One Toke Over The Line

One Toke Over The Line


From Politico:

The House passed a far-reaching marijuana legalization bill on Friday by a 220-204 vote, largely along party lines and still with no real path to President Joe Biden’s desk.

It marks the second time in less than two years that the House passed legislation to decriminalize cannabis, scrap some old marijuana-related convictions and allow states to make their own decisions about whether to establish marijuana markets. But Democrats seem no closer to fulfilling a major campaign promise, passing a party-line bill that has little chance of getting the necessary Republican support to pass the Senate.

 I haven’t smoked weed since the start of the pandemic. Can’t imagine what it would be like to live in this hyper isolated dystopia and relying to a joint to make things enjoyable. That is what they want you to do tho.

Hard recreational stimulants are never considered for legalization. Adderall and Vyvanse you need a prescription for. Caffeine and nicotine are the hardest you can get your hands on that’s not research chemicals. I wonder why that is?

From MarketWatch:

Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban on Sunday announced a ban on harvesting poppies, even as farmers in some parts of the country began extracting the opium from the plant that is needed for making heroin.

The Taliban warned farmers that their crops will be burned and that they can be jailed if they proceed with the harvest. The harvest and planting seasons vary across Afghanistan. In the Taliban heartland of southern Kandahar the harvesting has begun but in the east of the country some farmers are just beginning to plant their crop.

Taliban’s victory royale over the American troops gave way to herion to cease production.

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