I Love This Cultured Hell That Tests My Youth

I Love This Cultured Hell That Tests My Youth
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Xxxtentacion and Billie ellish have been two of the biggest icons of generation Z. Why is that? Both deal with themes of depression. With X’s studio album 17 and Billie’s tracks like listen before i go and when the party’s over. They also have a violent edge to them with X’s Rip Roach, look at me, young Bratz and many others. Billie’s bad guy, all the good girls go to hell, and you should see me in a crown show this in a very feminine way. Billie’s outfits were large hoodies and pants, made to not outline her body. X had numerous controversies from beating up his pregnant girlfriend, some fag, and a fan (which he used as cover art for young Bratz).

X was unapologetic and acted completely on impulse. The violence and white hatred. Showcasing the truth behind the clean image of black youth. The emotion was a release for teens generally.

Where most famous females walk around flesh freely exposed, Billie gave no hint to what was under her clothes. Her videos showed her having spiders crawling all over her and cigarettes put out on her face and eyes bleeding dark liquid. That’s what man really want in a sterilized hyper-sexualized world.

This is a whitepill. People do on some subconscious level want to see reality.


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