Thank You For Your Service

Thank You For Your Service

When Will They Shoot?

Blues lives matter, am I right my fellow conservatives? Every time I see a cop at my local diner I thank him for serving and protecting my community. When I pass my third speed trap in a 10 mile radius and have to pray he doesn’t stop me for going five miles over the limit. When a cop decides to search and interrogate me from suspected drug use or shooting threat and ignores the gangster wannabe minority with a track record a mile long. The sheriff rudely admonishing you for any small transgressions you’ve committed that could be considered a crime. I love our cops and back the blue til’ the day I die.

When I’m in a jam when I’m in a jam
I know that I can call up the MAN
Can call up the MAN with the plan
When I’m on the run
When I’m on the run
All I gotta do is dial 911

-We Love Our Cops, Baked Alaska

Death By Cop

Conservatives have always backed the police as it is a strong authority. Up until recently law enforcement was seen as a force of good that combatted criminals and degenerates and keeping them out of the community. Look at all the rogue cop movies in the 70s and 80s, now described sometimes as pseudo fascist fantasies. This isn’t true at all now. Many just look at it as the enemy of my enemy is my friend, with leftists wanting to abolish the police and such. But we can’t stray into this kind of thinking. The police are a bloodthirsty gang and are filled with power trippers or people who couldn’t do anything else. We also must look at the police from a historical perspective.

So beat, beat, beat, kill, kill, kill
Stop them all ’till they lose their will
Shoot first, and ask questions later
A gun is the greatest negotiator

-Cops Beating Down On Hippie Scum At The 1968 Democratic National Convention, Negative XP

In a traditional society, the police would not exist. A man would defend his household and the community as a whole would work together and settle problems amongst themselves. A lot of the incentive for young women would marry was to be protected by a man as their father grew older. It has not benefitted men that single women can just call the cops any time they feel scared. The government as a whole has replaced a need for a husband, but that’s for another time. Law enforcement is shouldn’t be necessary in a Christian society. For law abiding men, the police are an insult in a way. Having a high police presence in the area you live insinuates that you have failed to protect the community.


What does this mean for your relationship with cops? Obviously as with any group not all cops are bad. The police as an institution is targeting you and letting actual criminals roam free. You are an easy target because they think you are law abiding and have a lot to lose. You should not feel bad for cops, they certainly won’t feel cry for you when you are locked up for whatever reason the fed chooses. Think of your personal experiences with cops, are they really that enjoyable? Be a man and stop relying on drones. You must be your own law enforcer in your life. If you are a civil citizen and a police officer, we will keep you in our prayers. You must drop out of the force, you are being lied to. Same with the military. You are drones for an evil regime. You will be used put against your fellow man and if you dissent they will throw you to the wolves.

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