Super Floyd OBLITERATES Justin Trublow with WAR and the POWER of empathetic thinking

Super Floyd OBLITERATES Justin Trublow with WAR and the POWER of empathetic thinking

NBC News:

WASHINGTON — No Russian troops were withdrawn from the border with Ukraine, a senior Biden administration official told reporters Wednesday night, disputing Moscow’s claim that it was pulling back some forces.

“We now know it was false,” the official said, adding that as many as 7,000 troops have joined the 150,000 already near the border in recent days.

The official said troops were arriving as recently as Wednesday and Moscow could launch a false pretext to invade Ukraine at any moment.

Yeah I’m trusting NATO. Russia has never once lied to me as far as I am aware of. They’ve given me a fair shake I’d say. The globalist cabal of satanists have tried to kill me multiple times and target me every waking moment of my life. This could be Russian propaganda or it could be possibly possible that the U.S. is lying for tricks. Idk I’m not political.

From The New York Post:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sparked outrage Wednesday in the Canadian House of Commons when he accused a Jewish Conservative Party member of supporting “people who wave swastikas.”

Trudeau made the comments during the daily questioning period in the lower chamber of the Canadian Parliament after facing criticism from Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman, who became the first Jewish woman elected to her party last October, Fox News reported.

This dude off the goop fr fr. He’s out of his mind. The adrenochrome is fading. The honking is echoing around in his leaf brain, every once in a while knocking into another blackface pic from 40 years ago. This is unhealthy behavior and hopefully a sign of derangement.

From CNN:

St. Paul, Minnesota (CNN)Cross-examination of Tou Thao got tense Wednesday as the ex-officer snapped at the prosecutor for asking why he didn’t tell Derek Chauvin to get off George Floyd’s neck and back during the 9 minutes and 29 seconds.

“I think I would trust a 19-year veteran to figure it out,” Thao said on the stand.
Thao is one of three officers — including J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane — standing trial in federal court for violating Floyd’s civil rights.
How could you blame the guy? No matter how much of a cuck faggot you are, you’ve gotta be sick and tired of hearing this dead darkie everyday for the last two years.

From wlky:

The man accused of shooting at a Louisville mayoral candidate inside his campaign office is out of jail after his bond was paid by a Black Lives Matter group.

Quintez Brown, 21, left Louisville Metro Corrections Wednesday night after police said he was identified as the gunman who opened fire inside Craig Greenberg‘s office in Butchertown on Monday.

Everyone can do anything they want without consequence. Except straight white men, You will be sodomized for making edgy jokes online. Simple as.