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You lament the results tonight and bitch and piss and moan about muh fraud and muh retarded democracy. Thing is, you’re right. It is bogus. It is rigged. So what are you going to do about it? Just keep bitching? Or are you going to start forming mannerbunds, political activists groups, putting up flyers to get news attention? Even for all its faggotry, this board used to have some action it committed to. But that was all peanuts compared to what is required of us now.

At the very least you should be training your body, your mind, your weapon skills, and your oratory skills. You don’t need a majority to change history; most people are like tall grass, they go where the wind blows them. A dedicated, small group can move mountains.

Get your fucking shit together and start finding like minded people. We are out there, aimless, scared to say what needs to be said. We need to find the figures to rally around and it could be YOU. This thread will likely fall by the wayside with only a handful of replies, which is evidence enough that almost all of you are no better than the football watching boomers you make fun of. To those who want to try to stir up something better than the GOP, there is a chance to create a political party with some real potential. But we have to start from ZERO. It will be the toughest thing ever done, but it CAN BE DONE. Godspeed, and Hail Victory.

AF is the answer. Tea party – occupy wall street – gamergate – Alt-Right – AF. It’s all building toward the answer.