I love this country.

From The New York Post:

The serial shooter targeting homeless men in the Big Apple and Washington, DC is also homeless, family revealed Tuesday, as officials announced charges in three of the cases.

Gerald Brevard III, 30, was taken into custody early Tuesday in the capital and charged with first-degree murder in the March 9 shooting and stabbing death of 54-year-old homeless man Morgan Holmes, the Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department Robert Contee told reporters Tuesday.

Our cities are biblically rotten. They’ve turned into supercrime cages for the mentally ill and degenerate garbage to run amok in.

My life would have been good if my parents and co-workers werent such gay, scared, blue pilled, boomer, good goy wageslave cucks.

There isnt any escape away from these kind of people. Their whole lives revovle around looking down on me, controlling me, and making sure that I work and making me feel guilty about everything i do.

The above is some comments from some pol/R9k posts. Right now is a breaking point and an extension of the socio-political situation that has been exasperated in in the last 2 years.

Even if you think that everything about covid is bullshit and the vax is poison and you’re redpilled on all of it, you could still convince yourself that those around you had the best intentions. You could say they wanted to protect themselves and you or they were optimists.

This war changes that.

If the TV can convince your parents and siblings that we need to pay $6 for gas to help Ukraine fight a war against Russia, they can 100% convince them to kill you.

It’s a dark thing to think about but it’s necessary to keep in mind.

I hate these people.

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