More Ukrainian Soldiers Surrender to Glorious Russia While American Babies Starve

More Ukrainian Soldiers Surrender to Glorious Russia While American Babies Starve

From Reuters:

Nearly 700 more Ukrainian fighters surrendered at the Mariupol steelworks in the past 24 hours, Russia said on Wednesday, but leaders were reported to still be holed up inside, delaying the final end of Europe’s longest and bloodiest battle for decades.

Finland and Sweden meanwhile formally applied to join NATO, bringing about the very expansion that Russian President Vladimir Putin has long cited as one of his main reasons for launching the “special military operation” in February.  

How much longer does this have to go on? It’s so tedious. I can’t pretend to care much longer. Looks like we’re coming to the end of it. This is great for Russia as things weren’t looking so hot for a while. Hail Putin! Hail Russia! Hail Victory!

From Reuters:

President Joe Biden took steps on Wednesday to address the shortage of infant formula in the United States, invoking the Defense Production Act to help manufacturers obtain the ingredients needed to ramp up supply, the White House said.

Biden also directed U.S. agencies to use Defense Department commercial aircraft to bring formula into the United States from overseas.

Baby formula aisles at U.S. supermarkets have been decimated since top U.S. manufacturer Abbott Laboratories (ABT.N) in February recalled formulas after complaints of bacterial infections.

On Monday, Abbott said it had reached an agreement with the U.S. health regulator to resume production of baby formula at its Michigan plant, a major step toward resolving the nationwide shortage.

We wouldn’t need to feed babies powder if women just would take care of their body and breastfeed. What kind of country do we live in that we can’t feed babies? 


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