Monkeypox = AIDS 2, Total Homo Infection

Monkeypox = AIDS 2, Total Homo Infection

We need to get these queers under control, by any means necessary….

From AP News:

A leading adviser to the World Health Organization described the unprecedented outbreak of monkeypox in developed countries as “a random event” that appears to have been caused by sexual activity at two recent raves in Europe.

Dr. David Heymann, who formerly headed WHO’s emergencies department, told The Associated Press that the leading theory to explain the spread of the disease was sexual transmission at raves held in Spain and Belgium. Monkeypox has not previously triggered widespread outbreaks beyond Africa, where it is endemic in animals.

The homosexual problem is really not that big of a deal, it’s a symptom of the society. Like abortion and porn, homosexuality would not pervade in a White Christian America. We are living in a world where debauchery is so excessive new plagues are being created. This shows the sickness that is faggotry. It isn’t love is love it’s homegrown contagion from anal sex. There was an active campaign to normalize gay relationships and they purposefully avoided talk of STDs. The act of anal sex is satanic with life giving seed being shot into feal waste, the entire act is a hate crime to humanity.

The solution is to take all these queers and put in somewhere, probably in California, and keep them away from the rest of the population until they can stop being so gay. Or just keep them there forever.