Info Stormer Weekend Round Up #1

Info Stormer Weekend Round Up #1

I do not have permission to repost this as I don’t have contact with IS. I do believe they are one of the only trustworthy news sites and wanted to promote them. Donate here and visit infostormer here

Guardian is Now Claiming Russia is Losing in Ukraine

The Guardian is now claiming that Russia is losing the war in Ukraine.


Just last week they published an op-ed admitting that Russia could win the war.


These people can’t decide on what direction to push their propaganda because they’re not used to adversity. Russia is absolutely winning the war and they can’t figure out what to say about it. That’s because they spent the past few months promoting atrocity hoaxes and lying about how Ukraine was winning.

These people have lost all credibility and their attempts to do damage control are becoming more and more pathetic. I don’t see how it is even remotely workable for these people to go back to pushing the lie that Ukraine is winning. Of course, these people aren’t exactly known for their competence.

I mean, how is someone like myself who writes a blog part time able to more accurately discern what is going on better than these people who write as their primary profession? The answer is simple. I at least do my best to tell the truth, whereas all these people do is figure out how best to lie.

Bill Gates Warning of More Fatal COVID-19 Variant

Bill Gates is still pushing the virus hoax. He is claiming that a more transmissive and more fatal virus variant is coming.


How does he know? He’s not even a medical doctor. He’s just pulling this nonsense out of his ass.

He’s also calling for a GERM Team that he claims will prevent pandemics.


Real clever Bill. Not sure how you ever thought up that.

They’re obviously keeping this virus crap in the background so it can be brought back in the future for political reasons.


Right now they want people focused on Ukraine so the virus insanity has been rolled back. The only exception being what’s happening in China where they are going crazy with lockdowns presumably as a way to do an unofficial trade embargo on the West. There may also be other agendas at play that are internal to Chinese politics, but it is hard to say exactly.

Either way, I really wish Bill would give this virus hoax a rest. Why can’t he just use his billions of dollars to go on luxurious vacations and have drug parties with hookers like a normal person? Why does he need to use his ill-gotten wealth to push virus hoaxes and finance weird companies that are trying to produce synthetic meat? He has to be a sick person to want to focus on such things.

Someone should ask him why he sold his soul to Satan. Maybe the next time he does one of those TED talks that question can be raised.

Leaked SCOTUS Document Shows Roe v. Wade to be Overturned

A leaked document from the Supreme Court indicates that the court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade. Apparently the document was leaked to some Jew reporter for Politico.


The Supreme Court has confirmed that the document is authentic.


Needless to say there are all sorts of Democrats, Jews and random sluts going totally insane over this. It is very possible that this document was leaked purposefully to energize the left and to shift focus from the Ukraine war which people have stopped caring about. This is just speculation though.

Over turning Roe v. Wade while the proper decision, would not totally ban abortion though. It would just return the abortion issue back to the states. So what will happen is that you’ll have a number of red states that ban the practice and a number of blue states that will allow the baby murders to continue.

I’ve been offline for the past 24 hours so I’m just catching up on this story and others. But the hysterics that I’ve seen so far from this news has been hilarious. Imagine freaking out like this simply because it could potentially be harder for women to murder their children.

Abortion is a Jewish Value

Abortion is a Jewish value. This isn’t me saying this. Jews are saying this. Look at this tweet.


Reboot is a Jewish organization.

What more do you need to know about abortion? Jews believe in sacrificing goyim babies to their satanic god of poop. That’s why it is a Jewish value. If only they practiced abortion on themselves like they push it on the goyim.

STRATCOM Head Says US Nuclear Arsenal Behind Russia and China

The head of STRATCOM has publicly said that America’s nuclear weapons arsenal is behind Russia and China.


The head of America’s nuclear forces has sounded an alarm in Congress, suggesting that Washington’s ability to deter attacks by rivals may be lacking amid threats from Russia and a rapid buildup of China’s strategic weaponry.

“We are facing crisis-deterrence dynamics right now that we have only seen a few times in our nation’s history,” US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) chief Admiral Charles Richard said on Wednesday in a Senate hearing. He reiterated concerns over “three-party deterrence dynamics,” of which he warned lawmakers in March, citing the Ukraine crisis.

“The nation and our allies have not faced a crisis like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in over 30 years,” Richard said. “President [Vladimir] Putin simultaneously invaded a sovereign nation while using thinly veiled nuclear threats to deter US and NATO intervention.”

This is probably true. America’s military like the empire itself is in rapid decline. You can look at how Russia has advanced hypersonic weapons while America has yet to develop a working system. On top of this, you have all the gay and tranny shit in America’s military. These are just two of many things you could point to.

There’s also been reports of how America’s nuclear weapons infrastructure has been crumbling for decades. I actually have serious questions if it even works as intended. There hasn’t been any serious modernization effort that’s for sure.

What would be really funny is if Russia hit the West with some sort of nuke and America tried to respond but failed because none of their weapons worked. That is actually something that could happen.

Either way, with the way this country is now, I don’t really care if American cities get hit with nukes. In fact, I endorse the idea. These places are filled with evil and deserve to be wiped off the face of the earth.

Interest Rate Hikes Cause Stock Market Crash

We are starting to see central banks hike interest rates as inflation spirals out of control. The Fed pushed rates up a half a point and the Bank of England also did a hike over the past few days.



The stock market plunged on this news.

It’s so bad that even the Jewish entity of Bloomberg is posting shit like this.


It was red across the board yesterday.


The real inflation rate in the US is probably between 15 and 25 percent. So in order for these people to be remotely serious about fighting inflation, they’d have to jack interest rates up to that level. The problem is that they can’t even jack interest rates up a half a point without major turmoil occurring in the markets.

The whole system is doomed one way or another. I personally believe that they will just hyperinflate the currency into worthlessness because it is politically impossible for the Fed to jack up interest rates to 20 percent like they did in the early 1980s.