotion to her.

Weev.net now too is now a living shrine, replenished daily in the pulse of electrons and photons in heartbeat of copper and glass across the world by my divine will, marking the sacking of those that attempted to encroach upon me. I made this shrine to convey two important messages to the world:

  1. There is a timeless Indo-European spirit of resistance that will outlast any Semitic invasion. All those who have done violence to us best negotiate peace and make amends for the harm and decay which they have inflicted to our lives, or so I pledge all the mortals of this world and all the names of dead which are on my lips to all the gods which may be of the universe that the debts they owe will be rendered from the blood of their children. All the wicked of the world must know that we will outlast them and make their children suffer unimaginable horrors for what they have done to us.
  2. om kring kalikaye namah

Hail victory.

What I Learned from My Time in Prison

This year I was released from prison after my sentence was vacated on Constitutional grounds. I never committed a crime. My only crime was exercising the rights promised to my forefathers and I by the United States Constitution. Yet I knew when I walked into a federal court that I was going to prison. It didn’t matter that I was not a criminal. It didn’t matter that there were no less than four different Constitutional attacks on the seditious indictment against me. When I walked into the court of the “Honorable” Susan D. Wigenton, what mattered were her nails.

They were hot pink and longer than anything I’d ever seen, and Judge Wigenton talked like a hood rat straight out of a ghetto. My case was important. There were issues of venue. There were First Amendment issues. There were Fifth Amendment issues. Harvard, Stanford, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the National Assocation of Criminal Defense Lawyers, a throng of information technology experts, and the world’s foremost legal expert on computer crime would end up scribing briefs in my defense. That would be far after I was kidnapped at gunpoint from my birthplace in the Ozark mountains. Far after I’d been locked into solitary confinement until I went on a hunger strike. Far after I spent thousands of hours yelling the Eddas at the top of my lungs and scrawling runes on the concrete walls in various blocks of a Special Housing Unit in the Allenwood Federal Correctional Complex.

For the time being, the only attorney in my corner was a Norweigan man named after the thunder god, Tor Ekeland. He had never done a federal criminal trial before, but his price was right. He refused to take my money. He claimed that he’d never seen such a ridiculous abuse of federal power in his life. This was great as I didn’t have any money. The federal government had spent the last few years attacking my revenue streams and leaving me indigent. Gone were the days I could afford to charter jets. Tor’s refusal to take my money let me continue to eat. It was noble of him, considering that he was as broke as I was. Nobody believes us when we say we had to worry about train fare to the courthouse, but I assure you it is true. We counted coins together for PATH fare to the Martin Luther King Courthouse in New Jersey.

My case was about very small details. Details about the network protocols used to display this very essay right now. My case needed an intelligent, thoughtful judge with the ability to see through the malicious legal fictions of a US Attorney willing to lie. My case needed a million dollar trial defense full of forensic analysts and expert witnesses. What my case had was two broke dudes that really loved their country. What my case had was a judge that clearly had the smallest cognitive capacity of anyone I’d ever exchanged more than a paragraph’s worth of words with– and she did not like me or my politics.

I’ve been a long-time critic of Judaism, black culture, immigration to Western nations, and the media’s constant stream of anti-white propaganda. Judge Wigenton was as black as they come. The prosecutor, Zach Intrater, was a Brooklyn Jew from an old money New York family. The trial was a sham. Judge Wigenton ignored the clear Constitutional issues in the motions and wouldn’t even let us present them as questions to the jury. The prosecutors assigned to the case lied repeatedly and falsifiably about Internet protocols in open court. When I tried to correct the lies presented, I was silenced. I wasn’t an expert witness, and was disallowed from offering testimony on the subject. Apparently the prosecutors, being completely uninformed on the subject, had more expertise than me and my thirteen years of experience in networking and UNIX systems.

The whole time a yarmulke-covered audience of Jewry stared at me from the pews of the courtroom. My prosecutor invited his whole synagogue to spectate.

If you believe the mainstream portrayal of World War II, the citizens of the United States sacrificed for the benefit of the Jews. My grandfather sacrificed his youth serving the Armed Forces, going blind in the defense of a foreign peoples. After we finished rescuing Jewry, we invited them into our home. We treated them as honored guests. They repaid us with treachery. They did the same thing to us that they did to the Germans. They took control of our systems of finance and law. They hyperinflated our currency. They corrupted our daughters and demanded they subject themselves to sex work to feed their families. These are a people that have made themselves a problem in every nation they occupy, including ours. What’s saddest is that we are the enablers of this problem. The Jews abused our compassion to build an empire of wickedness the likes the world has never seen.

A while ago, I sent the prosecutor and judge that wrongfully imprisoned me an invoice for the time they illegally stole from me. It was not unreasonable. I didn’t ask for pain or suffering or compensation for the extreme damage that they did to me. I simply asked for the hourly rate the market has determined my time is worth, multiplied by the number of hours their violence stole from me. They have not compensated me a single cent.

I look on Google Street View and see the place I used to live in, before I was kidnapped at gunpoint and held in foreign territories based on the lies of blacks and Jews. It has been bulldozed. A new house is there. It has become impossible not to empathize with the Palestinians. The first phrase I learned in arabic: “al-maot lil yahood” (death to the Jews).

What will prevent tyrants from abusing their authority? As an empiricist, I cannot speculate and utter platitudes about peaceful resistance. I must trust data. I found the data needed to answer this question at a United States Penitentiary named Canaan. Upon arrival there I could not remember a positive experience interacting with state authorities in my life. I was stunned by the level of civility displayed by the Canaan guards. These were the nicest government employees I’d ever interacted with. I asked another prisoner why they were so nice. They laughed and answered, “You don’t know? One of them just got stuck.” Stuck being prison vernacular for stabbed to death.

My perceptions were realigned by the acquisition of this data. One can simply look at a newspaper to see it confirmed. Cops gleefully abused Occupy Wall Street protesters, but balked at the armed militias at Bundy Ranch. Decency is only enforced with the sword. A hostile government whose agents are not confronted with the deaths of their agents and their families on a regular basis will consider our Constitution as nothing more than toilet paper.

I have some new tattoos that mark the wisdom I gained from my time in prison, which happens to be the same as the wisdom of my ancestors. My favorite Edda is now the Völundarkviða. It is about a hacker of sorts, a legendary smith named Völund wrongfully imprisoned by Swedish royalty. He kills their sons and rapes their daughter. My first tattoo is a 4.5 inch swastika on my chest featuring Oðinn, Baldr, Freyr, and Þór. My second is a Jörmungandr-wrapped Þórshamar flanked by Huginn and Muninn on my forearm.

My ink and I have expatriated to Canaan for the time being (in the Levant, not the Penitentiary) but I am not renouncing my United States citizenship. I still want to be an American and still value my country’s heritage. I plan on coming back with an army, be it human or automaton. One day I will come to collect every single bit of the debt owed to me by the thugs and criminals that have hijacked my country. After I am done I will rebuild my home in the Ozark mountains.

An Open Letter to Christopher Cantwell

It’s been a a week since you declared Hunter Wallace the desired “leader” of some sort of movement.

Archive available here.

Surrounding this event you and Hunter have been attempting to propagate a fictional narrative that I am collecting user data from all the sites I manage and giving it over to Jewry. There’s just one problem with this narrative. There is a single figure on record who has abused administrative access to forums populated by racists and given over its user data to such ilk: your wondrous leader, Hunter Wallace.

Many years ago, Hunter Wallace was given administrative access to The Phora, a bulletin board where racial issues were discussed. Under the pretext that people had insulted his Jewish friend, he gave his access to the administrative functions of the forum software to a third party. That third party used Hunter’s access credentials to backdoor the forum software long enough to collect the passwords of everyone saying naughty things about race. Then they broke into the email accounts and other associated services and hijacked them if they had reused the passwords. They also reported people to their employers and got them fired.

Now, you and Hunter are going to claim that I’m a Jew and that I’m making this up, and even if I post the screenshots that people have saved in regards to this event you’ll just claim they are forged. Which is why it is far more useful to reference a VNN thread where Alex Linder and other people with strong community history chronicled these events years ago– including Hunter’s involvement with the family of Morris Dees, and his criminal actions against members of The Phora.


Archive available here.

Now, Hunter Wallace has never written an exploit and has no idea how to do so. Software exploits don’t grow on trees, generally cost as much as a car, and The Phora was patched to latest. He collaborated with other people, and somebody with extremely deep pockets or a relatively large supply of software exploits provided the bits of software that let the forum be taken over via his administrative access. The largest supplies of software exploits are held by the United States government and Israel, by the way.

Later this situation was glossed over and forgotten, because Hunter Wallace made a big show about being committed to a mental institution and being medicated, as well as a number of other dramatic displays that made people forget about this particular chapter. Most people don’t pay a lot of attention to what happens on this corner of the Internet, but I do. I never forget, Chris.

That’s what has had me laughing so hard this past couple weeks: you are accusing me of performing in secret the very behavior that dear leader Hunter Wallace has publicly engaged in.

In contrast, for the past fourteen years of my life, I have been providing systems services to thought criminals. Right now, thirty-six sites in 10 languages are dependent on my solutions. Not one of these sites have ever suffered a compromise of user data, all while serving billions of page renders. That’s a pretty solid and consistent reputation. I’ve given faithful service to every single person that has ever had technical issues in this space, no matter how small.

Up to and including you. Might want to explain situations like these to the people you’ve told I give away dox for the Jews, Chris!

Of course, you don’t need to dox community members through spy-like infiltration like Hunter did if you can only convince them that marching in the streets with neo-Nazi gangs is a good idea.

You’ve been attempting to discredit me continually since it was revealed that you are a federal informant. You claimed you were only working against antifa. If that’s true, you could easily send the evidence you’ve collected against them by a concise written notice. We all have seen how you act under pressure, Chris. We’ve all seen you break down and cry. Now you’ve publicly declared the single most subversive SPLC agent in the room as your leader. Everybody that’s even remotely notable remembers everything Hunter Wallace has ever done. We know the whole litany of his sins. We’re supposed to believe that it is just a coincidence that you’ve elected the guy engaged in his behavior as your representative? I’m not buying it, and nobody with their head on their shoulders is either.

Today you sent me an email, begging for private correspondence and unity.

If I were a Jew whose only purpose here is to dox people, why would you possibly want to cooperate personally with me? This email reveals your psychology– your and Hunter’s campaign against me was a cynical, coordinated operation dictated to you. Now that it has failed (your metrics are now garbage and you have no way to change that) you want to frantically abort this and try to come back to the table so you can try to grow an audience significant enough to be effectively subversive with. Sucks to be you.

You can join the massive group of other FBI informants that want to speak to me. Why would I possibly be in any private contact with an FBI informant? I forgave a lot of things from you, Chris. Your “experiments” with homosexuality, your disgraceful public masturbation, your generally objectionable personal demeanor. Seeing you break down and cry made us feel sorry for you, but pity will only excuse so much. Your behavior has dried up that well forever.

You’re never coming back to the table. You don’t belong in the halls of people who accomplish useful things. The candidacy of Donald Trump proved that our ideas were popular and electorally viable as long as they were packaged with a veneer of success and innovation. Instead of capitalizing on that, you people quadrupled down on goon marches and Hal Turnerism and burned the house down. Given your and Hunter’s past and present behavior, there’s little chance that was not intentional.

Nobody will ever forget how you’ve acted, Chris. There’s only one thing that can redeem you after your disgraceful conduct: a glorious death. I plan on retiring to Fólkvangr one day. If you beat me to such hallowed halls all will be forgiven, but I have a strong feeling that when I’m staring at Freyja’s ass you’re going to be rotting in Hel alongside all those afflicted with cowardice.

Goodbye, Chris. You and your new leader do whatever you want, but federal informants will never have anything to do with anything I’m doing. You, Hunter, and Hovater should go suck off the cops together.

Featured image shamelessly stolen from the chans.

Why Free Speech and Free Internet Advocates Must Love Hitler

On this most special of days I find it fitting to do outreach to liberals and libertarians alike, who hold the lofty and noble ideal of freedom alight above themselves. I would like to the reader to suspend any reaction of emotion you might have to carefully consider my words in the context of my position and history.

Very few so-called defenders of free speech have ever made any sort of sacrifice for that cause. Unlike the great hypocrites of the world, I have put my own body as a sacrifice on the altar of liberty.


“The Internet’s best terrible person.” A “disappointment.” “Reviled/Beloved.” Those are just a few of the things people have called convicted AT&T/iPad “hacker” Andrew Auernheimer — a.k.a. “Weev” — currently sitting in federal prison serving a 41-month sentence.

Whether you love him or hate him, whether you disagree with him or disagree with AT&T, even if you’re indifferent — you should hope Weev wins his appeal filed last night before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

The future of the Internet may well depend on it.

Of course, I was a “terrible,” “reviled,” “disappointment” in this context because I was an alleged racist and a misogynist – as if there is something other than virtue in wanting to protect white women from the primary threats to their continued existence: brown people and themselves. Unlike my detractors, I have sacrificed millions of dollars and literal years of my life to the cause of man’s liberty. I am held in contempt for this because I have recognized what is the real source of freedom. I write this because I wish you to know what the source of freedom is as well.

Freedom is explicitly a product of white European civilization.

Of all the countries of the world, how many populated by nonwhites might you suppose have constitutional guarantees of free speech? The answer is only two: Japan and Hong Kong. The only reason they have these guarantees is because they were forced to at gunpoint by white aggression. Hong Kong as a British protectorate had the highest degree of press freedom in all of Asia, and it inherited the spirit of British law into Article 27 of the Hong Kong Basic Law, which serves as the region’s constitution. Similarly, free speech was guaranteed in postwar Japan only by America’s insistence.

Since the creation of these standards, however, they have been whittled down by gooks into mere shells of what they used to be. Japan now assures press freedom to a limited oligopoly of press clubs. It has shown unparalleled levels of freedom amongst developed nation only for the possession of child pornography, which it only managed to outlaw in 2014 after several decades of foreign pressure. Similarly, many exceptions to Hong Kong’s Basic Law have been instituted in the years since it became a special administrative region of China in 1997.

In all of history, only two nonwhite nations ever valued freedom of speech and they did so only because a white man pointed a gun at them. That’s an important data point.

Nonwhites that grow up in white countries despise free speech.

The cuckold will respond by saying that it is about culture, not race, and that nonwhite immigrants will have children which are amenable to our ideas after absorbing them through osmosis. To these people I’d like to show an interesting correlation:

The Emancipators, from Lincoln to Obama:

“It is of noticable importance that 39% of Millennials identify [themselves] as non-white, making them the most diverse generation in American history.”

Add just 1% for Jews and you find that Millennials are 40% nonwhite. Of this same generation, the exact same number advocates restricting speech “offensive to minorities”.

Pew Research:

We asked whether people believe that citizens should be able to make public statements that are offensive to minority groups, or whether the government should be able to prevent people from saying these things. Four-in-ten Millennials say the government should be able to prevent people publicly making statements that are offensive to minority groups, while 58% said such speech is OK.

Let me summarize the facts here. 40% of Millennials are not white. 40% of Millennials oppose speech offensive to minorities. This is not a coincidence. The reality is that the children of immigrants are more hostile to liberty than their parents. This may seem paradoxical to adherents of the proposition nation idea. If you have faith that America’s Constitution creates a zone of magic soil that will make people fundamentally different from birth you might have a hard time understanding this. However, this phenomenon will make perfect sense to students of human biodiversity (HBD). It’s usually noted that children of higher IQ parents from a lower IQ race will themselves have lower IQ despite the intellect of their parents.

Regression to the mean is a fancy way of saying that things even out over time. If you take one measurement and it is high, the next generation of measurements is going to be closer to the average. IQ is not the only feature primarily influenced by genetics, and thus not the only feature of a race of people that regresses towards the mean. There are genes that influence whether or not you believe in god, genes that influence all kinds of aggression (including, of course, murder and rape) and even in nearly every species of animal that ever existed darker pigments mean a higher likelihood of sexual aggression and violence.

There are genes that affect all facets of behavior, culture, and crime. Linking to the thousands of empirical proofs of this is beyond the scope of this article, but you should acquaint yourself to the concept of Weltanschauung, specifically in the context of German idealism and romanticism. This Germanic word essentially boils down to “racial worldview” – an acknowledgment that differing groups have differing ideas that are inherent to their characters. The truth of this concept is self-evident even when one drives through neighborhoods of foreigners.

Nonwhites that are exceptional are not exceptional because of anything inherent to their nature. They are only exceptional because of a brief and fleeting life circumstance. Typically, successful first generation immigrants sold their countrymen down the river and wanted to escape to America to live in a place where they would not be held to account and lose their ill-gotten gains. This gave them financial incentives to live more in accordance with our culture and customs. Their anchor babies, however, have no such incentive. In every facet from intellect, income, propensity for crime, and cultural inclinations they will be far closer to their racial counterparts from their homeland. As a result, non-white Millennials are more hostile to free speech than that of previous non-white generations.

Everything from objective truth to the very existence of whites is offensive to minorities.

The video above, simply showing a handful of newspaper clippings without commentary, is banned in dozens of countries. How could this possibly be offensive to anyone? I invite the reader to consider why such material might be so objectionable to the establishment. I ask you also to consider our mantra, considered hate speech and potentially terroristic in nearly every country in the world. Fourteen simple words: we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. The UK’s largest paper declares them “Fourteen Words that spell racism” and the ADL defines it as “the most popular white supremacist slogan in the world.” Why is the mere continued existence of whites and their children deemed objectionable by anyone, anywhere?

The reality is that they hate us for our freedoms. There is a vast, global effort to flood only white countries with huge numbers of hostile immigrants who oppose the values inherent to our very existence. These immigrants outbreed us with the welfare money we give them and transform our countries into places inhospitable for us. This is all done in the name of “diversity”, even though there are less white people than any other race and we hold less territory.

27 years ago in Austria a man was born that attempted to prevent this from happening. His words on the subject remain timeless, and upon examination one cannot dispute that the exact same thing is happening today:

Jews were responsible for bringing Negroes into the Rhineland, with the ultimate idea of bastardizing the white race which they hate and thus lowering its cultural and political level so that the Jew might dominate.

There is only one potential solution to white genocide: nonwhites in white countries must be reduced to chains, firstly so that their numbers may be culled as to no longer threaten the white race with extinction, and secondly so those that remain can be made to work off the debt they owe to the white race for the violence and harm they have done us. Hitler did nothing wrong (morally, of course, in hindsight many might dispute tactical decisions made on the fronts of war) in his quest to prevent the destruction of his people by mongrelization and financial ruin.

It is thus that I celebrate today as the Tide of Adolf Hitler, the holiest of days of remembrance. This mightiest of men was a manifestation of the same divine presence that caused Henry Purcell to produce his arias, Rembrandt to put The Storm on the Sea of Galilee to canvas, Mendeleev to deduce the periodic properties of the elements, Maxwell to formulate his equations, and Newton to discover calculus. I recognize as Carl Gustav Jung did that he was an avatar of Wotan, the god I chose as my patron, to bring the wrath of his people against those that would have destroyed them. I recognize as Savitri Devi did that he was the twelfth incarnation of Vishnu, known as Kalki, to strike the earth like lightning and light fires upon the plains. I recognize that he was a Bodhisattva, forgoing his own happiness to show compassion to the suffering people of his homeland.

I have lived and suffered for the expansion of man’s liberty only because I am inspired by him. I have been kidnapped, I have been tortured, I have lost my home, I have been subject to all manners of indignity and pain and the reason I am able to keep going whilst every day seems a burden is that I know this perfect and divine being of goodness and light was made to suffer far worse at the hands of perfidious Jews. It is by his example that I know that the tide against our people can be turned, and that those that would destroy us can be resisted within our lives.

I love free speech. I love the Internet. I love these things not only because they are good but because they are the creation of white men, and only by the perpetuation of the existence of white men may they be maintained. I love these things, ergo I love Adolf Hitler.

Find this love in your heart, and you will find true compassion and heroism.


It seems now that the rate by which mass murders of whites by barbaric nonwhite animals is increasing at a rate that we can no longer see as tenable. Leaders of white countries, instead of addressing the plague that is upon us, tell us that we can simply learn to live with terrorism. From Europe the the United States, hordes of subhuman nonwhite animals in black, Muslim, and Mexican form threaten our very existence and the continuance of our culture and people. What is it that we can do to respond to this?

Many in the white community feel that we must continue to use methods which are peaceful and do not scare anyone. This is a betrayal of our race and heritage. Within the ancient Nordic poetry, we can simply look to the Volundarkvidha and see what should be done to the children of on’es enemies. In response to unlawful imprisonment, Volund murders the sons of those responsible and rapes their daughter.

Many criticize Anders Breivik for killing the sons and daughters of the Marxist elite which were actively being trained to destroy his nation in a Marxist training camp. Let us reconsider and realize that his actions are completely in line with the poems that founded European morality.

I unequivocally support the killing of children. I believe that our enemies need such a level of atrocity inflicted upon them and their homes that they are afraid to ever threaten the white race with genocide ever again. So the hordes of our enemies from the blacks to the Jews to the federal agents are deserving of fates of violence so extreme that there is no limit to the acts by which can be done upon them in defense of the white race.

We will not relent until far after their daughters are raped in front of them. We will not relent until after the eyes of their sons are gouged out before them. We will not relent until the cries of their infants are silenced by boots stomping their brains out onto the pavement.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. We must secure this by any means necessary. Our enemies have made it clear: us or them. Let is be us. White genocide cannot continue.

So if I support killing children, I of course support killing adults as well. Dylann Roof’s trial is coming up, and I am thankful for his personal sacrifice of his life and future in defense of his people. In honor of Dylann Roof, I will be growing out a bowlcut in solidarity for his trial. As the white supremacist terrorist prophet Sam Hyde once said, “I just got the ultimo bowl cut.” 14/88.

Just What are Traditional Gender Roles?

“I’m in a traditional marriage”
“I’m all for traditional gender roles”
“I want gender norms to be like the old days”

These are refrains I’ve heard endlessly repeated as the discussion over WHITE SHARIA has advanced. They are coming from women and a few weak men counter-signaling the WHITE SHARIA meme.

Because of the critical importance of this discussion for the survival of the white race and its European civilizations, I wanted to take a minute to explain to all the men and women claiming to be so-called traditionalists all the concepts and social boundaries that defined traditional relationships. This is the most important education that I can possibly give the community at this moment, and I ask that you ask yourself if you are really embracing traditionalism like you claim to be.


Coverture was the reality for all of European history up until the mid and late 19th century, when feminist agitators, the media, and academic establishment triumphed with their agitations through its abolition. The basic principle of coverture is that the rights of the woman are completely subsumed into that of her husband’s. A married woman could not own property, sign legal documents or enter into a contract, obtain an education against her husband’s wishes, or keep a salary for herself.

William Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England, Volume I:

The very being or legal existence of the woman is suspended during the marriage, or at least is incorporated and consolidated into that of the husband: under whose wing, protection, and cover, she performs every thing; and is therefore called in our law-French a feme-covert; is said to be covert-baron, or under the protection and influence of her husband, her baron, or lord; and her condition during her marriage is called her coverture.

UCLA gender studies professor Ellen Carol DuBois (whose career is chronicled in the Jewish Women’s Archive, of course) highlighted in her histories of women’s rights “the initial target of women’s rights protest was the legal doctrine of ‘coverture’“, and that 19th century feminist icon Lucy Stone despised the common law of marriage “because it ‘gives the “custody” of the wife’s person to her husband, so that he has a right to her even against herself.‘”

If a woman decided to leave her marriage she was a penniless non-entity no matter what her previous position was in life (truly, there is no better position for an errant whore to be rendered into). Any restoration of traditional gender roles starts by restoring coverture, thus removing financial incentives for worthless scheming whores to destroy the sanctity of marriage by abandoning it over whims and lusts. Marriage, up until the abolition of coverture, meant that the woman was permanent property of one man, allowed continued existence and any degree of freedom only in accordance with his desires.

Bride Price

The dower grew out of the Germanic practice of bride price (Old English weotuma), which was given over to a bride’s family well in advance for arranging the marriage.

Before a woman was her husband’s property, she was her father’s. This is why the father gives away the bride at the marriage ceremony. Traditional marriage was a transfer of property, with the priest serving the role as the trusted third party to do the background research and make sure the transaction was honest. It was essentially like getting the sale of your apartment validated by a notary. The daughter was sold off by her father, and it was the father’s sole judgement of who was eligible to lawfully purchase his property.

The status of women as property was nearly universal in European cultures, with the exception of Jewry and some groups of gypsies, where access to tithes and trust followed a matrilineal line. This was why the Jews were so keen to attack these ideas, because the patrilineal passing of property was innately offensive to their culture. Europe only has this absurd notion of women as independent entities because of organized subversion by agents of Judaism.

Domestic Discipline and “Marital Rape”

Coverture and bride price were abolished to ridiculously assert women were independent entities with “rights” so that they could lobby for suffrage. The implementation of suffrage culminated in legal penalties for domestic discipline and the concept of marital rape so that women could abandon their most basic household duties, thus destroying their homes and their husbands’s lives. The thing about these changes is that they are really fresh and new. While the 19th century might seem like a long time ago for many of our young readers (it isn’t, on the civilizational timescale it is just last month and on the evolutionary timescale it is mere seconds) these new changes began in the lifetimes of our parents and finished in many of ours, and civilization was immediately and measurably the worse for wear.


The reluctance to criminalize and prosecute marital rape has been attributed to traditional views of marriage, interpretations of religious doctrines, ideas about male and female sexuality, and to cultural expectations of subordination of a wife to her husband—views which continue to be common in many parts of the world. These views of marriage and sexuality started to be challenged in most Western countries from the 1960s and 70s especially by second-wave feminism, leading to an acknowledgment of the woman’s right to self-determination (i.e., control) of all matters relating to her body, and the withdrawal of the exemption or defense of marital rape. … The criminalization of marital rape in the United States started in the mid-1970s and by 1993 marital rape was a crime in all 50 states, under at least one section of the sexual offense codes.

Rape is a property crime and nothing more. First a crime against the property of the father, and then a crime against the property of the husband. This change only finished in the US and UK in the nineties, when I was 8 years old. Women existing in a state of slavery to the sexual whims of their husbands is not some barbarism of prehistory. This was universal common sense for whites up until a couple decades ago.

feminist slap

The woman clearly loves this, and you can see the righteous satisfaction and levity on the man’s face.

Likewise, hitting a woman out of her head was seen as benevolent and a universal necessity in every marriage until the sixties, and even portrayed positively in movies and film. Regular slapping and the occasional vicious beating of a woman was a necessity in every household. Women need to be regularly disciplined to keep their heads about them. They can be intellectually mature and clever to the point of deviousness, but they will always have the emotional state of a very young child and we all know what happens when you spare those the rod.

On this subject I hear two narratives from low-T men in the alt-right. The first is that all these transformations in the rights and status of women happened in reaction to family abandonment and general hardships upon women. Even those I respect fall for this sniveling lie from the mouths of manipulative whores. To these I have said: let us examine the data.

Sorry, the data says you’re a fucking liar. 

Broken families happened as a result of these changes in the status of women, not as the cause of them. The reality is that extramarital sex and birth was at an all time historical low because of Victorian standards of morality. The only spikes on that chart before 1950 were a result of world wars, because a man that died in some kike’s war could not marry his whore. Men held up their end of everything. They married women, they provided for them, they gave them newfound comforts and innovations like laundry machines that reduced their domestic workload to nil. They gave them full legal independence, and then they even stopped giving them the basic boundaries of discipline. What did women do with all these new rights and comforts? Well, you see how that graph goes. They whored like never before through the sixties and seventies, and Western civilization has been rotting ever since.

They did this because white men had a fool’s compassion in their hearts and lost the good sense to shove their faces into a countertop and give them a swift kick to the gut as hard as they can when these skanks had it coming to them.

Men Counter-Signaling WHITE SHARIA

Most of this “I’m totally traditionalist but WHITE SHARIA is terrible” nonsense is coming from women, but sometimes it is coming from small-souled bugmen as well. Some of these men are being bullied by their wives. Some of them just have no will to power.

Here’s the reality of European tradition: women were a category of property that had a single instance of saleThey were complete slaves to the will of fathers then husbands, both having free reign to beat them and the latter having the lawful right to fuck them, where and when they pleased. This was the reality for thousands of years of European history and the change in this status only finished in our and our parent’s lifetimes. There’s nothing Islamic about this. It is just the default position of any civilization that is not being destroyed by decadence. Man up, put women under your heel, throw away their birth control and make them bear you children and take care of your house. If they resist, discipline them.

If you are uncomfortable with the WHITE SHARIA meme because it contains the word sharia, I can understand that, but “muh feels” is not an argument against the efficacy of the meme. This meme is effective because it has an immediate effect of being shocking and lurid to the senses of women and weak men and forces people to talk about the status of women in our civilization. All we are pushing for is a return to the status of women we had in the early 19th century before Jews and their feminism ruined our civilization. This should not be controversial. If you are opposing WHITE SHARIA because you disagree with women being reduced to the status of property to be beaten and fucked at the whims of her husband, you are a faggot and a cuckold and have no place in any right-wing site, and instead belong at the bottom of festering bogs like Reddit and Voat.

A final word to offended “traditional” female readers:

Despite all your assertions of being a good traditionalist, you fight against the implementation of traditional gender roles wherever they begin to be discussed. You’re not a traditional woman and you don’t want a traditional relationship. You just like the sound of the word traditional and the outfits you see women wearing in Victorian era photographs. You speak traditionalism with your Pinterest and Instagram posts, but your actions scream of your lascivious natures. You agitate only for the “rights” of modernity: to deny your fertility, to destroy families, to rot at and injure the lives of good men who have acted with honor and decency in all their dealings to you.

You’re a whore.

That would normally be a forgivable thing. I’ve found the company of many prostitutes quite amicable, and whatever gods may be know it is impossible to meet a woman that isn’t one in this era. However, that you would sully the good name of European tradition, that you would would run around using it as a cloak for your harlotry makes you the an entirely contemptible whore. Your blasphemy against the history of Europe is to a level unforgivable through words alone, and you need to have your face bashed in by the fists of good men before a great horned shrine. On the far precipice of life, as a palsied chill ascends fast to put cold grasp upon those streams that pulse beside your throat you may beg the apologies of your ancestors.

‘What am I that should so be saved from death?
‘What am I that another death come not
‘To choke my utterance sacrilegious here?’

Be honest about what you are. Don’t sit here and pretend you’re a nice traditional girl when you fight against any implementation of traditional values. Say aloud what you are, on the streets, to your families, on social media: “I’m a despicable whore.” Do it before it is too late, because I swear to whatever gods may be that when the purge comes if you have been using traditionalism as a cloak for your revolting degeneracy your name is going on a list and we will be coming to make you pay for it. You will feel the punch to your throat first, but the hours afterwards at the hands of a WHITE SHARIA gang will make that seem as just a brief and gentle touch against your skin. Your ribs will be broken. Your face will be broken. Some of you will not live to tell about it. This I promise: a much needed correction is coming for you soon, you disgusting skanks.

Cocaine Includes Poisons Intended to Harm Only White People

Most of the cocaine found in Western nations contains a pharmaceutical deworming agent called Levamisole. It can cause severe systemic vasculitis, most famously leading to the disgusting rotting black skin on the face and ears as displayed above. It can trigger a host of autoimmune reactions as the body begins to attack its own organs. The most severe of these is glomerulonephritis, damage to the glomeruli in the kidneys that subsequently prevents proper blood filtration and leads to death.

Levamisole Induced Necrosis Syndrome (LINES) is a complication of adulterated cocaine recognized in 2011, caused by the use of levamisole as a cutting agent for cocaine.

The commonly perceived reasoning behind the placement of Levamisole in cocaine is as a bulking agent and potentiate, thus increasing profits. I have found that the evidence for this points to something else entirely. The placement of Levamisole in cocaine is specifically an attack on white European populations. I am sure that anyone attempting to publish this obvious truth would not be allowed to speak in any peer-reviewed journal, so I must leave the fallacious reasoning to the so-called scientists and highlight the evidence on my humble blog.

Levamisole does not affect all populations equally. Reactions are modulated based on the presence of an antigen in the blood called HLA-B27. HLA-B27 is not evenly distributed across the planet. The B27 allele is present less than 2% of the time in Mongoloid populations. It’s present up to 4% in mestizo populations, though that declines the more Indio blood they have. It’s similarly present in 4% of North African populations, due to European admixtures, but not present at all in sub-Saharan African populations. It is present in 8% of whites, more than any other race, though this follows a latitudinal gradient. The more Aryanized the nation, the more prevalent the gene. At the northern tip of Scandinavia in Lapland, a quarter of all people have the HLA-B27 allele.

Levamisole is perfectly geared towards the destruction of the Aryan race. The whiter you are, the more harm it is likely to do to you.

The distribution of Levamisole as an adulterant strangely inverses on the same latitudinal line. Analysis of cocaine shipments by the British government revealed that 80% of the imports to the country contain Levamisole.

The warning comes after Lib Dem minister Mr Baker ordered an analysis of seized cocaine shipments which showed that around 80 per cent contained the medicine.

In Southern Europe we see far less of the reported cocaine samples contaminated with Levamisole. As little as 6% in Southern France, 36% in Spain, likely because these areas contain far more cocaine diverted from African markets. (Eiden, Peyrière, Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 2014) If Levamisole was a bulking agent and potentiate designed primarily with profit margins in mind, it would be more present in the areas where profit margins are much slimmer due to poorer populations like Africa and Asia. Instead it is specifically distributed more often to locales that have white European populations, which are the only ones that will be harmed by the side effects at reasonable frequency. The distribution of levamisole is done without regard for any economic pressures, and any explanations of such by academics are simply hand-waving away the real underlying motive of white genocide.

Levamisole is distributed as a cocaine adulterant most often to the populations that will experience adverse health reactions, necrosis-related mutilation, or death as a result of its consumption.

This is a kind of conflict indicative of fourth generation warfare. Despite any claims of magic soil and a proposition nation, all combatants in the current conflict innately understand what nations are the people that live on them alone. Nations are races. This conflict is centered around the destruction of the white race, but they can’t do it in open warfare. People of white European descent have the most military capacity of any race on earth. Any lesser race would lose in a symmetric conflict of open war. So they come up with other ways to attack whites.

Like poisoning their children with drugs that include poisons that by and large only affect white populations.

Race is the missing element in the war on drugs. As an objective issue of personal liberty many white Europeans push for lighter drug laws and legalization. The looming reality, before today only hinted at in peer reviewed scientific journals, is that drugs are a mechanism by which to specifically murder white Europeans in an asymmetric fashion. They are a lever Jews, Moslems, and non-whites of all sorts can pull to erode at the moral and physical body of white European civilization in the hopes of eradicating the people that built them and looting them afterwards.


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