Mind’s Eye Is A Reactionary magazine/webzine. We commentate on recent events with an America First agenda in mind. Our goal is to showcase the counter culture that is being suppressed by the mainstream.

Our Belief is that We Are Living In The System Of The AntiChrist and We would like to offer advice for living in this world.

New articles Monday-Friday, guides Saturday. Subject to change.

“The Eyes Are Useless When The Mind Is Blind.”

“In my mind’s eye, my thoughts light fires in your cities.”


We do not advocate violence of any kind. Everything said on this site is 1000% satire. Just My Diary Desu.

Our Team:

Writer, editor, administrator, etc:

$lave is a 20 year old basement dweller and when he’s not adding to Ramona Leone’s various projects (Mind’s Eye Mag, Viceroy TV, Pepper Social, White Rabbit Gallery, etc.) he’s working hard in his wage cage or studying even harder in school.