$lave’s note: Salidmag was somewhat an inspiration for Mind’s Eye. I found out about them through the work they did on Mike Ma’s Harassment Architecture. The head of the collective Mac was doxed and took everything down. 
From Detroit based hardcore punk magazine (


“To the depressed black pill nihilists out there, you’re doing exactly what they want you to do. They want you to not care, they want you to believe that future is doomed no matter what, they want you to act upon your darkest fantasies so they can delegitimize and dehumanize the rest of us and what we stand for.
It’s up to you to man the fuck up and be disciplined enough to sculpt your own meaning in life.
Black pills are for faggots. Be better. Do it for you, do it for us, do it for the movement, what the fuck ever. Just do it.
– SALIDgarret

by Mac Redacted

You read stories of great men who lived their lives fulfilled through family, glory and bloodshed. Their names remembered through generations to come. And as you ponder about your place in the universe, wondering why your life can’t be remotely as glorious as those former leaders of men; You quickly glance over at your phone and notice that she read your last message 11 hours ago. She hasn’t responded yet. Maybe she got busy? She works a lot. You recall her having personal issues. And then you notice she posted to her snapchat story an hour ago.
She isn’t going to respond.
Cue Joy Division. Every boy becomes a doomer at 3am.
It all sounds so trivial. But it’s a problem that becomes more apparent as time marches on. Everyone, especially men, lose faith in the institutions and systems that enslave us. Rampant social media fills our heads with abstract nonsense 24/7. We are bombarded with commercials for the same, empty superhero movie for the 37th time this year. Art is no more than an excuse for rich elitists to get a tax break. Women are commodities you can’t afford even if you wanted to. “All music sucks” except for those 3 lonely albums from 25 years ago you play on loop. You work numerous dead end jobs and still get nowhere. Jacking off and video games haven’t brought you that temporary escape that they used to.
Chain smoking in a basement hasn’t helped. Pornography has eroded all intimacy with sex. You read the horror in between the lines of “conspiracy theories” and can’t understand how no one else is seeing the bloody hands of trusted leaders. You watch movies from the 1980s and wonder where THAT America went. You’re misunderstood. You’re more than misunderstood. You’re completely foreign. You’re outnumbered. You’re the misfit toy that will soon be cast to the Island of Misfit Toys.
What can one do except face the void and accept your abstract meaninglessness?
You can and always will carry your angst with you. But you don’t have to let your angst completely define your misery. However, when one does become miserable, use it to build your character instead of destroying yourself.
Okay, so it’s kinda ridiculous in today’s world for me to tell you that you can live a life similar to Alexander the Great or William the Conquerer. BUT. That doesn’t mean you can’t live your life paralleled along the ideals and actions of those once very great men. What can you do?
Get some friends. Recruit strangers. Make sure they’re all like minded individuals as well. (depressed, empty, lost, confused, frustrated, etc.) Start a club. A gang. Come together once a week and hang out. Be positive influences on each other. This cold world no longer exists for you. So exist for each other instead. Be positive influences on each other. There is a lot to be gained through fraternity.
It can be as simple as taking group hikes. Playing baseball and fulfilling every boy’s dream of having his very own Sandlot gang. Kickball. Dodgeball. Lifting. Chop wood with axes. Play rugby and host bareknuckle fights for the more rowdy lads. Of course, while maintaining a respect for your fellow participating gentleman. The key is to be active and be outdoors. For the more quiet and timid, perhaps literature is exchanged and discussed. Hold debates of ideas. Congregate and establish a brotherhood. Enlighten yourself physically and mentally.
Meeting up to play video games does not serve this purpose. Remember, we are aiming to be better men. Stay away from the distractions of social media and technology. Embrace nature. Embrace your emotions. The days of boys clubs will come back. Encourage it.
There is nobility to be had in becoming a beacon of masculinity. Let it be infectious and get others aware of the positives your new habits can bring. It is up to us to redefine and gain back our own masculinity. The greatest mistake we ever made as a collective, was to let lesser men tell us what it means to be a “real man.”
“Toxic masculinity?” They call us toxic because they are envious.
Plant the seeds now rather than later. Harvest the fruit of those seeds. You will soon find out how good the fruits of your labor taste. You will want to share it with the world, as you should! Spread it like wildfire. Give the seeds that I give you to others that remind you of yourself. We can all be better. We can all be on board with this beautiful character arc. But it starts with you, the individual. It is never too late to become cultured men of sound reason and ideals.
Remember, it won’t be easy. For glory, it can’t be easy. But it will prove to be far more rewarding than you ever could imagine. Just because it feels like it’s the end of days, doesn’t mean it has to be. Seize every day by the horns and take the beast down.
Stand strong and unweathered like the pines that surround us.
Godspeed in your efforts.


by Mac Redacted

We’re all oppressed. But some love to cry foul more often than others. Those some, more than likely belong to marginalized groups. Blacks, queers, women, jews, blah, blah, blah. We know this stint.
But we also know that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Everyone takes it upon themselves to declare even more injustice done to them and their people. More grease equals more attention. Grease comes in the form of legislation, reparations, restrictions, representation, etc.
Black and trans, you poor child how can we get more scholarships for you to go to school for free?
Fresh off the boat Cambodian who escaped snuck off on a junk boat to escape working for Apple for 3 cents a year? Please come inside and make yourself at home. Have some tea.
White man who feels that his concerns are just as legitimate as those listed above, but wants to make sure his people and family are secured in their home country too? HOW FUCKING DARE YOU SUGGEST SOMETHING SO INHUMANE AND CRUEL??? DON’T YOU KNOW THERE’S PEOPLE LESS FORTUNATE THAN YOU. YOUR VOICE DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING UNLESS ITS FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T SPEAK UP……
SO. What happens when you start to run out of grease?
We know this is happening because the left is inherently self destructive. How do we know this? Allow me to explain.
In the 60s gays wanted the right to marriage. 40-50 years later they got it. Thanks Obama. But now the very diverse LGBTQ community is having a problem with it’s main champion, the gay white man, representing the group. So they publicly shun that. Need someone more gay, less white, less manly. There are some women who don’t view trans women as real women (or trans men as real men for that matter) they even have a cool name for it “TERF”, or, a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. So they get the shun. Sorry J.K. Rowling. Not every trans person agrees to be biologically male or female. They get the shun. Do we notice a pattern?
If you’re not the very specific mold of disabled, queer, tax exempted, black, muslim, catholic, trans, velociraptor, Starcucks barista, absolute most oppressed being (MOB), your voice shouldn’t speak for the community, you represent a privileged sector of it, and you should fuck off. That’s how the left at least with the army of fags enlisted in the LGBTQ army for example, self destruct.
There’s this prioritization of crying foul in the most marginalized of ways and not getting anything done with your political movement because when it comes to measuring things to that granular of a level, you really just end up representing a movement of about 4 people. At worst it’s ineffective and damaging. And best it’s pathetic and funny as all hell.
When looking at how oppression should be measured, one can obviously see that the extreme case of the MOB is a VERY oppressed person by many societal means. But why should we accommodate an entire country’s well being and very way of life towards only 4 people? It’s quite tyrannical to insist that idea be bestowed on 300 million people. Regardless if half are totally ok with subverting their life to this subhuman overlord in the making. It’s unrealistic and ridiculous to suggest as such.
If I may also take a play from the progressive’s playbook and use the “call everything racist” tactic. It’s also interesting to note that the pointing out of oppression, while done in vain to combat racism, demands its very nature to judging others based on one’s race, sex, sexuality, etc. And that is at the very essence extremely prejudiced, if not racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. Picking up what I’m putting down?
Who’s more oppressed? A white woman in the disadvantaged south or a black man who comes from money in the north?
Who’s more oppressed a gay black man with 2 jobs or a single white mother of 3, post divorce?
Alright. Who’s more oppressed? A trans white person in $100k of student debt or a Syrian refugee escaping Aleppo with nothing but the clothes on THEY’s back? Yah you cisgendered fuck. I threw in a non-binary pronoun in there.
You find yourself pitted to judging the fuck out of these faceless beings. And not only do you not know who to help anymore, but now it’s revealed that there is ALWAYS going to be some kind of preference involved. Helping everyone in all of these circumstances is going to be a a battle so unrealistic in conclusion, that one doesn’t even want to fathom all the hurdles one has to jump to put these crybabies at ease.
Bottom line is this. The next time you hear talk about marginalized groups, privilege, oppression, remember that it almost always comes from a point of either being very condescending or envious in tone, depending on the voice speaking.
These people don’t care about anybody’s well-being but their own. And who could blame them? Looking after your own shouldn’t be considered a crime at all. But when white people do it, it’s viewed as a personal attack that should be neutralized instantly.
To suggest so, and have an overwhelming level of societal influence behind your back in support, only shows that these people aren’t truly oppressed. They are in far more powerful than their weak minds could even begin to compute.
They don’t equality, they want superiority. So ask yourself, why the hell should you, or anybody, give the sticks to someone so flawed in their thinking, with the majority’s interest not even remotely to heart?
They are only upset that life will be unnecessarily overwhelming for them because they chose to live their life by a few trendy labels, and now demand gratification and acceptance from everyone else because their family denounces them. They thought because they carried these labels they would simply be celebrated for their existence despite offering nothing of value in return. They are upset they took a bet with progressivism and really thought people would care about them just because they were different.
Follow their family’s suit. Disregard them as well.


by Mac Redacted

This is most likely a familiar topic for you reader. I introduced this topic of discussion a few weeks back in SALID’s infancy. However, it is now time that I actually dive into it. America is the greatest cultural influence in the world. For good or for bad, it’s not up for dispute. However nothing shows our true narcissism more than the social influencer.
Verified Twitter check marks, endless virtue signaling, stories filled with propaganda, hashtags, and ridiculous dance routines devised solely to attract the likes and minds of the youth.
Excuse me as I sound like a boomer for this article….
Characters like Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, Jake and Logan Paul stop at nothing to be at the center of attention for their armies of soulless teenagers. Pathetic attempts at pandering to the masses couldn’t be more obvious when every move they make seems to be socially calculated to garner the most support from the lowest common denominator. And while I can’t blame them for their tactics, the damage they do is inexcusable.
How many times does Addison Rae have to scrunch her face until we get the idea that she really has no talents? All dance routines of Charli D’Amelio consist of the same four moves just switched up for the music that accompanies it. WHO IS SHE? WHY IS SHE EVERYWHERE? Every time I hear about Jake Paul he’s in some “hot water” for whatever racial slur he hinted at this week. How do these people have fans? I am convinced most of these influencers bought their fanbase. But pessimistically I think people are far too stupid and beyond saving to truly accept that as fact.
Addison Rae will contort her face into nothing just for countless fans to start repeating that behavior. And sure, kids always do cringe shit. But I have issue with the idea of these adults encouraging kids to partake in the dumb social “challenge” trends of this generation. These influencers have all this clout to their name and instead of choosing to pursue something noble, they choose to be persistently annoying.
Likes and retweets are governmental tools used to break down our self confidence with something as silly as a number count. We see these beautiful people living beautiful lives full of parties and instantly start comparing our shit lives to theirs. Depression is afoot. They want you sad.
Most times, our lives are not so bright. After all, we common folk live under the thumb of our oppressors. Social influencers allow us to have a window into a life worth living in the most obnoxious of ways. Dances are made into trendy hashtags to garner people’s participation. Everyone doing the same action to the same music. It’s cult like. Tik Tok is one of the most effective psy-ops of all time.
The media overlords promote the social influencer to get kids hip to whatever shit they conjure up in their backdoor marketing meetings. Trust me when I say, nothing is by chance. This is all very meticulous in nature. And after amassing their armies the social influencer shows its true colors with their politics. Sad faces and crocodile tears showcase the actual privilege of the higher class by telling us our way of life is wrong and must be corrected.
Of course their ideology answers to some vain of social cancer. Remember, these people are manufactured for popularity. Of course they subscribe to the mainstream’s politics and social cues.
The media overlords never would promote good health and identity to the people. No. They leave that to the social influencer to do it for them. Hashtags for detoxing and self care rise in the ranks of popularity as a scheme to sell you bullshit products. You will not be prettier by using this cream, that’s just cow byproduct. Never trust labels. Your carbon footprint is imaginary and used as a mechanism to trick you into thinking your impact is making less of one. Climate change doesn’t exist until the social influencer cries and pleads to you that a polar bear doesn’t have an ice berg to sit on. And you buy into it with the false hope of one day matching your life to the the media overlord’s self determined status quo. All this goes on while making the influencer richer and all the more powerful.
It is an unobtainable goal that is set up by the social influencer. And even worse are the people who are influenced by the influencers who stop at nothing to be noticed, engaging in the most pitiful activities for relevancy. And that’s the crux of all this. A wanting for relevancy that doesn’t mean a thing. It’s an illusion to think you matter in this world. You have no say in what things go on around you. Remember, nothing is by chance, everything is a fluke. You have been lied to your entire life and you think some young 20-something year old selling you shit in a can while shaking her ass is gonna tell you the secret to life and happiness?


by Mac Redacted

“Stop letting people who role play as babies and animals while they have sex tell you it’s wrong to eat meat and be racist. You don’t need advice from people who can only function if they’re high and just orgasmed for the eleventh time today to whatever degenerate garbage they currently fancy to keep things stimulating and exciting. They are depressed because they’re too lazy to change their terrible diet and lifestyle choices. They are mentally and physically sick, and they want to infect you because “equality.”


Since the dawn of most of our young lives we were taught by the marxist dictated school systems that diversity is the cornerstone of our strength and equality is what makes the sun smile and trees grow.
I laugh to myself when I think about how contradictory that belief is. Equality is the desired end result, yet diversity is our strength. Quite humorous.
Which is it? You cannot have both. I digress… Back to grade school.
Race meant nothing. Wealth or status meant nothing. Religion meant nothing. Sexuality meant nothing. We were all humans who bled red and ended up in a box in the ground one day. And to some this may still seem like a noble cause to stand up for. That is, until you start scanning the room slowly and realizing it does not work for you as intended.
Allow me to echo SALIDgarret’s initial prompt. Any retard who is registered and over the age of 18 in America can vote for anybody of their choosing. No matter how ill-informed or skewed their world view is. No IQ required! Of course one can only imagine that line of behavior snowballing into a fucking mess.
It doesn’t matter how smart, “woke” or informed you are on matters. The neanderthal with the IQ less than that of a fork, unburdened by genius; so long as he manages to scribble in a corresponding box has just as much an equal say in politics as you. And this is just one obvious way that “intellectual equality” can harm a collective.
Sexual deviants, products of incest, Untermensch, and beyond, all demand your time, activism, money, and energy, while giving nothing of value to a culture or society in return. These subgroups are the lowest of the low. Actual leeches. And as soon as you resist their ideas or well-being, they throw grade school insults your way.
You can’t notice a group of people(s) behave a certain way or act in their own interests, because doing so gets you called “racist” or “antisemitic.” To suggest otherwise is to contradict our beaten idea of equality.
You can’t act in your own people(s) interests, because to do that means you must want to be better than the rest. And that means you are not holding the other’s interests in mind. How dare you be proud of you and your own?!
Acting in your own interests contradicts the idea of equality. Fucking losers are telling you they are proud to be fucking losers. And if you are not a fucking loser yourself, you have to be knocked down a few notches. Anyone preaching equality is really just saying so vaguely that everyone else WANTS you to be ok with being fucking loser. And to be great must mean you are a terrible monster of a human who preys on the failures of others.
These people bring a rise in a belief that there is this higher power to attest to. A substitution to God if you will. True salvation can be reached if we all just cracked down and became low life degenerates. We are all happy sitting in our own filth. I say this because the people wanting equality aren’t preaching uplifting messages of getting everyone below them higher. They are in fact tearing everyone down to meet the lowest common denominator.
Equality is cultural marxism.
Islam is a religion that has had many generational consequences. Centuries and centuries of inbreeding and goat fucking has gotten Islam to where it is now. Asians will continue down their own subhuman path and keep eating the gross things that give us Covid-6 million. Marxists will come to America and demand that they be treated with fair and honest action whilst demanding America be torn down from the ground up, in the name of equality because of political difference. There are no attempts of assimilation. There is no respect given by these degenerates. They never consider that they are an unwanted guest in the home of someone “too” nice to kick them out.
Why do we continue to look at these people as our “equal?” There is no glory to be had in these lifestyles. They stand for nothing except to the decay of what it means to be great. Going back to my “unwanted guest” metaphor, when can we start playing the role of “fed up landlord” and start kicking these obvious cancers to the road?
But how does equality work? Equality can only populate itself into the overall by people playing it’s game through tolerance. And tolerance is the name of the shallow excuse we give to allow perversion into nature. This is the loser’s key to the ignition of the Car of Equality, to finally drive us off the cliff.
“If everything is tolerated, that means life is gravy. :^)”
If I shoot you in the face and then tell you that you must tolerate it, are you still not hemorrhaging blood and rapidly dying? Why would anyone tolerate something so self destructive like allowing a cancer into his nation, his neighborhood, his home? This is how people become subverted, nations die, and morals decay.
But it’s ok! At least feelings weren’t hurt and people are smiling and feeling good, right? There is definitely nothing to worry about. It’s not like an over accepting nature can get you killed. If we open our arms to terrorists and deviants, they will surely put their weapons down and hug us back. Right?!
Tolerating tolerance gets you killed by the end of the day because choosing not to partake in the bullshit pisses off all of the degenerates of society. If you are not one of them, you’re a fascist nazi monster who must be terminated. Their mob rule and endless seeking to make life a true Hell thrives on your unwillingness to partake.
And while formidable, you must resist them entirely. Laugh in the face of the weak, timid, and poor. Make them envious in your success. Live a life fulfilled in good health and longevity, because to defeat the enemy of equality, one just has to tip the scales. This requires your commitment to bettering yourself in every way to not only illustrate just how powerful you are, but to ensure you outlive them.
Demanding everything be catered to you, fair and justly, is inherently against nature. Nature as we already defined is inherently fascist. A true dog eat dog world. The collective attitudes of marxists and communists insist on fairness and tolerance being granted. You will not live long thinking like this. These people decry fascism in every breath and hold out that life is all about peace, love, and sodomy. They do everything against nature, in the “modernist” name of equality, and then have the audacity to say we are on the wrong side of history for thinking such.
“Why are you such a bigot? Don’t you know homosexuality is natural in the animal kingdom?”
So is incest, rape, murder, and cannibalism, but I don’t see you advocating for those things? Never say never though, remember with over tolerance comes the decay of morality. They are already attempting to normalize the (lack of) morality for abortion and pedophilia. I’ll give it 10 years before they try to vote a policy that deems it okay to kill your local nazi.
Whither away at equality through intolerance. Promote segregation and intellectual diversity. Fight the gestures of collectivism. Get back in touch with the natural order of the world. Kill your enemies who proudly announce themselves with brightly colored hair and verified checkmarks on Twitter. And in return, create a truly more diverse, natural world.


by Mac Redacted


– every white punk, ever, at one time or another

It’s ok. I like Bad Brains. Don’t Bother Me is an anthem.
The black community takes credit for a lot of things. The pyramids. Western civilization. Peanut butter and super soakers. Michael Jordan. And music. And of all these things, music is the thing that is clutched the tightest.
Forming western civilization? Not so much, those were the Greeks, safely white. However it’s undeniable the influence blacks have had in music overall. From Little Richard early rock n’ roll, James Brown funk and soul, the entire hiphop and rap scene since the early-80s, and more today. So for this article, I’ll relax on the slurs, jokes, and blatant racism and give credit where credit is painfully due. But I will pose some talking points that I think are swept under the rug when asking the question about punk’s roots and what it means to be punk now.
Philadelphia had Pure Hell. An all black “proto-punk” band that formed in the mid-70s. 1974 to be exact. Listening to their only album Noise Addiction, you wouldn’t find any difference from say a Black Flag or Circle Jerks album. Just pissed off kids wanting to be loud for the sake of being loud. They fizzled out in early “success” and became forgotten over time, having only done the one musical project.
In SALID’s own town of Detroit, we had Death. An all black proto-punk trio that formed in 1971. With songs like Keep on Knockin’, Politicians In My Eyes, and You’re a Prisoner, they had the fast sound that punk called for and edgy, sociopolitical lyrics that would become commonplace in the 80’s hardcore scene. They broke up in 1977 and approached different musical projects over time.
Any discussion on black punk has to legally call for a mention about Bad Brains. A funk/reggae group initially, became more aggressive as they rocked into the 80s. Songs like At the Movies, Don’t Bother Me, Banned In D.C., and Pay To Cum, accurately illustrate just how aggressive Bad Brains wanted to get with their sound.
Smaller black punk mentions go to the token black drummer for Dead Kennedys, D.H. Peligro. Suicidal Tendencies has a long list of lineup changes, but they always prioritized a small taste of afro/latino culture within itself. More currently known in Memphis, Tennessee was also home to it’s own black fronted punk band, Negro Terror. Rest in Peace to it’s lead singer Omar Higgins. There’s so much else to mention. But that gets the point across.
The acts I have listed out for you only answer for American Punk. We haven’t even went on to analyze British groups like The Clash who have an early intense reggae influenced sound, obviously Afro-Caribbean in origin. British Oi! rock skinhead groups pulled that same sound and cranked it to 11 with racist and fascist overtones in the Rock Against the Communists scene of the mid to late 80s. Bands like Skrewdriver and English Rose took something and made it full of hateful energy and with proper enthusiasm.
So you take ALL of this and throw it in various musical scenes across both countries, with variously different cultures and attitudes, and a few decades later you get the snowball cluster fuck that is punk as we know it now. Everything from Sid Vicious and Henry Rollins to this bullshit magazine you’re reading now, and everything in between.
So why am I telling you this? No. I don’t expect you to grab the nearest black punk and give him a hug. But I notice that there’s this almost pompous, afrocentric attitude amongst blacks that they feel the need to enforce almost constantly.
Without us, you wouldn’t have rap. You wouldn’t have hip hop. you wouldn’t have Elvis. And you sure as fuck wouldn’t have punk.”
One could even make the assertion that, it’s because whites have had mainstream success with punk and capitalizing off of it, is the reason why blacks want to “own” it so much. If that’s why they want to own the label of “creator of punk” I’d argue that’s even more shallow than hijacking a culture and making money off of it.
This attitude of “you can’t have it without us, so thank us now for it.” is a bit tired. Anybody who says that, doesn’t really care about the culture or its respect to. It comes from a place of entitlement and wanting of a social reward.
As mentioned, different political attitudes, social vibes, and sounds in general take punk and twist it into its own identifiable “thing.” Whether you’re the Clash sympathizing with communists, Skrewdriver wanting a whiter Britain, or Minor Threat who just want people to stop being lousy junkies, they all have something different to them. That being said all of this music may owe itself to the initial sounds of Death and Pure Hell. But they’re certainly not required to. And that goes to everything else punk related.
There is no patent to punk. Like all arbitrary aspects of culture (language, music, dance, traditions and customs) there’s no definite root to these things. They are all inherently human. Different humans historically have different forms of these aspects.
And with punk, you know it’s always been about doing things YOUR OWN way. Throwing out the rules. Kicking over the table and not giving a shit. Telling the people trying to run your life to fuck off, and then getting the shit kicked out of you for being a rascal.
So I laugh at this idea that some people really want there to be this credit paid to such an unruly group of bastards. If screaming into a microphone and screeching away at a guitar you bought for $35 at a pawn shop is art, it’s certainly a very easy, imitable art that anybody could certainly do on their own. To clutch to the idea that “well we did it first.” is a lame one as well. I was the first person to shit in my home’s toilet, while holding a DVD case of Paul Blart’s, Mall Cop starring Kevin James. Does that make me a winner?
Imitation truly is the best form of flattery. However that’s not enough for some blacks (or others for that matter) who claim to be the reason for something, or everything.
There’s many groups out there who don’t have to lend it’s sound from Pure Hell or Death, so why should they? Does that make them any less punk? Does that make them immediately indebted to this ridiculous belief that one has to owe everything to it’s ancestral cause? You can choose to give credit where credit is due and be humble about it. But there is an arrogant pride to it as well. And for people to tell others not to indulge is boring. Some people just want to hold the title for something they don’t give a shit about just to maintain a social power over you. Fuck them.
Muhammad Iqbal, a Pakistani poet who is hailed as the greatest writer from Pakistan has a quote. And he says, “I have never considered myself a poet. I have no interests in poetic artistry.”
In that same very egotistical vein of thought, does the punk even owe it to punk if he wants to be a punk?


by Mac Redacted

We truly live in a society.
The days of not giving a fuck about someone’s race are behind us. It has been deemed not enough by our socially and politically progressive overlords for us to overlook the barrier of race. It is in fact the opposite that is being so forcefully pushed down our throats.
I am talking about the rise of being “anti-racist.”
This is evident anywhere you go, but primarily on social media. Hundreds and thousands of prominent influencers have taken to the task of being the naively self-righteous. You see posts to their stories showing various links to outreach programs and funds directed towards minority groups. Now, choosing to help your charitable cause of choice is not a crime. But I find it funny how everyone of these posts calls for specifically being “anti-racist” and how to “do better as white people.”
It is blatant pandering.
You can no longer choose to be color blind in 2020. You can no longer choose to not view someone based on their skin color. You can no longer look at someone as just a human. No. You MUST take into consideration their racial background. You are not a man, you are a sweet, innocent black man woefully troubled by a system built against him. You are not a man, you are a WHITE DEVIL COLONIST EXPLOITIVE RACIST WHO MUST RESCIND HIS WHITENESS AND GIVE INTO ALL MINORITIES. On top of that, you MUST be proactive in recognizing your own privilege, using your platform for effective messaging, safe spaces. Blah. Blah. Blah. That’s what it means to be anti-racist.
It’s all very exhausting.
To those who advocate being so proactively anti-racist. How is it not racist in of itself? You see a black person walk up to the scene and instantly your tone shifts from casual to freedom fighter? Smiles and jokes turn to raised fists, somber tones, and bleak expressions? I will agree that there’s a time and place for everything, but maintaining a secondary persona for the sake of keeping a race on a platform is a bit underhandedly racist. It’s fucking dumb.
If we are to follow the words of Martin Luther King Jr., a known communist and registered Republican by the way, we are to judge people not on the basis of their skin, but on the contents of their character. That’s at least what our failing public schools indoctrinated us with.
So why is it, that in this day and age, the most self righteous people of the bunch, who seem to be keen and supportive of that very doctrine, abandon it in such a way? Anti-racism is the polar opposite of what MLK preached back in the 60s. Anti-racism throws away judging of content of character, and to solely correct your behavior off the skin colors of others to “combat racism.” Anti-racism also harbors the byproduct of racism in itself of being inherently anti-white. This is due to the false idea that minority races cannot be racist. So whites, by consequence of that flawed logic, can be the only race to be “anti-racist.”
But of course, being racist against whites can’t exist, so. :^)
The idea sounds reasonable. Not being racist isn’t enough for justice. You HAVE to do more, right? Perhaps this is some 4D sociology chess maneuver that fights fire with fire. After all, who wouldn’t want a few token blacks or muslims in the workplace because “inclusivity matters?” It fucking doesn’t, but entertain the idea.
The problem is for the people who just wish to remain neutral in all this. And there’s lots of them. There are people who don’t want to look at the world through your racial lenses. Believe it or not, people don’t have to give a fuck if you’re a queer or a nigger. But this idea of anti-racism punishes those who choose not to be an activist 24/7.
THAT’S the problem.
Some people aren’t self righteous. And that’s perfectly fine. However anti-racism sets everyone up for failure if they don’t comply. Anti-racism is a water level that slowly rises, and unless you play ball with their progressive, groupthink, hive mind mentality, you will drown. The progressive status quo will declare you an enemy of the state for not surrendering your entire paycheck to George Floyd’s family.
Congratulations, now you’re fired from your job and you lose all your social credit points. The system works only for those who propagate cultural marxism. They create a situation for there to be no room for arguing. Because to consider something else, is to sexually identify as a villain. The entire notion is just as sickening as it is unnecessary.
If anti-racism has any social benefits, it’s this.
Hopefully enough people start to see how phony this doctrine is and begin dismissing it. That won’t happen. But I like to be optimistic.
In it, the anti-racist crowd will start calling everyone racist and criminal for having their opinions. These opinions mind you, are not radical ones. And in that, fester up even more racial tensions in those disenfranchised people who just wanted to live their lives quietly and this will consequently create more racists because of personal attacks from the anti-racist crowd. This is only a proper knee jerk reaction as nobody wants to be bullied into submission. Regardless of ideology.
Believe it or not, this is how you create radicals. You put the subject in a corner and tell them to confine or die. You will have more people out there being racist. You will have more hateful rhetoric being passed. And you will have more people feeling absolutely fed up with culturally marxist point of views. And to think, these people intially didn’t give a fuck if you were a queer or nigger. But now they hate you for being that and telling them they HAD to accept them and downplay their own existence in the process. It is quite the Streisand Effect.
All of this and we haven’t even mentioned the idea of minority groups getting sick of white people speaking on their behalves. However, one extension of anti-racism is the idea that, “it’s ok to have your wrist smacked by minority groups.” Anybody who subscribes to that is effectively S. Liberalis. Disregard their humanity.
So when someone tells you, you have to do “more” for racial injustice, scoff at them for even bringing up the action. There’s enough parasites prioritizing their days spreading the misinformation of critical theory. And when they let their emotions get the best of them and turn to insults. Be the unapologetic racist they anticipate you to be. It is the only way to fight this ridiculous cancer.


by Mac Redacted

Suck my dick and let me address this.
During an Obama administration we were told as unapologetic gun supporters, “[we] have nothing to fear from a tyrannical government.”
We were deemed “paranoid,” “trigger itchy,” and “unhinged” when we considered the possibility that the government never had our interests at heart. We stood by and watched on as numerous states started getting stricter on guns. We watched as the government exploited countless tragedies like every single mass shooting, and turn it into an excuse to strip us of freedoms. And leftists allowed it.
Now fast forward to all of the countless protests and rioting happening. Hypocrisies are rising to the surface, and they are on both sides of the spectrum. However this piece is for the anarchic leftist who, though passionate in his cause, is gunless, and ultimately ineffective at overthrowing regimes.
Guns were unnecessary. We didn’t need “high capacity” magazines and “military styled weapons of war.” Suppressors? Forget about it, those are only for James Bond and assassins. Bump stocks? For what? I will not exhaust you with more examples. We are familiar with these lame talking points.
However all of 2015 and 2016 we were subject to hearing endless discussion about how a LITERAL CHEETO NAZI RAPIST was the biggest threat to our democracy. And whether your opinion on Trump is for or against this point is a mute one. The topic of discussion should now be geared towards the argument that, even if he was a literal cheeto nazi rapist. Isn’t it mighty convenient of the Second Amendment to be in place so that you CAN do something about it?
Don’t like an overreaching, billionaire, reality star, fudd as a president? GET HIM OUT. Not cool with the idea of a Nigerian born, Islamic apologist as your president? YOU TOO, CAN GET HIM OUT. It really is a two way street that both righties and lefties can use and abuse to their liking.
So now we are seeing reality smack the leftist in the face. The change he has desperately wanted for some time, whether it’s in the name of degeneracy or not, will be an extremely difficult uphill battle. How much easier would it have been dealing with a militarized police force if you too, were militarized?
We tricked ourselves into believing we as a modern society “didn’t have to get to that point anymore.” This is a dangerous and a willingly ignorant point to hold onto.
I wanted you to have LVL 111 ceramic plating. I wanted you to have bump stocks. Suppressors. High capacity magazines. Full-auto. 3-round burst. Collapsible stocks. Foldable stocks. Dragon’s breath ammo. Explosive rounds. Green tips. No background checks. No waiting periods. No name registry. I want you to be able to fight back against tyranny…
And the anarchic leftist threw that all away for temporary safety because of his own politics and the media frightening him into a corner of absolute hysteria. The leftist believed daddy Obama would be in office forever and ever, and life would be gravy. And then a literal Cheeto Drumpf nazi KKK rapist orange man got into office. And while crying wolf, never did anything about undoing his previous actions.
He persists with anti-gun sentiments while calling himself “above” owning such a piece of weaponry. But in his 11th hour, surrounded by riot police and flames, calls for boog bois to defend his right WITH THEIR GUNS. Why should they so selflessly defend you now when you look forward to stripping him of his liberty after these fiascos? While this is an extreme example, it’s been happening more and more.
Leftists are recognizing that Trump is not only this crazed dictator, but that police are overfunded, heavily militarized, extremely authoritative, and fiercely unbudging in their power. The cops are effectively Trump’s hounds. How convenient would it be to fight fire with fire?
Now I will admit, you do see some leftists out there with guns. But they’re laughable at best. That picture of the Foxy Brown, Black Panther chick with an AR and a raised fist? She has the magazine half empty and her shit is chambered in .22, her “armor” is glorified air soft gear and plateless. That’s not going to put a dent in anything the cops have.
Think about Joan Jett singing “I Love Rock n’ Roll.” It just comes off as disingenuous. She is TRYING to get you to look at her “not like other girls.” She doesn’t like girly pop music. She looooooves Rock n’ Roll. It doesn’t sit right.
Most gun toting leftists come off as a bunch of try hards who really don’t know what they’re doing, but want to be perceived as actual threats. The many lefty “revolutionists” who do fall into this category are hilariously unprepared.
It’s interesting to note that the behavior exhibited by these lefties, would more than likely tick a few boxes on some red flag laws and ultimately permit them from owning guns in the first place due to mental issues. But hey, aren’t laws mandatory or something?
Some leftists are still sticking to their anti-gun sentiments and are being told by police themselves to “do what they must.” Much to their dismay, they can do nothing but accept the pillaging from their own communities. Gosh. A full-auto AR with a 100 round double drum mag sounds lovely right about now!
So what about it? I am here to provide some critical feedback to the anarchic leftist. Want to make a difference? Signing petitions and voting isn’t gonna get you there. Politicians don’t care about a piece of paper. But when you start stacking bodies and showing them their friends dying in a hail of gunfire? That strikes fear into them.
Take a look at the Lansing CHINESE VIRUS protests. representatives were terrified of “domestic terrorists” coming into their work place. They were crying on the news about how they had to wear bulletproof vests and call their significant others regularly on their safety. They wanted it to be a law that no civilian guns to be in the state capitol. They were hysterical. AS THEY SHOULD BE.
Want to police the police? You have to be ABLE to police. And that simply means having a bigger gun. Now you’re realizing why the Second Amendment says “well regulated militia.” No dingus, not the actual military. Us. The People. WE ARE THE MILITIA. We need to have guns for these matters, because if not we are lamb to slaughter. You can only fight the system with words for so long, before physically standing up and protecting life and liberty from tyrants becomes necessary duty.
So to those leftists who actually want to make a change in their lives, remember. Guns aren’t exclusively a white thing. Anybody can get strapped. And I encourage it! Transgendered, gay, black, homeless, dumb, kids! Guns should be actively encouraged by all civilians in a time of such political upheaval.
Don’t look at gun toting conservatives and boomer republicans as your enemy. It’s the governmental system that wants you oppressed. Why would you do their bidding as the useful idiots you are, and vote to take everyone’s guns away, but cry foul when nobody listens to you? Banning guns means you just want only the government to have guns. And you already don’t trust them. It is suicide. Guns are the ultimate equalizer. An armed society is a safe society. Why wouldn’t you want to not only look like a threat, but be one too?! Plate carriers and fully automative weapons make anybody scary. And to be scary is to be cool.
Moving forward I don’t want to hear shit about gun control. From boomer republicans calling for bump stocks and suppressors to be banned because they’re “unnecessary.” To liberals saying guns should be outright banned, but cry foul when shit doesn’t go their way. Just know there was always a way out of this mess, and it fits in the palm of your hands.
– Lee Ving, lead singer of FEAR


by Mac Redacted

Why didn’t the group of cannibals eat the comedian?
They were afraid it would taste funny. So they ate Sarah Silverman and Samantha Bee instead.
The point of this article is to not necessarily teach you anything or say something of relative importance. However it’s been a topic on my mind a lot recently, so I figured I’d pose the hypothetical questions and share them here.
As a modern society we believe ourselves to be above certain things. Most of these things are declared taboo. First cousin marriage, arranged marriages, furries, Logic’s music, etc. However in these times, we are no stranger to degeneracy floating its way to the top anyhow. Look how adamantly tv executives are at sexualizing kids and normalizing a hyper-capitalist society pushing near dystopic levels.
This isn’t an argument against capitalism, mostly just a statement about how we weren’t made for the constant bombardment from advertisements.
Included in this list of general sin is cannibalism. Perhaps for good reason, many people say we have lived beyond the means of having it necessary. Others say that it’s quite unhealthy and not in our best interests. But for the sake of these arguments I’ll lay out in front of you soon enough, let’s assume cannibalism to be “morally okay” for the time being.
First off. I’m curious in the pro-cannibal world, who would we eat? Would we have baby farms? Would Planned Parenthood have a drive-thru? Would babies become the moral currency of single mothers, as they would become more active in localized food drives?
Would retirement homes be the new all-you-can-eat buffets? I can’t imagine your grandparents tasting good. I don’t marinate my beef in Bengay. And I don’t want to.
Would there be a preference to race? Asians would more than likely be a bit more lean. You’d probably be hungry again in 20 minutes eating a chink anyhow, but it’d have to be the healthier alternative nonetheless. I see blacks being quite gamey in consistency considering their inherent athleticism and physique. Americans would be too full of fat to even bother cooking for my personal taste. Should we eat arabs while sitting on the floor with our hands as they do with camels? Would it be rude and uncustomary to eat them differently?
Anakin Skywalker would more than likely be against sitting on the floor whilst eating Arabs.
Do you think there would be this survivalist element towards selective racially based cannibalism? In that, would we see various races prioritizing their health a bit more as to appear more physically capable to build a society, instead of being weak and soon to be easy prey for others? Does the entire continent of Africa become the equivalent of diseased meat with E-Coli and AIDS? We should just pitch them to the trash. Would we even want to eat the weak? Full of pestilence and poison. Eating the healthy and powerful would be the obvious choice, but that may be difficult to achieve considering class barriers, but not impossible.
Would our physical looks come into play? If I’m going to eat somebody, I want them to be a beautiful specimen! But why would I eat a beautiful person? They’re beautiful after all. However you sure as fuck wouldn’t catch me eating an ugly person. I pick filet mignon steak over Slim Jims all day, every day. A Victoria’s Secret model, in theory, should taste better than some West Virginian hillbilly with an IQ of 43.
Would there be this societal pressure to be absolutely ugly to detour predators? Would this serve as a fire under everyone’s asses to be beautiful so that nobody would want to eat you? Would being mediocrely average be the deadliest thing you could do? Would obesity rates plummet as to not arouse everyone else’s carnal instincts?
Imagine going to a Gordon Ramsay establishment and flipping through a book full of polaroids of tributes and being able to say to the chef, “I will take the Jessica Chastain looking girl tonight.” and then being greeted with a smile and an “excellent choice” from the server.
This isn’t fair to Jessica Chastain. I just happen to be writing this while watching her film, Molly’s Game. 8/10, I do recommend.
Would animal cruelty in regards to slaughterhouses be a relief for those animals? Maybe asians would not be so determined to be the grossest people ever and eat the strange things of the ocean if they got to have their way with eating people. Nature would have its long deserved break, and human population would be managed more effectively. Do it for the dolphins and whales! I now have the support of animal rights activists, PETA, and environmentalists!
Who needs livestock when you have a team of humans on your land to exploit. Buy some people. Use them for the labor. Get them healthy and prepped for slaughter months later. Rinse and repeat. I imagine slavery would in one way or another be a means of maintaining this mechanism. But when you’re breeding people for consumption, it doesn’t have to be so personal. Would there be new traditions or holiday customs around eating people? What would those customs look like? Perhaps they’d center around the eating of a virgin or family member at some pinnacle point of their life serving for some other-worldly good. Think about how the Aztecs sacrificed their own for promises of good weather and safety.
I believe exocannibalism should make a comeback.
Exocannibalism being the practice of eating your enemies to strike fear into others. Imagine how successful practices like presidential elections or protests be? Trump decides that Biden is no longer to be a threat and makes it a point to kill and eat his heart in front of the entire nation to prove his demeanor. Whether you like it or not, that bold of a move is sure to garner votes, albeit, through absolute terror and fear. Based as fuck either way.
BLM protestors have it that the officer who killed George Floyd will not be sent to prison, but instead overly seasoned and deep fried several times over for a feast served with collared greens and oven baked mac n’ cheese. If you are not thinking twice about fucking with Trump or BLM protestors in these situations, you are either too naive to recognize the danger in understanding the shock that eating your enemy brings to everyone, or a liar.
There’s numerous examples in the natural world of cannibalism happening. Rabbits eat their young as a means of “protecting” them. Ironic, I know. Some insects will have larvae eat other larvae to decrease overall competition. But if we are to consider ourselves one with nature, cannibalism is not that far fetched of an idea, as it’s only the modernization of man that limits us with this possibility. Where are my anaracho-prmitivists at?
What would our philosophy look like? Would we have a greater outlook on life seeing how quickly it can be savagely taken from us? Perhaps nihilism would run more rampant as we strip people of what makes them human, and in turn make them consumable prey. Maybe some people should be afraid of that? If we are to entertain the classically taught, public school version of the Holohoax, would we still view genocides as terrible as they are? Think. At this point, we have normalized the process of systemically killing people, to a degree, for consumption. Would that not heavily downplay the severity of events like the Holohoax? Would these events be promoted as a “step in the right direction” towards ending world hunger, as a means of “taking better advantage of senseless killing.”
I have now won over the national socialists of the crowd!
Characters like Jeffrey Dahmer or Hannibal Lecter are nothing more than everyday Joes now. Silence of the Lambs becomes a movie about an FBI agent who turns to her brilliant psychologist/part time chef neighbor to track down some murderous transvestite. It would no longer be the horror movie that it’s considered, but perhaps a mere crime thriller instead. Maybe even an unconventional buddy/cop movie.
Think about how annoying vegans are with their elitist attitudes toward their diets. Would we see a group of people who think they’re better than us because they eat prepared food? “Ya know, eating people is so bad. I stick to things like canned beans and noodles instead.” If a vegetarian eats only vegetables and a pescatarian eats only seafood. Would our human flesh consumers be called, not the slur of “cannibal” but a “sapiatarian?”
SALIDcam, you’re thinking too far into this. This all sounds equally terrifying and unnecessary.”
Which is why I prefaced this article appropriately. Think about this the next time someone says “you look good tonight” or “I eat ass” and wonder what kind of world we would have if those statements were to be taken literally.
Perhaps I have supplied some food for thought.


by Mac Redacted

I think it’s time we dive into a grave cancer in our society today. I’m not talking about exploitive bankers, abusive cops, or even thot gamer girls. I will be addressing what is more uncommonly called, Simpus Liberalis. (S. Liberalis.) Or what could be described as the self loathing, guilt-ridden, spineless white person who insists on apologizing to minorities for sins committed on the white people’s behalf.
S. Liberalis prides itself on social appearances. He reinforces his social appearance through virtue signaling. Blacked out profile images, posting links to various BLM charities, bragging about “checking” his own white privilege, and more than likely also collecting FunkoPops. He does this so that he can gain points from minorities, predominately blacks. He does so because he believes himself that diversity is the cornerstone of what makes a man socially profound. However the irony in this, is that S. Liberalis almost ALWAYS will exclusively simp over the American Negro.
There are only few reported cases of S. Liberalis simping over other races and ethnic groups. These reports have been seen in the UK with muslims in cases of being against “Islamaphobia.” However these are only witnessed in examples of terrorist attack aftermath, and are seen only as a phenomena of circumstance and not true to the nature of S. Liberalis.
S. Liberalis also appear to have poor choice in facial hair, weak chin, horrible posture, unhealthy BMI’s, tens of thousands of dollars in debt to an intellectually bankrupt college, and a habit of stuttering when confronted with contrasting ideologies.
You know you’re in the company of S. Liberalis, when you hear phrases like “white people have no culture” or “we have to do better.” Other popular buzzwords of theirs include “imperialist, privilege, colony, Reddit, and Marvel Cinematic Universe.”
S. Liberalis is so quick to point out how important culture is, yet completely full of cognitive dissonance when regarding his own. I believe that S. Liberalis is not proud of white people because of his inherent lack of culture. Of course white people have no culture when you replace how great western civilization truly is with silly video games, unfunny late night hosts, the Black Keys, cuckold pornography, and a sickening desire to surrender everything that made you so great in the first place, for the lame name of multiculturalism.
S. Liberalis is a parasitic organism. However, unlike other parasites, S. Liberalis doesn’t have the conventional host it latches itself onto. Unlike kikes or illegal mexicans, who latch themselves into a system for benefit. S. Liberalis instead latches himself onto his racial master(s) for THEIR benefit. He is self desutrictive in his pursuits. He will support any and all injustice done to the American Negro; whether true or not; through thick or thin; for the simple sake of being able to sleep comfortably at night knowing he “made a difference.” Those differences made, lead him to sleep in a world set on fire.
That notion is a disastrous one, as it serves a corrosive purpose. S. Liberalis is bent on destroying any idea of white culture; art, music, history, because it MUST have came from a point of imperialism and racism. If we were to all answer for the sins of our father’s father, and his father’s father, regardless of race, we would all be guilty of genocide and rape to a degree. Are we undeserving now of the world that was built in the process? Of course not. We can choose to lead a more moral direction in the world than our ancestors led. But S. Liberalis makes that very impossible to deal with.
Why should we coexist with such a specimen that not only holds whites to such a degree of contempt and responsibility, yet continuously makes excuses on the behalf of his black overlords and why they can’t achieve greatness?
S. Liberalis doesn’t want you to have glory. You cannot have your victory. It must have been done on the backs of niggers for it to have been possible. And the only way you could have a glimpse of a better tomorrow is if you surrender your life, women, and children, to this toxic ideology of guilt and wrongdoing.
You are guilty of being white. That is that.
The American Negro is obviously benefiting from this relationship. He obtains an ally and gets the social consequence of its benefit. However the humorous part of this all is the idea that, the American Negro never asked for this alliance. Time and time again we see black leaders calling for the injustice to stop and telling white people “this is not your fight” and treating them like shit for speaking up. But on the opposite side of the coin, asking for whites to do better!
In that same vain of thought, S. Liberalis is so consistent with fighting racism for his negro friend, that he can’t even see the blatant racism he promotes in his “anti whiteness.” And while temporarily being advantageous to the American Negro, he grows tired of S. Liberalis speaking up too often for him, and then gets called out for his own racism and white privilege benefits. There is a whole idea behind this phenomena, it is known as the “white savior complex” I will not be going into that, as it is quite self explanatory. However the entirety of the black’s apprehensiveness with S. Liberalis resides in this phenomena.
Naturally, I am just as confused as you as to what order to follow (if I were to even consider taking the order in the first place, I would not) but let’s entertain it for thought anyways. Why would anyone subscribe to helping such a confused, rage filled, undecided, hateful people with such vigor? What drives a man to such a point in the first place? How is it, that one could stoop so low and not be dignified in who they are as a person, body and mind in present, that they must substitute that all for something so shallow like cool points with a demographic so bent on seeing them dead? You are being trained to hate yourself.
Traitors are more dangerous than the enemy.
It’s okay to be white. It’s never okay to be a simp.


by Mac Redacted

March and April were CHINESE VIRUS pandemic season. May shown it to be quite the Anti-Cop riot season. And now it is the month of June, which means we all instantly forget about cops beating up niggers. Because it’s Fag Season baby!
I think most of the humor of fag season comes in the form of giant corporations and tech giants such as Google, Apple, YouTube, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Microsoft, Nike, American Airlines, GAP, MasterCard, Cartoon Network, Dove, Maytag, Spotify, Tumblr, Uber, Twitter, Skittles, Lyft, Pfizer, LinkedIn, Comcast, and countless other corporate entities, partaking in this cash grab of blatant pandering.
I say blatant pandering because right at the end of June on midnight, as we shift to July, you see so many of their respective profile pictures on respective platforms switch back to their original logo art in real time!
The homosexual chooses to admit one of two things. Either everyone is in his corner and supports him for one month of the year. Or that his sexuality and lifestyle is being hijacked for the sake of farce social points and millions of dollars in profit, that he will not see any of. Almost always the homosexual will never regard the second option.
The faggot is simply put, a giant sellout.
He is fine with these corporations making novelty of his lifestyle for one month, and in return, uses that pandering as an excuse to dance in the street half naked, making an absolute degenerate of himself in the name of “love.” Now put this to a national scale and you have Pride Month!
Now I don’t know about you, but when corporations and companies take to pretending they’re my friend in hoping that I give them my money, I am instantly disgusted and want nothing of it. But gays are something different. They’re seemingly ok with being noticed in such an exploitive way. It’s almost like gays have always had a thing for being exploited, sexually or more commonly, commercially exploited.
I find it humorous that so many companies who have no real matters in anything “gay” even choose to partake in the festivities of Pride month. What the fuck does IBM or Bank of America have anything to do with being a homosexual? But then again, it’s 2020, we all suck cock with our asses.
These people will do anything in their power to be seen or heard because their lives are so equally miserable. So naturally it makes sense that the companies would also choose to be obnoxiously pro-fag because they not only have to deal with them directly, but temporarily nonetheless. All in the name of the mighty dollar.
Being gay is BIG BUSINESS.
I find it also weird that platforms like Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network feel the need to advertise themselves as such because they are geared towards children. It makes you wonder what the Jewish media moguls in charge of Turner Broadcasting and Viacom are up to when they subliminally tell your kids “it’s ok to sodomize your best friend and cut your dick off afterwards.”
This is all just grooming on a national scale. This is a collective attitude being devised behind the scenes of all our favorite companies and popular brand names are serving as the mask to hide this shallow attempt for normalization. It seems almost properly enforced.
Now I am not necessarily saying being gay is the issue. I couldn’t give a shit if you were gay. Just have fun disappointing your friends and families in the name of sexual deviancy. Knock yourself out. But to let yourself be at the tail end of being used and abused at the hands of mass media companies and mega corporations? Seems a bit ridiculous.
But then again, the homosexual is no stranger to being gang-banged. Whether it’s from a pack of bears in a seedy nightclub in the meat packing district, or Starbucks who greedily just wants his cash.
To all this I say reject the notions of Pride month. Where is the “pride” in being a faggot? If it really was so normal to be gay, why must we collectively celebrate it? We don’t collectively celebrate breathing? We don’t collectively celebrate being straight, but somehow it’s been already socially punished to even suggest doing that.
You cannot be the outlier of society, but have this mainstream of an influence. At some point, your degenerate behavior MUST have been socially accepted. Now you must move on from minority status and accept the fact that you can now be subject to criticism. Despite always having been subject to criticism. And rightfully so.
To any LGBTQ+LMNOPQRSTUV person reading this, refuse pride month. Recognize that corporations are only looking to make a dollar off your lifestyle and leave you high and dry when they get it. Try and reclaim any last shred of decency you have left. Through that, just live your life. Do what fags do best. Watch RuPaul, listen to Lady Gaga, get AIDS and die.