Justice has been served in the case of self professed Groyper leader Nick “the knife” Fuentes.

The man that leads a movement called America First is perceived by the US government to be too dangerous to be allowed on a plane. Nick has never been charged with a crime. This young Catholic spews his nationalist vitriol Monday through Friday at

Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

We talked to forty-five year old Debra Hutch, mother of a groyper. Debra told us in our correspondence what it was like finding out her seventeen year old daughter was involved in the America First movement.

“I had to borrow her computer to look up mask templates on Etsy when I saw that she had a site called bookmarked. So I decided to investigate further into what this Nick Fuentes guy is and turns out he’s a hateful white nationalist nazi.” She said through tears. “I went through [my Daughters] room and found a rosary under her pillow, a prayer journal, and a MAGA hat. As any mother would be, I was horrified and disgusted. How could I live in the same house with such a domestic terrorist? I did what any decent citizen would do and kicked her out. She’s been homeless for a little over two months now.”

We asked her if there were any signs that anything was wrong. “I knew something was up for a while now. She had started going to church. [Daughter’s name] completely stopped partying and spent more time studying. The most telling sign would be that she expressed wanting to settle down and having kids constantly. I didn’t know what to do, someone can just change like that, terrifies me.”

Debra is a noble and brave women for making such a difficult decision. I hope we all would do the same if we were in her situation.

Humanity Restored

I would much rather have a man in a kufis sit next to me on a flight to New York then this rascal. We should all be glad to have brave soldiers like Jared Holt or Megan Squire working tirelessly to put this dog down. I know I haven’t shown you why he’s such a bad dude, so you’re going to have to see for yourself:

Groyper breakfast? Sounds like a dog whistle to me. I have not analyzed the transcript thoroughly, I believe it’s just way too esoteric for me. Allegedly, you can support him through super chats on his show. His show again is at Monday through Friday.

Nah just kidding, this is awful. Please keep Nick Fuentes in your prayers. He’s really our only hope to help restore America. You could call him the new wave Tucker Carlson. He’s a true All American patriot. He is MAGA in true form. They are going after him hard right now but you are next.

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