Scum Fuck Millionaire

Scum Fuck Millionaire

Losing everything as quick as possible. I plan on leaving these people who have sought my destruction. My only guide is God and he is the only one I follow. One day I will have my revenge on everyone in this town. I wish she would cut herself for me. These are my requests, they should be met.

They said “Buddy, nothing could be any worse than what you’ve already done. You know whatever you’ve done reflects on us as a family. Don’t be a fucking dumb-ass, I don’t know what you could fucking do to make it worse, but don’t do it.” and I responded there’s a gun in the backseat. I have been on downers for the last month and my only social contact is online. I think my Mom is worried about me. In the end I’ll know I did the right thing.

“DROP OUT means detach yourself tenderly, aesthetically, harmoniously from the fake-prop studio of the empire game and do nothing but guard and glorify the Light.”

-High Priest, Timothy Leary

He’s arguing that we haven’t outgrown Christianity, the foundations that held it in place just broke down and while our impulse for God is still there, it’s a getting diverted by demons into a kaleidoscope of random spiritual shit, aliens (in his era) being just one manifestation of that, where people are expecting a greater truth from outer space, so demons are showing them exactly what they want to see.

-some poster on /x/ on Seraphim Rose’s Orthodoxy and The Religion Of The Future

Mind is fried by drugs and the internet. My body destroyed by deep state chemicals. My spirit is corroded by the years of rejection from my peers. If I fall I hope to take all them down with me.

I’ve thinking about a male to female tranny in a post-apocalyptical dystopian world. This will be a reality sooner rather than later. A tranny is necessarily dependent on the government, medical needs and such.

“You said $11.50, right?”

I am awoken out of my daydream by a man. I just made his dinner, we are at the register and his hand is outstretched toward me. I take the cash out of his hand and fish for his change. He trade farewells, and I remind myself that I have lost moment that I’ll never get back. The mental space of that fantasy can’t be recreated. I also will never get to spend my time trading conversation with the man as he was in the time I was making his meal.

Chainlink Will $ave Us All

I think it is immoral to give financial advice.

The dollar is losing its value. Collapse is imminent, or at least things will continue to get way worse before they get better. Putting your money to actual useful objects or investing it into ways to make it grow it a good idea. This economy is rough, I understand that. You need to think in an entirely different way if you want to get by and make some cash. I’ve addressed this before. You can’t just say can’t win because the odds are stacked against you. You will die, or worse. Crypto, credit, stocks, loans, etc all carry high amounts of risks of course, but just saving money won’t put you in a good place. It’s paper, not real. Precious metals and seeds might be good, I don’t know. I’m just telling you to think about this stuff. I’ve always been one to believe that the Lord will provide if he wills. You’ll have to get dirty and scrape tooth and nail or get clever to make real money. Work at fast food and resell sneakers. Get into NFTs. Realize that you owe nothing to this system that has stolen any chance of you becoming anything from you before you were even born. Play the games those that pull the string pay. Think like a Jew.