Hit Me Harder

Hit Me Harder

Idk if this is true but I trust Russia Today’s reporting more than any ZOG journo.

From RT:

experimental drugs on “volunteers” from the ranks of the Ukrainian military, the commander of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Forces Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov alleged during a media briefing on Thursday.

The experimental drug testing came within the so-called UP-8 project, exposed by the Russian military earlier this month.

“We continue to publish information about the research with the participation of Ukrainian military personnel. I would like to note that such work is prohibited in the United States and is carried out by the military outside of the country,” the official stated.

“According to data published in the Bulgarian media, about 20 Ukrainian soldiers died during the experiments in the Kharkov laboratory alone, and another 200 were hospitalized,” Kirillov added, while claiming that “more than four thousand people” were involved in the testing in Ukraine.

These people that want you so desperately to sacrifice you way of life to help Ukraine don’t care about the people there. They are actively killing and doing more harm to Ukraine by prolonging this war and giving them aid than if we had just let Russia has them. It is in Ukraine’s best interest to be under Russian rule, these stories of Nazi like experiments make that more clear.


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