Turns Out Covid Did Come From A Lab

Turns Out Covid Did Come From A Lab

It’s all fake and over anyway, good to know they were lying to us though.

From The Hill:

A new federal assessment saying a lab leak was the likely origin of COVID-19 is feeding new oxygen into Republican calls for further investigations, even as scientists and the intelligence community say the issue is still far from resolved. 

In the wake of a Wall Street Journal report published over the weekend on an Energy Department conclusion that COVID-19 most likely came from a lab leak in China, Republicans claimed vindication.

“Senator Tom Cotton deserves an apology,” the Republican National Committee tweeted Monday.

In February 2020, Cotton (R-Ark.) raised the possibility, without evidence, that the virus had originated in a Chinese biochemical lab, though he later walked back his assertion that the virus was a weapon.

“Being proven right doesn’t matter. What matters is holding the Chinese Communist Party accountable so this doesn’t happen again,” Cotton tweeted. 

The only reason the media is talking about this now is to stoke the war with China narrative. Now the government can say, “China was the one who permanently ruined all of our lives; we did the best we could!” The truth doesn’t matter; what matters to them is how they can accomplish their goals. The elites needed a population handicapped by fears of a pandemic. They let the virus into America and made it illegal to walk freely. Then you were told the only way you could leave your house and go back to work and school was to get a deadly vaccine. It’s because of them many will die from the jab. Don’t ever forget what these people did to you and those you love.


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