Info Stormer Weekend Round Up #2

Info Stormer Weekend Round Up #2

I do not have permission to repost this as I don’t have contact with IS. I do believe they are one of the only trustworthy news sites and wanted to promote them. Donate hereand visit infostormer here

Biden Regime Flies in Baby Formula From Germany

The United States is a farce of a country. The Biden regime is literally flying in baby formula from Germany because of supply shortages.

This is not a solution to the problem. 132 pallets of baby formula is a drop in a bucket. Like seriously, how many babies is that going to feed and for how long? This is nothing more than a political band-aid.

The real solution would be to ramp up domestic manufacturing of healthy baby formula without all the corn syrup shit in it and encourage mothers to use their tits for what they’re supposed to be used for.

The fact that we need to rely on foreign countries to provide things shows that America is already third world. The same thing is going to happen with other products in the months to come. Be prepared for all sorts of supply shortages.

Female Afghan TV Anchors Forced to Cover Faces

As many of you know, I am a big fan of the Taliban. I have become an even bigger fan of the Taliban after seeing this story.

It’s just common sense to make female television presenters cover their whore faces and whore bodies. If women are allowed to have any sort of freedom they will turn into disgusting whores with gross tattoos who inappropriately expose their body to sexually manipulate men. Making them wear black bed sheets in public is just common sense and represents true progress.

It isn’t like the faggots who run things in the West can criticize this move by the Taliban. They just forced people to wear face coverings over a fake pandemic. So any talk about “freedoms” etc.. can’t be taken seriously.

Klaus Schwab Says Future is Being Built By Us

Klaus Schwab is in Davos telling a bunch of Jews and elitist scum that they’re building the future.

Are you?

Are you really Schwab?

Seems like a number of your plans for the future aren’t going so well. The coronavirus hoax ran into all sorts of roadblocks and Russia has taken back huge parts of territory in the eastern parts of Ukraine. It’s only a matter of time before China takes back Taiwan. Meanwhile the West’s economy is collapsing and with it the West’s ability to project power.

What’s your next move? Cyberattacks? Climate change fuckery? Third world war against Russia and China at the same time? Monkeypox vaccines?

Plus, you still have way too many useless eaters running around. They’re not dying fast enough from your COVID-19 injections. Your plan to put everybody into living pods where they will eat bugs while hooked up to virtual reality headsets playing porn 24/7 is not going so well dude.

I’m not sure how you are going to make people own nothing and be happy by 2030. Why don’t you just quit your world domination schemes, buy some high priced hookers, have some fun and relax. You might as well enjoy your time on earth before you are sent to hell.

IMF Admits Global Economy in Worst Shape Since World War II

The head of the International Monetary Fund or IMF who is some dumb woman I’ve never heard of before, has admitted that the global economy is in the worst shape since World War II. She framed it by saying they’re facing the “biggest test” since that time period.

This is a true statement.

Of course, all the global economic calamities we have seen unfold have been intentionally manufactured by ridiculous and insane policies. This is something she did not admit to.

Shutting down the global economy over a fake pandemic and then provoking a senseless war with Russia were both done on purpose. The goal of these manufactured problems have been to bring about this weird “Great Reset” agenda and with it a tyrannical global government system run by Jews.

None of this occurred in a vacuum. What is crazy is how people can’t recognize the obvious nature of what transpired. Millions if not billions of people will die because of all this.

Beto O’Rourke is the Biggest Faggot in Texas

Beto O’Rourke who is best known for being a big faggot and a major gun control enthusiast, interrupted a press conference by the Jew-loving cripple governor of Texas today. The press conference was held to address the mass shooting by that lunatic Mexican tranny person. Beto went there to cause a scene and demand that all guns get banned.

Look who is praising this faggot. Lots of verified Twitter Jews.

To hell with these Jews. They don’t give a shit about the mass shooting or anybody who may have died. They just want WHITE people disarmed so their armies of brown and black niggers can harm us. This event is just a convenient excuse to bring back this agenda.

Also, why is Beto O’Rourke even allowed in Texas? His faggot ass should be deported to San Francisco so he can catch GRIDS and die. Beto isn’t even his real name. He’s a moron and a useful idiot for global kikery.

The whole gun control agenda in America is so stupid. Even if they abolished the Second Amendment tomorrow, it is physically impossible for these people to confiscate every firearm in the country. There’s too many guns and weapons. These people should really just focus on other issues, but they’re retarded so they’re going to try to push this issue for a little while. At least until the next “current thing” comes about.

NHS Edits Monkeypox Page to Make it Scarier

The British NHS just edited their web page on monkeypox to make it sound scarier than it actually is.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus hoax totally politicized health and medicine so it is not surprising to see government entities make something sound more dangerous than it really is. They’ve obviously thought about using monkeypox to justify more lockdowns and force some gay vaccine on people. If this was not something they thought about they wouldn’t be making monkeypox sound worse than it is.

There is really no reason to trust any government entity in the West. They are not acting in your best interest and pretty much just want you to die.

Study Shows COVID-19 Asymptomatic Spread Was a Hoax

A new study is out detailing how the alleged asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 which was used to justify lockdowns and other retarded measures by Anthony Fauci and others was a lie and a hoax.

I said many times that there was never any proof that COVID-19 was spread asymptomatically. Yet myself and others were labeled conspiracy theorists, disinformation peddlers and other names for merely stating the obvious.

COVID-19 regardless of its origins, was effectively just another variant of the flu. It was a massive hoax driven by media hysteria and fake tests.

Never in history were healthy people with no symptoms of sickness or disease targeted for quarantines, lockdowns etc.. Yet this idea of asymptomatic spread was widely accepted despite there being zero proof of it.

This happened because of a lack of free speech and mass censorship on the Internet. People saying that asymptomatic spread was ridiculous were blacklisted and banned from social media sites and were not allowed to get their message out.

US Navy Says Climate Change Poses Readiness Challenges

Did you know that climate change poses a serious problem to the readiness of the United States Navy? Well now you know and knowing is half the battle.

They are right to be concerned about climate change. The ocean levels could rise 100 feet and all the Navy ships in the fleet would sink to the bottom of the ocean. It is a very serious problem.

Climate change much like the coronavirus is an invisible enemy that must be defeated by any means necessary.

In addition to climate change impacting the Navy’s readiness, other things impacting the Navy’s readiness include the lack of women, homosexuals and trannies on board submarines and ships.

I’m fully confident that once these issues are resolved, they’ll be able to take on the Russians and Chinese so Jews can achieve their dream of a satanic and homosexual one world government system.

Russia Sending Record Volumes of Oil to India and China

Russia is now sending record volumes of oil to India and China.

These are two countries that have billions of people. Quite frankly, the rest of the world could refuse to do business with Russia and if China and India are their only customers, they would still be able to sustain their economy.

But most of the world is still willing to do business with Russia. The BRICS countries which represent Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are currently discussing ajoint oil and gas refining deal. These countries represent roughly one third of the global market.

This is why the West’s attempt to sanction Russian energy has been such a failure. Russia simply does not need to deal with the West. They have countries with billions of people that have no issue doing business with them. All the West has done is damage their own economies by refusing to do business with Russia over their desire to have Jewish feminism and gay anus bullshit in Ukraine.

This major economic policy failure is resulting in European political figures making bizarre statements about Russian oil. Take in point the EU President Ursula Von Der Leyen who is claiming that they now have to buy Russian oil so Russia doesn’t profit off of oil elsewhere.

She’s acting like it is their decision to make. Russia can just refuse to provide oil to them whenever they want. It is their oil so they can decide who they want to sell it too. They’re currently forcing many European countries to pay for their oil in rubles due to the unfriendly stance many of these countries have taken towards them.

The West is just unwilling to admit that they made a terrible mistake by putting sanctions on Russia. But this is what happens when you have incompetent and stupid people trying to implement a weirdly bizarre agenda of world domination.