Make Me Do It.

Make Me Do It.

Even the news is trash now.

From BBC:

Police in Ottawa have detained two leaders of the trucker convoy in the Canadian capital as they move to break up the last stronghold of the protests against the nation’s Covid rules.

Tamara Lich was arrested on Thursday evening after Chris Barber was held, with both expected to be charged criminally, according to CBC News.

Authorities have already cleared other protests located at border crossings.

It comes days after Canada invoked an emergency law for the first time.

However, officers were not yet moving in force on the remaining demonstrators on Thursday night – although interim Ottawa Police Chief Steve Bell warned earlier that if “they do not peacefully leave, we have plans”.

Fuck the police. Police Chief Steve Bell is working against humanity and will have to answer for that some day. The leafs are being persecuted for rising up against the man. They’re fighting for freedom. This is 100% tyranny.

From CBS:

A judge in New York ruled Thursday that Donald Trump and two of his children, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump, can be deposed as part of a civil fraud investigation conducted by the New York Attorney General’s office.

Judge Arthur Engoron wrote that the Trumps’ fear that their depositions might end up being used in a parallel criminal investigation did not shield them from subpoenas.

“This argument completely misses the mark. Neither (the Attorney General) nor the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has subpoenaed (the Trumps) to appear before a grand jury,” Engoron wrote in his ruling.

They will never leave this man alone. It’s obvious that they’d kill him just for cheers from the crowd. I hope this is radicalizing him more. Making him realize that bending the knee won’t stop anything.

From CNN:

This week, 24-year-old model Sofia Jirau became the first person with Down syndrome to appear in a campaign for Victoria’s Secret.
The Puerto Rican model appeared alongside 17 other women to promote the new all-day-comfort Love Cloud collection, which the brand hopes will “reinforc(e) Victoria’s Secret’s commitment to welcoming and celebrating all women,” according to a press statement.
Poetic that our model for beauty is literally disabled.
I’d post the pics, but I don’t want to subject you to that shit. Feminine beauty is fat, brown, and retarded. This is disgusting and it’s everywhere.