No-Fly List Leaked

No-Fly List Leaked

The no-fly list should be public anyway.

From MSN:

The TSA’s no-fly list, containing the identities of known or suspected terrorists, has been discovered sitting on the public internet by a hacker who stumbled upon it when they were bored. 

Consisting of 1.5 million entries with names and birthdates, the document was found within a computer server hosted by regional Ohio-based airline CommuteAir under a text file plainly titled “No-Fly.csv.”

“TSA is aware of a potential cybersecurity incident, and we are investigating in coordination with our federal partners,” said TSA in a statement.

The Swiss hacker, who goes by maia arson crimew online, said she had been using Shodan at the time, a search-engine used by those in the cybersecurity community to locate servers exposed to the open internet.

She notified CommuteAir, and published the details of her discovery in a blog post titled “”how to completely own an airline in 3 easy steps,” describing the revelation as a “jackpot.”

Fren of the site Amerikaner had an interaction with the leaker on twitter:

The hacker is some sort of anarchist queer which is fine with me. As long as they aren’t attacking people like me and just focusing their energy on the government they’re an asset. If the no-fly list has been used against American dissidents like Nick Fuentes who else has wrongfully had their name on it? This is information that’s imperative for everyone in the country to know. Is anyone that disagrees loudly with the government banned from the sky or only those suspected of wanting to commit airborne terrorism? Has this list even saved any lives or is it just another way to punish dissenters? We need to know the answers to these questions ASAP, for democracy or whatever.


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