Message To Australia

Message To Australia

I expected this and thought it would’ve happened sooner.


Dear administrators,

The eSafety Commissioner is the Australian Government body responsible for the online safety of Australians. We received a complaint about harmful material available from at IP address [My IP]. The specific URL is:- The material depicts content related to the Christchurch terror attacks and includes depictions of murder by the perpetrators. The content is considered to advocate acts of terrorism. We are seeking your assistance in the removal of the content. The content is considered to be class 1 material under the Online Safety Act 2021 (Cth) for containing material that advocates terrorism and promotes crime and violence. We have the power to issue a removal notice for such material, however we are writing to you in the first instance to bring the content to your attention. If you need further information, please contact us in reply to this email.

eSafety Commissioner

You can read the manifesto and watch the video here:

Christchurch Shooting Manifesto + Video

It’s whatever I’m not worried about it. I don’t advocate for terrorism. I’m a racist incel messing around with my internet friends and I try to spread the good news.

Sorry Australian visitors if this results in RL getting blocked for you. Onion link here:



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