They Banned Dilbert!?

They Banned Dilbert!?

You are watching a boomer goy awaken and transform into an Aryan Chad.

From Associated Press:

The comic strip “Dilbert” disappeared with lightning speed following racist remarks by creator Scott Adams, but it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who has followed them both.

Adams, who is white, was an outspoken presence on social media long before describing Black people as a “hate group” on YouTube and, to some, “Dilbert” had strayed from its roots as a chronicler of office culture.

The editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, which dumped “Dilbert” last year, said the comic strip “went from being hilarious to being hurtful and mean.” The Los Angeles Times, which joined dozens of other newspapers in dropping the comic following last week’s remarks, had quietly replaced four of Adams’ strips last year.

“He kind of ran out of office jokes and started integrating all this other stuff so after a while, it became hard to distinguish between Scott Adams and ‘Dilbert,’” said Mike Peterson, columnist for the industry blog The Daily Cartoonist.

We’re living in a world where Dilbert is considered too hateful. He’s been kinda poppin off on Twitter in the fallout of all this. Tweeting this seven hours ago:

I’m expecting Little Dark Age sonnenrad Dilbert edits, he’s a boomer so it’s going to be some washed up meme like that. He could reveal he’s had a swastika tattoo on his chest all along. That might be a little played out though. My expectations are unreasonably high for this nigger though, I am pumped! In the meantime, enjoy his art below:

dilbert 1-3 CBoyardee


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