Sexless World

Sexless World

I can’t think of any US politicians that have tried to appeal directly to men. Even Trump wasn’t really proposing any solutions for “feminism”. We all know the real problem is women having any form of power. Feminism in any form is an anti-biblical idea.

From The Guardian:

The election of an avowed “anti-feminist” as the next president of South Korea has been greeted with dismay amid accusations Yoon Suk-yeol fuelled the county’s gender divide to garner support from young male voters.

Former top prosecutor Yoon defeated the liberal ruling party candidate Lee Jae-myung by a margin of 263,000 votes in one of the most closely contested presidential elections in recent memory.

Yoon has blamed the country’s low birthrate on feminism. He has called for the abolishment of the gender equality ministry, which he says focuses too much on women’s rights and is no longer necessary. He has promised to enhance punishments for false accusations of sexual violence, a step campaigners say will deter even more women from coming forward.

It’s nice to see our gooks getting some relief from the matriarchal persecution. Globally things do seem like they will get worse and worse with the women problem. At some point, once things get bad enough we will regain our rightful standing and women will have to find a man, die, or become a hooker. This is how it has been for all of the Earth’s history. Only recently has man been forced into the simp machine, where you must please and bow the knee to women or they will crush you.

Testing is a way women have used to find a worthwhile mate. Making them chase and lead them by force. Birth control, contraception, abortion, and divorce made this game swing almost totally in the woman’s favor. The death of God made being a slut normal. These were all terrible but you could still possibly found a wife and live normally. Think of movies you’ve seen from the 90s, women still would find a mate in their social class and if she slept around her reputation was ruined.

The internet changed all of this. Not to sound like a tedpilled anprim, but if we had to narrow down what made things accelerate so much it would have to be the iphone. What use to be a luxury now was a necessity. You could still have used a typewriter and avoided television up to 2010 I’d bet. Now most of your waking life is taken up with apps whether you’d prefer that or not. Social media overturned social dynamics in a way we couldn’t have understood a little over a decade ago.

Think of the women you know and how much time they are on their phone texting people. Even the most mid and bpd girls I know have at least 15 orbiters on snapchat. This is too much for the ugly bitch’s mind to handle. She sees herself as queen bee when in reality she’s a peasant. It doesn’t matter that you are compatible and in the same social circle as her in real life when she has millions of others at her fingertips.

What does that mean for you? It means that you will never find love.

Of course I know that this isn’t true for everyone. Maybe you found some girl that is somehow unaffected by ZOG conditioning. She’s submissive and won’t search for another man the second you turn her off. If you have, that’s great. I hope you 2 have as many kids as possible. This is just not the case for 99% of the male population. And 99% of the male population still believes there is a chance and that their dream girl is working at Wendy’s waiting for a man to come save her.

You need to move on. There may be a time in our lives where things go back to normal. This is possible, but it doesn’t look like it’s anytime soon.

Focus on yourself. Work hard and pray.

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