Spoilers ahead.

Watched The Batman in IMAX on Friday and am rewatching it now on a Russian piracy site.

This was a great movie. There were some parts in the middle that seemed draggy and felt like they slowed down the plot. The la rata alada part or whatever and chasing down the penguin then just leaving him there. The chase and buildup was still cool and fun. The penguin was essentially Tony Soprano but didn’t feel like a total rip off. That’s something I do like about this and The Joker is that even though it takes a lot from other films it still feels original. This takes from seven but after watching I didn’t think “I should’ve just watched seven instead”.

There is something to be said about how both Batman and The Riddler are isolated doomer incel weirdos with anonymous alter egos.  I watched it with a friend that said “Imagine what living in Gotham is like.” Gotham is tame compared to America cities. I didn’t see pride flags anywhere.

I saw one of the usernames during the last Riddler livestream is Holdtheline87.

Nothing in this film is pozzed. It is a reflection of our world now, and our world is pozzed. The black mayor is a stand in for Obama. The police are diverse now. Catwoman would complain about rich white guy because she’s a black whore thief. The incel doomer would fall in love if the black alt girl. These are all things that are our reality.

These film makers obviously know about us and what we are like. They study us and try to make up stories where we are the villains and the heroes. It’s pandering and they should be doing it more. They use to.

I’m literally the riddler except I’m nonviolent like Ghandi.