Two Retards Fighting (Andrew Tate Vs Greta Thunberg)

Two Retards Fighting (Andrew Tate Vs Greta Thunberg)

Everyone involved in this story should be in prison forever.

Tate talking about fucking with her makes me sick. Greta looks like she has down syndrome. To quote a certain kekistani, I wouldn’t even rape her. Neither of these people would have any notoriety in a just world. The success of both of them is 100% because of kikery. Tate made millions off of porn and Greta was a crying child propped up to promote the NWO climate change agenda.


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not sure

Andrew Tate was likely a zio honey pot for a year or so, whether that was ever his intention or not. He was never very good at it, because he’s a pussy. But that was his job for a little while. Like Epstein. That boomer lawyer from Jonestown that Nick shredded in a debate a year or two ago, he’s a likely Tate ‘victim’. Doyle would think he’s smart enough to get away with being a victim too.