John Doyle Attacks Zoomers(?)

John Doyle Attacks Zoomers(?)

The communist image attached to this article is in reference to John Doyle’s show, Heck Off Commie. Since I oppose him and his brand is hating commies, I am putting myself into the shoes of a communist aesthetically.

If radical sweeping change can’t happen now, why would it slowly happen over the next 6 decades? We conceded every step of the way to the left over the last century and especially over the last couple of years, the left hasn’t bent the knee to us at all.

Were the hippies playing it safe when they were burning bras and making communes? No they said and did what they wanted and what they thought was true. They were blunt and exciting. Now they rule the world.

The real lesson from those alt-right years was to have a real movement with a real leader. Doyle had the lame normie conservative presentation down and almost said a lot of the right stuff. Now he’s just a cuck at best and controlled op at worst.

None of these fags need to call out Jews, hate women, or love white power to be useful to us. It’s when they attack or directly counter-signal Nick that there’s a problem. You can see this with Mister Metokur, Bronze Age Pervert, and now Doyle. Nobody had beef until one side got uppity.

All three of these individuals took the culture from low follower incels on twitter and raped it. They were applauded and made rich doing so. What they deserve is to be forgotten forever.

John is the guy boomers can point to and say “at least some of the youth isn’t lost”. That’s who Doyle wants to be because that’s the most profitable avenue. Being real and not caring about others think isn’t going to make you millions. Saying blacks are annoying and Jews have ruined everything doesn’t get a boomer going. But it is exciting and the truth.

This is true revolution.


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tim apple

cope. commie-lover