Midterms Summarized

Midterms Summarized

“we are going to make our country better than ever before, we have that chance!”

-Donald Trump

Summer of hate is in full effect. Patriots are in control….

From The New York Times:

The race call for Ms. Lake, who campaigned on false claims of a stolen 2020 election to beat a rival supported by the state’s G.O.P. establishment, came two days after voting ended in Arizona. A conservative mayor won a Nashville-area House race.

Paul Gosar won. Joe Kent might lose. The influence of Nick Fuentes is felt through this election. This is one of many victories the dissident right has felt directly from the America First movement. It’s not unlikely that Kari Lake will be at AFPAC in the future. This midterm should be a huge whitepill. Just look at the influence we have on politics.