Sonichu Issue #666: Nightmare Ending

Sonichu Issue #666: Nightmare Ending

I’m smelly, overweight
I’ll never procreate
I’m an incel filled with hate
My life began too late

-Popkill, Chris Chan


Back 2 our regularly scheduled program

My apologies for the absence folks. I can promise you it has not been all for not. I have completed some projects that I hope you’ll enjoy. I’ll spoil the surprise and tell you. I’ve got a image board working. A higher quality video streaming option on the static page which I believe to be livestream ready (idk for what event I’d need that for but still neat addition I think). A new subsite called white rabbit which is a huge addition and I hope will benefit you the most. Can’t discuss what that is though. To finish off I’ve been hyper focused on having a video game for the site. I would like it to be playable in browser but if it isn’t it will still be very easy to set up and play. Looks like that’ll be a long project to be honest. I won’t have much time to work on these as I would like to. All this to say I may not be able to post as regularly as the four times a week I claim to. I will try.

Sonichu Issue #666

You’ve all already heard ever minor detail about this Chris Chan debacle by everyone with a mouth. It’s been about fourteen days now since the leak. Hearing the news was psychologically similar to how I imagine 9/11 would have been. The dust has sort of settled and the initial shock has morphed into a jaded disgust. The lessons to gleam from this are still there. Chris Chan’s life is a culmination of what our society is now. A horribly mentally ill over weight man child dressed in women’s clothes raping his mother, all while hundreds watch and some push him further. Should be our flag. This is really sad to see and it’s tragic for all involved. I do hope Chris gets the help that he should’ve had years ago and Barb gets to stay in a safe and clean facility. This was society’s fault this happened. The biggest culprits here seems to be Jews and women though.

Another reminder that women can be very sick (Information on Isabella Loretta Janke can be found here and here.). Even if all of this is false she’s still an attention whore that was asking for this. Some of you need to really come to terms with how bad women can get sometimes.

I Want 2 Die When I Peak

“Life is about entertaining Mr. God”

-Terry A. Davis

Couple names to memorialize this week, either from their recent passing or anniversary of death.

First will be Trevor Moore. Famously known for being the creator of “The Whitest Kids You Know”. Real Kino show filled with classics. One of the best has to be JFK assignation sketch. Good tweet.

Another name to keep on your spirit is Sky King. We have all fantasized about going out in a memorable way, and on August 11th, 2018 Richard Russel did just that. Stealing a plane and taking it towards the heavens, giving on lookers and air control a show that they’ll never forget. He seemed like a genuine and kind man, judging from his last words and the testimonies from his loved ones.

Terry A. Davis, the smartest programmer that has ever lived. A true inspiration. I hope all our readers take all of his words to heart and heed his warnings. King Terry, Rest In Power.

God bless anyone close to you that has passed recently.