How 2 Protect Yourself

How 2 Protect Yourself

We do not advocate illegal acts. We do not advocate violence. That being said, it is in every Americans right to defend themselves if any organization, gov or otherwise, attempts to murder them for their beliefs.

“But how do you protect yourself?”

Great question! Let’s review the actions you can take to protect yourself from murderous gangs who use violence to enforce their political beliefs!

1: Always harden your home. Have drapes over all windows, and have eye bolts ready to string steel cable across them. The goal is to make it difficult to burst through a window without getting caught. Have ways to secure your doors and install an anti kick plate. The goal is to buy to precious time, not make it impossible to get in.

2: always have either a hidden hardened fighting position or a way to create one within 30 seconds. This can be sandbags or food buckets, anything to stop a bullet. Defend your beans, theyre your beans!

3: Have an escape route in case evil rolls down your street and into your driveway. This is not a way to evade death or consequence. Its an exit strategy for when you’ve finished off the bad guys. Theres no more running.

4: If you escape the bad guys, you’d better have your pack, a way to conceal your firearm, and a plan. You need to know safe places to camp and sleep, safe places to fish or forage, and have supply caches ready and waiting for when you bug out.

5: Learn to prepare a proper foxhole. Use space blankets to waterproof and conceal ir signature, create an elevated sleeping platform, have a hole dug and lined with plastic for water storage, have chickenwire to reinforce the top and to hold your brush and grasses, have either fuel and a stove or dry firewood, etc. Plan this shit out. Then live in that emergency hole for a few days to make sure you covered your bases. Make sure you stash some playing cards or books, and morale items. Anything in nature thats being hunted bolts for a hole for a reason.

6: Have a network. In Europe, immigrants stick together to the point where Muslims can rape and murder an innocent child and if the police try to arrest them, the entire community burns down the police station and throws bricks. As much as I despise them, take a page from their book. A true fighting unit is held together by a suicide pact. No one disgraces the group, but otherwise an attack on one is an attack on all. A police state is only possible when the population is individualized and isolated.

7: Never, EVER default to defense. Shoot and move in a firefight and dont get boxed in. Once cornered its over.

8: Don’t be a fucking sperg. This will be a slow motion collapse. If nationwide network or power outages happen, then your buddies should all have a plan to get together to help each other. If people start disappearing and red flag no knock raids become prevalent, you’re in the middle of a political purge and its time to protect yourself. Until then chill the fuck out. Everyone new to reality tends to overreact.

9: If you watch movies and TV shows, you’re not going to make it. Your life should be work, prepping, working out, healthy diet, and constructive hobbies like carving, carpentry, knife making, blacksmithing, electronics (NOT internet bullshit. Arduino, PIC, circuits, radio, etc is good.) And useful skills. Bushcrafting isn’t a hobby, its a fucking requirement.

10: Be prepared for the slow insidious slide into abject poverty and chaos. Find a way to create something of value and find people to trade with. Have a garden, and have an heirloom seed pack in your bug out bag. If you dont have room for a garden, buy buckets and lights and grow potatoes. Agriculture experience is non negotiable, along with basic water filtration techniques.