Subliminal Violence

Subliminal Violence

Russia producing anti-America propaganda? My nigga.

From CNN:

Foreign forces bristling with weapons are rolling toward the Ukrainian border. Reconnaissance planes streak overhead. Rumors of “false flag” operations run rampant.

If you’re watching state TV in Moscow, you’re seeing video of troops and tanks, barbed wire and snipers taking aim, but it’s not Russia’s forces that are poised for attack — it’s NATO’s.
Welcome to Russia’s mirror-image depiction of the showdown over Ukraine. In the country’s alternate media landscape, NATO forces are carrying out a plan that’s been in the works for years: Encircle Russia, topple President Vladimir Putin and seize control of Russia’s energy resources.
In Moscow’s view, repeated in nearly every newscast and talk show, Ukraine is a failed state entirely controlled by the “puppet master” — the United States. Europe is a weak and divided collection of lap dogs taking orders from Washington. Even the US, as frighteningly threatening as it is, is weak and divided too, torn apart by political division and racial unrest.
But wait. How can those powers be a threat — and be weak at the same time? That’s one of the conundrums of Russian state propaganda. Thinking things through isn’t what they’re trying to encourage. Rather they’re trying to raise the blood pressure of their viewers — and to make them very afraid.

If you are a zoomer (born between 1995-2010) your way of thinking is not natural. This holds true for us more than any other generation. We had nonstop dopamine from the gushers to cool math games. This means that you were victim to levels of mkultra experimentation we may never know the extent of. None of us know of a world without video games, what was the effect of that? Pornography and gore became a normal occurrence on our treks online around our adolescence. Everything we ever wanted to know was at our fingertips before we hit puberty. How many of us is right now an unknown victim to some sick mind virus gifted to them through Y2K programs?

We’ve been given clues to what they’ve lashed on us. Medication, micro plastics, and seed oils and common knowledge by know. Artificial Intelligence used to sway political opinions. False flags and distraction fake news media. Normalizing behaviors using advertising. Shadowbanning and greater censorship. Etc Etc Etc.

We gone over this before. The point is that CNN is shaming Russia for making anti-America propaganda. CNN is saying this of all news agencies. The propaganda is true anyway, we are provoking war with Russia. The title of this article is “The West fears Russia is about to attack Ukraine. But that’s not the way Russians are seeing it on TV”. Who in the west is fearing Russia attacks Ukraine? Who gives a fuck about the Ukraine? Nobody cares.