The Snowflake Question

The Snowflake Question

If you’ve been in the groyper sector for any amount of time you’ve probably seen anime avis on twitter with a snowflake in their name. Many AF influencers believe these people to be subverters of the movement. I don’t see that.

The allegations against them are that they:

  • Make edgy jokes.
  • Used a publicly posted picture of Wurzleroot’s gf and made an edit of it.
  • That the snowflake is a sonnenrad

To address the first one, moral fagging over jokes is cringe. I could see the argument that it’s bad optics to have members of your Christian Pro-White joking about being a pedo. I just don’t think it matters much at this point. If it’s kek than it’s kek. Everyone jokes about being a faggot and nobody bats an eye, but one cunny post and everyone loses their minds!* Being unfunny is a worse look than saying cute and funny. It’s kinda weird to defend this but policing jokes is so annoying.

Second point: everything you post online can and will be used against you. I can understand feeling angry about the guy that screenshotted the image but you did post it.

Final point, the snowflake is not a sonnenrad. It originated as a identifier for Stizzy (a prominent figure connected to the snowflakes) and it later became a reference to cocaine from some meme war from a year ago. Not worth explaining further.

I like the “Snowflake Gang” and find them to support Nick with exuberance. Most notably they ran the op on Bronze Age Pervert not too long ago. AFAIK they do good work, I feel Stizzy and his associates deserve an apology from those who slandered them. ❄️


*This sentence was most likely stolen and not invented by me.


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