TND Or On Edge

TND Or On Edge

I understand counter-signaling TND as an actual political strategy. When I say TND I’m being extremely edgy to convey my discontent with the black community. I still love blacks. I see no difference between this and when someone says they want to beat/rape/kill women. There are bad things women are doing to the country. Many men feel frustrated at the power women are given over them. Millions of dollars are used to push the message that women are better than men. This deserves an extreme response. At times like these we need an ultra-extreme response to counteract this messaging. I don’t think young men should rape/beat/kill women irl. I just play into that frustration while talking about the problems women have caused.

I don’t want total nigger death. I enjoy them being around, and while I do feel anger towards the community when I am personally wronged by a criminal black, I don’t think the solution is to kill them all. They’re Americans too. I’m still pro-TND posting because it’s funny and it pulls the Overton window as far as it can get. I’m pro-Elliot Rodger posting because it’s the most radical response to the women question. I’m pro-GTK posting because it’s the most radical response to the Jewish question. These things do resonate with young white angry men online.

We all have our part to play in the movement. Some are pundits that must coat the redpill in cheese. Some are anon anime Avis that use the redpill like a grenade. All are necessary to achieve our goals, at least for now.

I do think that TND and similar adages become a problem when people focus on it too much or take it too seriously. Blacks suck sometimes but Jews and women deserve more hate. The age of consent isn’t a hill I’m willing to die on. To focus on these issues is getting away from the point almost intentionally.

I think the only speech that’s immoral is blasphemy.


UPDATE: to add zoomer culture is multiracial in a way millennial culture was not. I grew up on Odd Future, Ye, and A$ap Rocky. My hometown is 20% white. To say “I hate niggers” in this context is born out of irony even if I felt I was pushing it seriously.


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