True Love Waits

True Love Waits

I wanted to write 4 articles today. It’s all filler anyway.

I am an incel and I do hate women.

I am pro finding a wife and having kids. This should be obvious but I just wanted to make that clear. This is a site in direct opposition with the mainstream. The majority is not having kids and that’s the problem. Now to add to that we have infertility by micro plastics and the vax. Almost everyone is a faggot. Some just don’t want kids because they want to be a kid forever.

The three biggest problems are:
Satanic Elites
Anti white hatred or Demographic Change
Matriarchal Society

There’s many others but these are the three main ones and where most all other problems originate from. These destructive forces have unfathomable amounts of money, resources, infrastructure, institutions, and time supporting them.

When we speak against these problems, we need to be radical. We need to be uncompromising and extreme, but come off as palatable to the masses. If we don’t care about how we come off and our appearance, we will not gain support on a large enough scale that is necessary to have any real change.

It’s kinda gay to have to clarify that you should find a wife and kids because I think 99% of men want that. I do think it is almost impossible to find a fertile, normal woman now. This will only accelerate in degradation in the next decade. Women have destroyed society. We let them hold our toy and they broke it, set it on fire, and cut our hands off. They can’t help it to a certain extent, I know that. Ignoring them is the right call. If there is a period in my life where I curate my beliefs or opinions to appeal to women I would hope a loving friend or concerned observer would put a gun to the side of my head and blow my brains out. This would be a net positive for the world.

To focus on whatever goal you have set out for yourself, disregarding the popular opinion and even your base desires. This is an aspect of true freedom. This goal should be greater than yourself. Something immaterial, that in the face of death you will still strive toward.