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Misconceptions About the Blackpill

There are lots of misconceptions, even from within the Incel community about this topic. I am here to clear up some of these misconceptions.

The Blackpill is an ideology
The idea that blackpill is an ideology that we follow is incorrect. Incels don’t have a belief system and the members of the community come from many political and ethnic backgrounds. There are many disagreements within the community and anyone that has spent time around the community knows this.

The black pill is simply a grouping of simple truths about looks and dating that society as a whole tends to ignore. Incels Wiki explains this well in its Blackpill article.

For a more in-depth view of the blackpill, you can read the scientific blackpill article on Incels Wiki as well, as it does go into the stats and cites many studies that arrive at interesting conclusions. Even if you’re not a big fan of incels, it is hard to ignore the studies that support many incel theories.

The Blackpill is dangerous
There is nothing dangerous about the conclusions that reached in the blackpill. Again, people associate lots of bad stuff to the blackpill and sometimes refer to it as “cultish”, but all the blackpill is at the end of the day is theories and the data that support those theories. The blackpill doesn’t advocate for violence or say anything about violence at all.

Over the years, detractors and journalists have tried to stretch the meaning of blackpill to mean everything terrible about incels, but that is false. In the community, the blackpill has always had a simple definition, and that meaning has not changed. It has always been a group of theories supported by scientific data.

The Black Pill Philosophy Will Destroy Your Life
This is a title of video made by Bulldog Mindset, also known as Bluepilled Mindset to most incels.

I’m not going to give a play by play on what is in this video, but you can probably quickly figure out what was in this video. Bulldog acknowledges that some of the things we say are correct, but he falls back on the bluepill and says that looks don’t matter but personality does. Bulldog aligns with the PUA/Redpill community, so it’s not surprising to see this at all.

The blackpill won’t destroy your life. In fact, it has done the opposite for many of the people in the community. My life improved dramatically after researching and discovering the truths behind dating and female nature. We can now figure out ways to cope with our ugliness or looksmax if we choose to do so.

Going down this road can lead you down many great paths, too. Instead of focusing on the ELO-driven slot machines that are modern dating apps, we can either work on improving our looks or just opt-out of the whole game altogether. Both are valid options for men in the modern age.

Self-defeatist or Lay Down and Rot has been classed as dangerous by many academics and journalists, but we don’t see it that way. Giving up when you have no options would be the logical and sane thing to do. Some people don’t understand this, though.

There is lots of misinformation surrounding the blackpill. It is not misogynistic, defeatist, or dangerous as some people would like you to believe. People should do their own research and utilize their critical thinking skills before jumping to conclusions.

Incel: A Life Circumstance

What is an incel? An anti-incel consensus would have you believe that an incel is a person, typically male, who only harbours hate, racism, misogyny, and paedophilic tendencies. However, these stereotypes are far from the truth and are constructed as a masquerade of a new type of intolerance. These may be familiar words, but only because they have been repeated due to such stereotypes and hateful agendas.

Let’s clear this up. There may be a few differences as to what people believe on this blog for example, but this is much more accurate than the status quo idea of “incels are just hateful, misogynistic, racist nazis.” If you consider an incel to be any of these stereotypes, you are simply not talking about incels, but rather about entirely different issues and entirely different people… Of which we already have terms for.

My take on an incel is simply this: A person, who despite their best efforts (and yes, effort should be made, otherwise it would not be involuntary) cannot obtain genuine, romantic and/or sexual relationships. Nothing more.

Many people like to claim that no effort needs to be made, conveniently ignoring all the accounts where effort is indeed made. It is also the case that when generic, useless advice is given and fails, such as “take a shower”, “have a haircut”, “just be yourself”, “be confident” and so on, people then resort to personal attacks of character without even knowing the person, the age old Ad Hominem. Mere assumptions are put forward, often because people don’t want their own ego to be shattered in lieu of their own advice.

Society in general actually does note that looks, neurotypicality, wealth, and power, etc, do make a difference. This isn’t new. It’s referenced and displayed in all forms of media spanning back generations. The “Ugly Duckling,” or Rudolph: Both old tales of the “weird looking” being who is an outcast. Ignoring those “ugly laws” that have existed throughout history, outcast members of a group have been observable in many species; not just humans, and to consider humans any different would be denying a basic tenet of animal behaviour. It’s only a problem when people like us – incels – who are negatively affected, mention it. (How dare we not learn our place?)

Does inceldom equal terrorist? Of course not. Most terrorists, misogynists, racists, paedophiles, or whatever stereotype one may want to label incels as exist in abundance as non-incels. I don’t see non-incels generalised the same way incels are however. It seems that any incel that doesn’t fit a stereotype is either ignored, or portrayed and assumed to be or seem such a way, whether it be through fabrication or ignorance.

A life circumstance does not make anyone any of the typical stereotypes that one may think of incels. If one chooses to believe it does, then it is addressing an entirely different issue, while using the underdog as an easy target, while letting the biggest perpetrators get away with it. To vilify incels because a vocal minority harbours hate is disingenuous. Tell me you’ve never harboured hate before… And show me that non-incels have never harboured much worse.

Most incels are just the guys we all know. The guys that people like, but just don’t quite cut it in terms of being viable. The age old “I wish I had a boyfriend ‘like’ you.” Incels aren’t new, incels of the past were just labelled as nerds, geeks, dorks, etc. The outcasts of society. Those that were given little in way of social acceptance. If one dislikes the existence of incels, the solution is not to hate them, as is the typical approach. But rather to show compassion. Not fake, but real compassion. Allow such people to be considered human.

Incels don’t choose inceldom. Nobody hates inceldom more than incels. To claim it is a choice, or that they want to be incel, is a massive oversight and an ignorant placement of blame which barely matches the actual reason one may join an incel community. However, most incels don’t join incel communities. For a society that likes to think that it has compassion, empathy, and understanding, society sure does have a hard time demonstrating it, unless it feeds the virtuous ego of the hateful individual… And if that last sentence offended you, perhaps it’s food for thought?

Hyposuitor: The Group You Didn’t Know You Belonged To

Words are important. They help us articulate how we’re feeling and what we’re experiencing so that others can help understand us. When someone hears the word “incel” we want them to understand the meaning it represents. The incel category is so specific that many people have impassioned opinions about who is allowed to belong to this group. If an incel finds love once and only once for one year of his life, was he no longer an incel for that time? Are incels always male? Were those who have ascended the incel condition ever true incels to begin with?

An additional term is needed to encapsulate the incel experience. Most of us understand being an incel as a condition with a very specific set of criteria. While the standards for this criterion is objective, everyone seems to agree that the condition requires the person to be undatable and disregarded in the romantic and sexual marketplace. This is where the term hyposuitor comes in. A hyposuitor is any person with romantic advances that have been unanimously disparaged or eliminated by potential partners.

Hyposuitors encompass a wider range of individuals that apply to incels and also individuals that may not consider themselves to be incels or unaware that the term even exists. A hyposuitor that finds a romantic partner will remain a hyposuitor and continue to struggle to find love if he or she becomes single again. A woman that finds occasional sexual success but finds herself constantly rejected when looking for a committed relationship would be a hyposuitor.

Incels are unique hyposuitors because their obstacle to finding a romantic partner begins at step #1 when trying to establish themselves in the dating market. The complication is often broader than dating because an undesirable personality, physical disparity, or mental condition can cause friends, family, and coworkers to discriminate against them for often immutable characteristics.

A suitor is generally understood to be a man who courts a woman in order to pursue a relationship with her. This woman in question would be referred to as a suitress, but the word has atrophied in modern English. It stands to reason to keep the term hyposuitor gender neutral for the sake of simplicity and also to understand that the term is not an antonym for suitor. This line of thinking logically leads us to consider the type of individual that would be considered a hypersuitor on the opposite end of the suitor spectrum. Although, it would be a mistake to think this is where we would describe a Chad or Stacy. A hypersuitor is the hyposuitor’s true opposite, an individual with romantic advances that have been unanimously accepted and approved by potential partners.

The etymology of the term incel as an involuntary celibate incorrectly implies that a single sexual experience alone is the antidote for this condition or that incels only care about sexual access. The incel condition can not be solved with something as superficial as prostitution. Incels frequently have desires for a romantic relationship that expands far beyond sex alone. When people assume incels believe they are entitled to sex they are focusing on the wrong aspect of the incel condition. Incels want to be admired and cherished by a partner that loves them for who they are, something many people take for granted as a given part of life.

If we understand that incels are hyposuitors we can start to see the systemic implications of this condition. For every male incel that can’t find a partner there is a female opposite is also without a romantic relationship. Perhaps she is endlessly cycling through tinder dates, trapped in a relationship with a man who will never commit himself to her, or perhaps single and forever alone. Marriage rates are decreasing, and younger generations find it harder and harder to create meaningful relationships in a world of technology that was supposed to help build these connections with ease and haste.

An increase in hyposuitors is a societal problem, not limited to incels alone. We should see incels as the canary in the coal mine and begin to understand that if we don’t search for solutions to alleviate their condition then it will continue to expand and afflict more people we never would have assumed would represent the hyposuitor category. Perhaps being able to accurately describe the word that helps us understand the condition incels suffer from is a solid step in the right direction.

The OnlyFans Problem: The Exploitation of Lonely Men

Something that is seldom spoken about is the exploitation of lonely men by women online looking to make money. Some women have realized that they can make money by selling pictures of their bodies online, and they capitalized off that. The rise of OnlyFans highlights this problem.

Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. It is nothing new.

However, the internet changed prostitution forever with the Adult industry and internet pornography. Everyone has access to porn just within a single search. You could Google whatever fetish you were into and get millions of results.

“I google big boob and get 2 billion results.”

The internet quickly evolved, and the Adult industry grew with it, made even more comfortable with porn tube sites. Sites like ManyVids, where people can sell their own porn videos, have existed for years but have had a limited audience until recently.

A Simple Start

OnlyFans, founded in 2016, was initially created to be just like Patreon. A person could subscribe to a content creator for a set amount of money and get access to their videos and pictures. This is not the reason why OnlyFans has grown up so quickly, though.

They really do think that sex work is “hard work”

Do you remember “ThotAudit” on Twitter? Before e-whores used OnlyFans, they used Twitter and listed their payment methods for people to send them money in exchange for explicit pictures or video. Their Paypal emails and Cash App handles were often listed on their Twitter accounts. Many payment processors didn’t allow their services to be used to sell Adult content, and many people, including myself, reported these women for violating these payment processors Terms of Service.

This article shows that Paypal and many other payment processors will not support the sale of adult content.

The Rise Of OnlyFans

This is where OnlyFans comes in. Many payment processors don’t allow the selling of Adult content, but OnlyFans allowed it. OnlyFans allows anyone to sign up and sell their pictures, explicit or not. Sex workers took this opportunity to create OnlyFans accounts to streamline the process of selling their nude photos and videos online.

The login to Tutorial Island mode.

In a society that many men struggle to get dates and the bar to obtaining intimacy are high due to women’s unreasonably high standards, OnlyFans and other similar services only add fuel to the fire. As these women thrive on men’s failures, they routinely mock the very people that give them money. They don’t care about their customers; They only cared about the money.

When incels call this out, we get mocked, ridiculed, and shamed for it. The current culture doesn’t allow criticism of “Sex Workers” or women in general, but there is lots of valid criticism to go around on both subjects.

Bella Thorne: OnlyFans destroyer

Around the end of August, Bella Throne made an OnlyFans account and made 1 million dollars in 1 day. She charged $20 per subscription. She followed this up by making 2 million dollars in a single week.

The controversy began when she sold a (not) nude PPV photo for $200 a pop. She insinuated that it would be a fully nude photo and the simps bought into it. A tweet was made by Bella Throne on August 26th confirms that she never sent any nude photos:

Once the simps realized that they have been allegedly baited and switched, they started charging back en masse. These chargebacks must have caused problems for OnlyFans, which never publicly acknowledged that they changed their policies because of Bella’s stunt. Their new guidelines are as follows:

  • PPV messages are capped at $50 and tips at $100
  • Many creators have to wait a month to withdraw their funds

Despite not sending out any nude photos, she made over 2 million dollars. Many of the photos on her OnlyFans are just reposts of Instagram photos, too. She didn’t lift a finger and she made millions of dollars for being a celebrity woman on OnlyFans. She also ruined OnlyFans for many other women, which is also pretty based in my book.

Between the angry simps that didn’t get any nudes for $200 and the OnlyFans women crying about how Bella ruined OnlyFans, most of us are pretty happy with the result. If her goal was to ruin it for every woman that sought to exploit men on OnlyFans, then she succeeded.

In Closing

Women sought to exploit men out of their money, as is their nature. Many of these women got a reality check when a celebrity came in, and ruined it for them. You should feel no sympathy for these women because they only see most of us as walking dollar signs, not people. They openly have disdain for their customers and many of them don’t believe it or refuse to.

My message to the simps out there: They don’t care about you. Stop giving them your money and your attention because they thrive on it.

Your Value and Dignity as a Human Being

Each and every precious soul has equal value and great worth in the eyes of God. If you prefer a more secular example, the United Nations has a Universal Declaration of Human Rights that states in Article 1, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” This is a concept we may all understand, but the world is filled with noise and distractions that make this easy to forget. When we can look in the mirror and see every flaw, or even close our eyes and still remember so many past mistakes, it can be difficult to remember what is great about us and how much value we really have.

In many ways life is a game of chance. Poker seems to especially reflect the relationship between control and chaos we face throughout our lives. We have absolutely no control over the hand we’re dealt, as much as we would love to have a royal flush going into every game, it seldom works this way for anyone. Sometimes we get lucky but often we’re trying to do our best with very little to work with. One exciting aspect of poker is how someone with nothing but trash cards can bluff their way to victory over someone that is holding a full house. This is because players can’t see each other’s cards and so they must respect each other as if they are holding something dangerous. If your opponent doesn’t know the value of your cards then it makes them hesitant to raise their bet, and when the moment of truth arrives without any clear way to discern what you’re holding they will ultimately be forced to fold.

Just as one poker player can’t tell what tactics are being considered by another, no one else can tell you what your value is. You are not the cards in this example, you are the player holding them. The cards are your circumstance in life, be it great or unfortunate, and some of us will often have to bluff our way to victory but that reflects on the talent of the player or the value of the individual person. As you read the words that I’ve written here I have absolutely no idea what cards you’re holding. I don’t know what your voice sounds like, how tall you are, or even if you are an incel. Maybe you don’t know how to define yourself, perhaps you are a concerned relative trying to understand this topic, or possibly even someone from the future that wasn’t born when these words were written. I don’t know anything about you, and I must speak to you with a generalized respect and dignity that I would apply to anyone.

It is important that we don’t let the opinions of others define who we are. That endowed worth comes from within and should never be diminished by the critical views and harsh judgements of others. The irony is that when someone insults you and tries to claim that you hold little value, they are applying a subjective viewpoint to themselves and implying that if the cards were dealt differently then they might not have any respect for themselves either. The value of human life and dignity does not change, a newborn baby has a precious quality that can’t be chipped away by finding his or her own way in the world. As we all grow older our experience helps to guide us and it becomes easier to see that what felt like personal battles end up being common struggles that we share with so many others like us.

In the end our bodies all return to dust and it seems ridiculous to have anyone make the claim that their dust will end up being better than your dust. While we’re living, we can make sure we always know how to play the game so that we’re able to handle our situation each time the cards are dealt. If we’re wise, we’ll know that our fellow players might always be holding something serious and we should be given that same respect. Hold yourself in great esteem and know that it would be foolish for your opponents to see you any other way. If you have an appreciation for my initial religious perspective at the start, my personal viewpoint is that God will always judge us all by the same standard in the end.


Pickup Artists Mislead and Create Dangerous Men

The concept of seducing and pickup artists isn’t anything new. The art of seducing women is a tale as old as time. 8,000 years ago 17 women reproduced for every one man, according to the Pacific Standard. This suggests that men not being able to find a partner has been a problem for a long time, contrary to the belief that inceldom is a modern problem.

What is a Pickup Artist?

A pickup artist is a person that believes that using “game,” such as seduction techniques and a decent understanding of psychology, to get women. They also believe that their confidence, self-esteem, and social skills are getting them women, while downplaying physical attributes such as facial features and height. Many of them argue that looks don’t matter and that having “game” and “putting in the work” will get you women.

The Lies, Deception, and Deceit

Modern pickup artists and dating coaches prey on young men that are 18-30 years old that struggle with dating. As the number of incels has sharply increased due to the advent of dating applications such as Tinder and Bumble, these predators have an ever-growing pool of men on which to prey on.

From selling guides to pick up women for $49 to courses costing $797 dollars for “Body Language Mastery 3.0” listed on Modern Life Dating website, these con-artists use your failings and shortcomings to make their money. They have no problem lying to your face if it means a few hundred more dollars in their pocket.

There are sprinkled truths within a sea of lies that is pickup artistry. They will acknowledge that looks matter, but then say that you can make up for it in “game” or “confidence”. They will agree with you and acknowledge the glaring unfixable problems, but then sell you a lie wrapped in a pretty package.

Pickup artists do not want you to get to the truth, at least not before giving them thousands of your hard-earned money first. Not only are they siphoning money from men in exchange for freely available information, but they are also wasting the time of these men and making them angry and frustrated in the process.

They Never Show Proof That Their Advice Works

These dating coaches will never show the receipts that their courses or techniques work at all. The people that sell their coaching and tactics usually either don’t have a partner or have a wife, but they were a single mother or unattractive.

They don’t practice what they preach. They hide their private lives from plain view and put on a persona that they are successful and rich, but they never can show the proof that they have what they claim they have.

I’m all for anonymity and maintaining that when possible, but when you’re selling courses for hundreds of dollars or guides for $50 apiece, you better show that you’ve had some kind of success with the product that you’re selling.

When there’s alleged evidence out there that puts into question the legitimacy of your products, that’s a major red flag and a sign that the product that you’re selling isn’t legitimate.

Pickup Artists Create Dangerous Men

By creating products designed to extract money from men while feeding those men misinformation and lies in the process, they are creating dangerous and frustrated men that could lash out at society violently and kill many people in the process.

To see this, we only need to look to Elliot Rodger. When Elliot bought into the PUA scam and found out that it was all a lie, he lashed out. A combination of false information from PUAs and Dating Coaches and the absence of any purpose in life led to Elliot Rodger doing what he did.

That’s why it’s so important to inform these men of the truth so they can make informed decisions about their lives. Teaching these men about the blackpill early in their development can allow them to make changes early and allow them to looksmax to their fullest potential.

The truth is unprofitable and unpopular, but it will ultimately set you free and allow you to think freely.

The Conclusion

By now, I have explained the main reasons why these pickup artists and dating coaches are a complete scam and not worth your time or money. Not only do they not care about you, but they also don’t care about men in general.

They play up a persona on their public social media accounts and on Youtube, but they can’t show the proof that their product works and they don’t practice what they preach. They spend lots of time trash-talking incels and the blackpill while selling a lie to their followers. Not only do their courses or guides not work, but they also create angry, violent and frustrated men.

Don’t fall for their lies. Do your research on these people and make sure that you know what you are buying. Most of the information they are selling is available on the internet for free if you want access to it.

Joe Biden Would Be a Terrible President for Incels

If what has been promised and proposed by Joe Biden comes to fruition, a Joe Biden presidency will be terrible for incels. By undoing the Title IX rule from the previous administration that ensures due process for the men that are accused of sexual harassment on college campuses, to forming a task force to “end violence against women,” this is quickly shaping up to be a bad time for most men.

The results from the presidential election show that Joe Biden is on track to be the next president of the United States. The results of this election have been contested. From accusations of election fraud to voting irregularities, anything could happen. We will not be digging into that in this article.

Title IX Reversal

Title IX is a federal civil rights law that was passed as part of the Education Amendments of 1972.

Fast forward to 2011, to when the Dear Colleague Letter, now rescinded, was sent out to colleges that receive federal money to instruct them to set a lower bar for the burden of proof for the cases that come forth in the Title IX tribunal for sexual misconduct. This caused many men to be convicted and expelled out of colleges and universities with much less evidence than would be required by a criminal court, and with more doubt surrounding their situations.

On May 6th, 2020, the Trump administration rescinded this letter. It reinstated the old interpretation that allows a due process for the accused and has a higher standard for evidence, prompting feminists and the legacy media to complain that survivors and victims would not come forward.

A Biden administration would reinterpret these rules again and revert them back to how they were in 2011. Title IX has been used by women to falsely accuse men of sexual misconduct and ruin their lives in the process countless times. There is usually no recourse for these men either. Once convicted, they are suspended or expelled.

Not only do men have to worry about being expelled from their university or college for no reason, but they also are actively being pushed out of them in favor of women. There are few scholarships for men, but hundreds for women. There are many college programs like Women’s Health Centers that cater exclusively to women, but nothing like that for men. It is no secret that women now outnumber men in college.

An “Incel” Task Force

On Joe Biden’s campaign website, there is a page that is titled “The Biden Plan To End Violence Against Women

This page outlines and details the plans for a Biden administration to tackle violence against women.

At first, this page looks like a typical politician’s empty promises page full of wishful thinking, and lip service for those that believe in those empty promises, but there’s a couple of paragraphs that details a “National Task Force on Online Harassment and Abuse” for harassment and “the connection between harassment, mass shootings, extremism, and violence against women.”

This sounds like a roundabout way to refer to incels by anything other than the name.

If this task force materializes, we will see censorship of incels in all forms. From social media shadowbanning and suspensions to more takedown attempts of incel forums, we are looking at a possible real threat to our survival online.

Another concerning part of this page is the paragraph that follows:

Funding will be indirectly allocated to fund more law enforcement monitoring of incels online, which is very concerning and scary. As you read further down into the paragraph, you will see the mention of “investigating and prosecuting online sexual harassment,” which has an expansive definition.

As with most campaign promises, this one will probably not materialize into anything but it’s always good to be cautious and on alert for stuff like this from politicians.


As I have stated before, these campaign promises may not actually materialize. It is important to be informed about these issues. Even if you don’t live in the United States, any changes to the internet will have a profound impact everywhere else, too. I’m not a big fan of talking politics on a blog for incels, but I do feel that this was a very important topic to discuss. In closing, Joe Biden would be a terrible president for incels and will make our lives worse than what they already are.

The Betrayal of Former Incels

Iam Carkudo, former moderator of /r/incels on Reddit and former wizard, having reached 30 years old a virgin. Today, it has been a few years since I ascended and married (although I am now divorced)., but I remain equally blackpilled and sympathetic to incels.

This post is meant both as a reply to Todd Z. after his appearance on episode 46 of the Incel Project podcast, and an indictment of many former incels in general. It’s not meant to be hostile but hopefully can start some conversations.

In his appearance on Naama Kates’ podcast, Todd Z. represents the very typical former incel, or fakecel, life story. He used to put himself down a lot, didn’t believe in himself, even called himself a Grotesque Subhuman, and of course identified as an incel. But then certain events and connections in Todd’s life spurred him to try self-improvement, which led to a positive experience with a woman, which in turn improved his confidence, and now Todd finds himself able to date, flirt with women, have sex, etc. His takeaway from this? “If I can do it, other incels can too”

In his appearance, Todd also condemns incels’ online communities for their negativity. He never quite states it directly, but it seems like he believes they should either be censored, deleted or otherwise have their negativity curtailed. Why? Well, because he believes they are harmful to men for whom it’s not over. And therein lies the betrayal.

Before I move to discuss the betrayal itself, let me devote a few sentences to my own story as a former incel – just to contrast it with that of Todd and other fakecels. Throughout most of my life, I was a hardcore incel – being ugly AND androgynous means women tend to detest me. – the first half of my twenties was spent in feverish attempts to improve myself, which as you can imagine led to nothing. The second half was spent in depression and wallowing. I became a wizard – a 30-year-old virgin. Eventually, though, by pure coincidence, I met my unicorn – a woman with tastes so unique that she genuinely found me physically attractive. We had sex, built a great relationship, and eventually got married. Just like Todd, I ascended. UNLIKE Todd, my life did not take a dramatic turn after that – I still struggle with my physical issues, women still detest and avoid me.

Todd and other fakecels believe there are many men like him in incel communities – men who just need to put in a bit of effort for their interactions with women to dramatically improve. He accuses incel communities of harming such men with negativity – supposedly, they’re less likely to take those necessary steps to improve themselves if they keep reading blackpill content. I’m agnostic as to whether any of it is true or not. Maybe it is – but why do actual incels have a duty to protect fakecels from the blackpill?

When he identified as an incel, someone for whom it’s over, Todd did not have a problem with blackpilled content. He began to have a problem with it only after he suddenly found himself on the other side – the side of normal men, men who just need to put in some effort. Men who ideally shouldn’t be in incel communities at all. Instead of recognizing that he had wrongly assessed his attractiveness and came to the wrong place, Todd instead acts as if it’s the incels that had some sort of duty to inform him of that. That it’s not his own mistake but their deception, their deliberate toxicity. And that’s the betrayal – instead of quietly leaving and enjoying his success, he lashes out at his former comrades and demands that they, in their own communities, prioritize the needs of men like him.

Are there fakecels in incels communities? There are. But there are also actual incels – men who cannot become conventionally attractive and who cannot hope to meet a partner barring a one in a billion miracle of the kind that happened to me. Generally, I believe that incel communities exist for the benefit of the latter. After all, fakecels like Todd are just men who struggle with dating… which is a very normal experience. If he wants communities for such men, plenty are available – redpill, bluepill, no pill, whatever. Someone who wants to discuss the normal struggles of finding a romantic partner has the entire internet at their disposal. A true incel who, unlike Todd, gets absolutely nothing, has only incel spaces to turn to. Why then should he limit himself just to protect more advantaged men from harming themselves? There is no justification for that. The only reason fakecels demand an end to blackpill negativity is that they view their needs as more important than the needs of incels. It’s pure tribalism: “they (the incels) should stop doing what they’re doing because that would be convenient to us (the fakecels)”

I believe that incels have no such duty towards anyone. Todd’s failure to recognize that it’s not over for him is just that – his own set of misaimed views, for which only he is responsible. And true incels deserve to have their own spaces in which they can express the feelings, negative or not, associated with their condition.

Why You Should Never Use Tinder as an Unattractive Man

The rise of modern dating apps such as Tinder has pioneered a momentous shift in how many people date. According to Stanford, meeting online has become the most popular way that US couples connect. This only becomes more true in the era of COVID-19 quarantines and lockdowns.

However, if you’re an unattractive man, these apps are a total waste of time. They are specifically designed to extract money from men that lost the genetic lottery. The vast majority of the money they make comes from men that believe that they can somehow “game” the system and get matches. The reality as a man on Dating apps is that unless you’re attractive, you’re not going to be messaged or get many matches, if at all.

The Tinder Algorithm

Enter: The Tinder Algorithm, which will punish you for almost everything, even things that you have no control over. The algorithm will rank you by 4 major factors: Swipe rate (popularity), swipe quantity, by how active you are, and paid promotion.

A higher rank means that you’ll be shown first to women and having a lower rank means that you may not be shown to woman as often or at all. In some cases, you may even be shadowbanned and not shown to anyone at all!

Your swipe rate (popularity) is the number of times people swipe right on you compared to the number of times they swipe left on you. If you have a 1 to 1 ratio, with almost the same amount of right and left swipes on you, your profile is “popular” and you will be shown first. If more people swipe left on you than right, you will rank lower.

Your swipe quantity is the number of times you swipe right compared to swiping left. Swiping right on every woman is a strategy that is usually recommended by “dating coaches” and other people that are not familiar with the algorithm, but it leads to your profile ranking lower and could even cause you to be shadowbanned entirely.

Your activity is determined by how often you use the app to send messages or swipe. More activity means that your profile will be placed higher compared to those that are not active.

Paid promotion is when you purchase a subscription service like Tinder Gold. Being a paying customer will allow your profile to be ranked higher, although it is unknown if paying for anything on Tinder will actually increase your rank.

The factors above determine how well you do and will mostly decide whether you do well on Tinder or not. As expected, the good-looking men will get all of the matches, and average-looking and ugly men will be left with little or no matches.

The Unconformable Truths

Dating apps like TInder manipulate male visibility to promote hypergamy. This helps them maximize their revenue by keeping unattractive men frustrated and paying for their services to boost their revenue.

Journalists from the French newspaper Le Monde performed a dating experiment on Tinder using an average-looking man and woman, finding that the average match rate for women was 50% and for men only 2%. This not only confirms what we have seen in multiple Tinder experiments done by those in the community but validates the blackpill philosophy in other ways too.

…the bottom 50% of men are almost completely invisible on Hinge and quite possibly on all other dating apps, too.

There’s no denying the fact that attractive men get the most attention in online dating, but the data shows that the top 10% of men get 58% of women’s likes in online dating. The data comes from Hinge, which is a well-known and popular dating app that allows you to filter out people based on height, which is now a premium feature, and ethnicity, among other factors.

The Hinge data also shows that 95.7% of women’s likes go to the top 50% of men, which means that the bottom 50% of men are almost completely invisible on Hinge and quite possibly on all other dating apps, too.

The American Psychological Association reported lower self-esteem in male users using Tinder in research presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association in 2016. The researchers warned that these self-esteem issues may not be caused by the app, but the warning doesn’t seem to be backed by any supporting data.

Coupled with the data above and the conclusion of this study, the reason becomes clear for the lower self-esteem in men using the app: Little or no matches.

An article from the Daily Mail states that most people swipe right on dating apps based solely on looks and race, and that most of these decisions are made in less than a second. Everything apart from race and attractiveness becomes irrelevant when it comes to making these decisions as well.

The article also states that profiles of users of color were rejected more often than those of white users, which validates JBW theory. JBW theory states that being caucasian gives you an advantage in dating over other men, as it is highly favored in dating.


Dating as an average or below average man in the modern age of dating apps is becoming harder by the year. Even if you end up getting a few matches, you’re still competing against many other men over a small pool of women.

Considering the data above, the best thing a man can do is to find out their own facial attraction rating and deciding if looksmaxxing would be right for you.

An average-looking man could benefit from plastic surgery. They may also benefit from doing soft looksmaxxing techniques such as going to the gym, wearing trendy and well-fitting clothing, or getting a stylish haircut.

Physical traits such as height or face are things that can not be changed, and they matter the most when it comes to online dating.

Unattractive men have little to no hope in their situations changing, especially since women are becoming more selective over time. As dating apps like Tinder evolve, more and more men will be shut out of the dating market entirely.

Women Discriminate against Short Men in Dating

Being short as a man will have a detrimental effect on your chances of getting into a relationship with a woman. Height is an immutable characteristic, something that can’t be changed, yet it is something that can singularly affect almost everything you do. Your height as a man has a huge effect on not just dating, but on job prospects and promotions as well. This article will only focus on a man’s height when it comes to dating.

Height Matters, A lot

A man’s height determines his dating pool. Over 94% of women will reject men for being “too short”. A sample of over 5,000 North American speed-daters was used in this study. The results of this study can be summarized as follows:

  • 90% of women will reject a man who is 5’4 based solely on his height.
  • 65% of women will reject a man who is 5’7 based solely on his height.
  • 50% of women will reject a man who is 5’8 based solely on his height.

The average height in the US is 5’9, so these results will not affect the average man if they are at least 5’9. Shorter men will feel the brunt of these rejections solely based on their height. Short men in the incel community are often referred to as manlets or shortcels.

From the data above, any man that is not of the average height of at least 5’9 will not be considered by at least 50% of women based on height ALONE. The chart below shows the statistics when it comes to height in this study:

The ideal height range according to this chart would be 5’10 to 6’4. Any taller, and you’re considered too tall, and if you’re not tall enough, then your dating pool reduces drastically per inch of height from the ideal height. The chart also shows that there is an ideal shared by most women in the study, 6 feet tall.

Stulp conducted another study regarding the preferences for height in a romantic partner. This study concluded that women want taller men more than men want shorter women. It was found that women and men disagreed on the ‘ideal’ height difference between partners in heterosexual relationships.

Any man that is not of the average height of at least 5’9 will not be considered by at least 50% of women based on height ALONE.

Women were far more restrictive with their minimum height requirements, and most women agreed on the ideal height of a man. Shorter women had strong preferences for very tall men, therefore limiting the partnership options for short men.

Finally, in a survey of over 1,000 Americans using Amazon’s mTurk platform, it was found that at least 24% of men under 5’9″ would undergo surgery costing 31% of their life savings to be taller. Some of the primary findings of this survey are as follows:

  • Both men and women said the ideal male height is 6′ tall.
  • Taller men reported they felt they were funnier, more desirable, more confident, more attractive, and more satisfied with their sex lives than shorter men.
  • Short height was associated with feelings of being less masculine—48% of men under 5’5″ felt less masculine due to their height.
  • Taller men were significantly more likely to feel they were successful in their careers and make the salaries they deserved.

Mental Health Effects

Being short as a man can have many detrimental effects on your health and well-being beyond dating.

Short students are more likely to be bullied in school. They tend to be bullied more often than other students are more upset when they are bullied. These short students also report a degree of social isolation.

Short men are more likely to experience premature hair loss. A study examined the genomes of thousands of men, roughly half of whom had gone bald well before they turned 50 years old. The researchers also found overlaps in balding men for a number of other illnesses, too.

Short men also have twice the suicide rate of tall men. The study suggests several reasons for this difference. It notes that shorter men tend to end up with a lower socioeconomic status as they grow up, irrespective of their childhood social class.

As women judge shorter men negatively, they are therefore less likely to marry, which generally protects against suicide. An association between shorter height and a higher risk of substance abuse was also found. This tells us that the quality of life as a short man is much lower than that of a man that is tall.


We can conclude with the data above that shorter men are less desirable to women when it comes to dating and relationships. Not only that, but they are more likely to experience more bullying in school compared to taller men.

They are also 2 times as likely to commit suicide compared to taller men. Not only do shorter men face a major disadvantage when it comes to dating, but they also struggle in other areas, such as job discrimination.

Heightism, discrimination based on height, happens often and it is often overlooked and ignored. Many people can’t grasp the concept of being discriminated against for immutable traits, but it happens all the time. We make subconscious height-based comparisons, and most of the time we don’t realize it.