Let It All Fall

Let It All Fall

From Politico:

The rest of the world might not allow it. But Joe Biden wants to return his focus to matters happening at home.

With the war in Ukraine entering its second month and continuing to dominate global headlines, White House allies are expressing concern that voters may see the president as more consumed by international affairs than domestic ones.

The White House itself is keenly aware that voters’ perceptions about the economy are still likely to determine the outcome of November’s midterm elections. And as they warily watch the president’s poor poll numbers, two senior administration officials said a concerted effort is being launched to reemphasize to Americans that the president understands their pain and is trying to help.

 America is hell 24/7 and Ukraine has been the main concern for months. I think we should put everything into Ukraine and have Russia take it over and let America lose power.

From Axios:

The Transportation Security Administration will stop enforcing the Biden administration’s rule mandating masks on planes, trains and other forms of public transportation, an administration official said on Monday.

Driving the news: The move comes after a federal judge in Florida on Monday struck down the mandate.

  • U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention exceeded its statutory authority and failed to properly justify its decision.
  • The suit was initially filed last July by the Health Freedom Defense Fund, as well as two other individuals.
  • According to the ruling, the Health Freedom Defense Fund is “a non-profit organization that ‘opposes laws and regulations that force individuals to submit to the administration of medical products, procedures, and devices against their will.'”
  • “Because ‘our system does not permit agencies to act unlawfully even in pursuit of desirable ends,’ the Court declares unlawful and vacates the Mask Mandate,” the ruling said.

This doesn’t mean anything. Covid will be back soon. Does this impact your life? It’s been 2 years and now TSA is saying they’ll stop enforcing masks. Everyone still obeyed and submitted to wearing it on flight. You already lost.

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