Jews Try To Start Campaign To Slander Nick Fuentes As A Federal Asset

Jews Try To Start Campaign To Slander Nick Fuentes As A Federal Asset

These people should be punished to the fullest extent of the law for lying about a young White Christian leader like this.

Read the full article here. It’s so long and badly written. The goal of the article is to paint Fuentes as federal controlled opposition. Broadly suggesting that the entire YE24 campaign is a psyop to destroy the MAGA movement. MAGA is actually being destroyed by cowards who are scared to tell the truth.

As for accusations he’s controlled opposition?

“The idea that my function is to make everyone look bad is shackled thinking,” Fuentes argued. “You are a liberal and you are allowing bad faith regime media to set the frame. This insinuation that I’m a bad actor because I get bad press is house-slave mentality. You’re victim blaming Django.”

It’s true. We need radical revolutionaries. We need people that will fight for our interests. The only one doing so is Nick. If he makes the republican party look bad and lose forever I don’t care. I am not a republican. I am a Pro-White Christian. Whatever gets Pro-White Christians in power I’m for. The republican party isn’t doing that and is actually working against us. They are cool with gay marriage and Israel. I hope they all go to jail forever because they are working against my values. It’s that simple.

Were Christian martyrs working for Nero because he had them killed? That’s essentially what they are saying here. Nick has been banned from everything and robbed by the government. It’s not a serious claim to call Fuentes a federal asset and to assert anything of the sort is suspicious in itself.

Someone is specifically paying influencers to push this fed Fuentes narrative. Read the instructions sent out by “influenceable” below:


Ben Geller is a TPUSA ambassador and he was the first to jump on this. This guy is a Jewish gay pedo. Known to use grindr and social media to prey on young conservative men. Here’s a phone number from his website where he advertises his New York campaign: (845) 486-2100. Ask him why he thinks it’s ok for a gay pedo to be in a position of authority. Unless there’s some sort of an apology to Nick we will continue to look into his life and publish any useful information.

Credit to Anon1556 of for the screenshot
Bro is trying to get some young bussy on the low.

Our enemies are pathetic losers controlled by their base urges. We are guided by God. They are going to have to genocide all White Incels to stop this movement.

Hail Fuentes.

Hail Our People.

Hail Victory.


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