Thoughts on Fuentes Rally

Thoughts on Fuentes Rally

Watch it here:


How lucky we are to witness this in real time. Consider that this rally was put on with zero institutional support and the entire system working against Fuentes. Imagine how it’ll be when we have the means! We are seeing the steps toward the formation of one of the greatest empires the world has ever known. Groyper statues will tower over the masses. The AF symbol will be carved into every government building. No longer will we have to worry about our kin being swindled by world Jewry. Young men can create and innovate without fear. A country worth praising God for.

We were promised America would be made great again. Whether that was a lie or tampered with by outside forces is up for debate. Either way, it’s clear that’s not possible. What is possible is for us to dominate the future and work on rebirthing a nation.

The entire speech was better than I could have ever hoped for. More than America deserves to be fair. I especially loved when the idea of Christian Futurism was brought up. Christians in America have failed; they’re losers. They haven’t been able to take over the culture, and everything they’ve made has been a corny knockoff. That is something we should be deeply ashamed of. We must overcompensate. White Christians conquered the world, and after we pruned it, we were seduced to give it up. Now is our time to shine. It’s time to take back what’s rightfully yours. Nick Fuentes is guiding the way for us on earth, and God is guiding all of us individually.
As always….

Power to the players.

Praise Kek.

Christ is king.

Hail Fuentes.


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