Ukraine BTFO’d While China Grows Stronger

Ukraine BTFO’d While China Grows Stronger

From Reuters:

Ukraine pleaded to Western countries for faster deliveries of weapons as better-armed Russian forces pounded the east of the country, and for humanitarian support to combat growing outbreaks of deadly diseases.

In Sievierodonetsk, the small city that has become the focus of Russia’s advance in eastern Ukraine and one of the bloodiest flashpoints in a war well into its fourth month, further heavy fighting was reported.

That does suck about the outbreak but I’m sure Russia would be more than willing to help get it under control. Surrender or die.

From CNN:

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin called out China on Saturday for a series of coercive, aggressive and dangerous actions that threaten stability around Asia and vowed the United States would stand by partners to resist any pressure.

“Indo-Pacific countries shouldn’t face political intimidation, economic coercion, or harassment by maritime militias,” Austin said in a keynote speech to the Shangri-La Dialogue, Asia’s premier defense conference.

Yeah how else are they suppose to surpass us? We’ve broken the rules every which way to get to where we are. Seems hypocritical to critique China for cutting a few corners.