On Killing, Dying, And Raping For Nicholas J. Fuentes

On Killing, Dying, And Raping For Nicholas J. Fuentes

I’m not a trusting person but I don’t think Nick Fuentes is a grifter. He believes everything he says he does. He does everything to not pander to his audience and instead do what he think is right in God’s eyes. I sometimes wonder how much you can really change politically and tend to agree with a lot of the Paul Townian line of thought to focus on yourself and your circle. I still do believe that as Christians we must try to save the sheep even at our detriment.

Nick is attacked by everyone on all sides all the time. The only reason they haven’t killed him is because that would make him a martyr. He is the only figure on the dissident right with a fanatical audience who is upholding White Christian values that has accomplished anything. He’s only 23 and he has held conferences with figures like Steven King, Jared Taylor, and recently MTG.

You can’t get more counterculture than following Nick Fuentes. I hate tha culture of America and this site is a product of working to counter it in a way that looks good and is effective. I describe this site as being America First but I don’t see it as all that political. I just do what I think is cool and fun. Retards that can kill themselves can call me cringe and gay. I’m Christian and Fuentes is the most successful true Christian figure since Father Coughlin. Not trying to contribute to that in some way would be wrong, not generally but for me.

There is a growing movement against Nick Fuentes and America First. This is a deliberate deradicalization and anti-white campaign. Everything about that side is weird and scummy. RPG, CWC, BPF, Kino Casino, TRS associates, and other actors base their entire online personality on being Anti-America First. Throughout March and April especially just about every streamer on Cozy.tv was swatted at least once.

These are enemies to God and the White race. There is no way they aren’t being assisted by a government agency is some way. It’s beyond political differences. It’s trolling without the reward. It’s wholly destructive to an objectively positive force.

Even if internet politics is not effective and Nick can’t achieve the goals he says he wants to. It’s still fun to support him just because of all the people that get so mad about Everything he does. Like a Trump 2016 figure in that way. The only options should be America First or do smth not really political. Working against AF or making something to substitute makes you an enemy.

To vow to kill, die, and rape for Fuentes means to vow to do anything to win.