They Want To Take Your Guns (And EU Bans Russian Oil Imports Or Something)

They Want To Take Your Guns (And EU Bans Russian Oil Imports Or Something)

From CNN:

The European Union has agreed on a partial ban on Russian oil imports, according to European Council chief Charles Michel.

“Agreement to ban export of Russian oil to the EU. This immediately covers more than 2/3 of oil imports from Russia, cutting a huge source of financing for its war machine,” Michel announced in a tweet on Monday evening.

Can you believe they’re still doing this? Banning oil imports to cut a source of financing for the war. The list of bans and such that have been launched at Russia are enough to be considered acts of war I think. Not including the cyber attacks and the help Ukraine has been given by NATO. Ukraine is not apart of NATO, just a reminder.

It’s easy to get lost in the sauce of the world with everything going on. I haven’t cared about the war in a while. It’s important to realize how merciless they are to Russia and how nobody is swooping in to save the Russians from GAE. You can apply that to your own life and worldview. The inspiration here is that Putin is still going forward and has not backed down. A true leader.

The war on Russia should be seen as Jews vs The White Race. Apathy towards the outcome of this conflict is what they want.

From Reuters:

Biden on Monday sought to appeal to “rational” Republicans to curb powerful weapons and take other federal action to prevent mass shootings.

“Things have gotten so bad that everybody is getting more rational about it,” Biden said as he returned from a weekend trip to memorialize the 19 children and two teachers killed last Tuesday in the nation’s worst mass school shooting in a decade.

“The idea of these high-caliber weapons — there is simply no rational basis for it in terms of self-protection, hunting,” Biden told reporters at the White House.

Any rational human would see the need to own as many guns as humanly possible right now. If we lived in a White Christian nation we could still keep our doors unlocked. In modern America it’s Helter Skelter 24/7. The more kids die in these supposed random mass shootings the more we need to buy more ammo. The problem is the cops aren’t using it. They don’t use it on the gangs and they don’t use it on the shooters. Whether you believe that’s on purpose is up to you.

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