Jew Cops Beat Mourners And Asians Losing The Race War

Jew Cops Beat Mourners And Asians Losing The Race War

From Reuters:

Israeli police officers charged at Palestinian mourners carrying the coffin of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh on Friday, before thousands led her casket through Jerusalem’s Old City in an outpouring of grief and anger over her killing.

Packed around Abu Akleh’s coffin, dozens of Palestinians, some waving Palestinian flags and chanting, “with our soul and blood we will redeem you Shireen,” began walking toward the gates of St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Lol, Israeli’s don’t give a fuck. Beating citizens at a funeral indiscriminately is harsh. The funeral of a journalist you killed btw. I just think it’s funny western media is tweaking out about it and you know no one in the Middle East cares. Except the Palestines to use for their own gain.

From The Dallas Morning News:

Police Chief Eddie García said Friday that a shooting that wounded three women of Korean descent at a hair salon in northwest Dallas may have been a hate crime — a day after he said police had ruled out hate as a factor.

A man fired multiple shots Wednesday inside the Hair World Salon in the 2200 block of Royal Lane before fleeing in a red minivan. Three employees in the salon were struck and were hospitalized with injuries that weren’t life-threatening. One customer was inside and was unhurt.

At a news conference at police headquarters, García said the shooting may be connected to at least two other crimes that have targeted the city’s Asian community.

Asians can’t catch a break from any side in this race war. Whites shoot them for provoking lust and blacks beat them for being Asian. Blacks also shoot them for being Asian, this guy is believed to be black. 🙁

It’s most likely a random act of violence with no clear motive brought on by mental illness mixed with the societal pressures and/or CIA project test subject’s outburst.