I know I’m usually on time for everything and never miss. I missed Thrusday and Friday. I planned on writing them now and listing them as posted on those days so no one would be the wiser. It’s too late now. Some might say it’s over in that regard. Nothing interesting happened those days anyway so who cares. Hopefully you were able to occupy your with the content on Viceroy TV. I was also robbed at gunpoint at my wagie job earlier today (Monday). I try not to mention personal life stuff here but the two individuals were niggers which is very suprising. Who would’ve thought blacks would commit a violent crime? Sorry to disappoint but I did not react in a John Wick way to save my pajeet boss’s money. I’ll be able to post more consistently after finals.

From New York Post:

President Joe Biden just set another record: The worst inflation since 1981, as consumer prices climbed a staggering 8.5% over the 12 months ending in March.

That’s our sixth straight month of inflation above 6%, and our 11th straight month above 5%.

The White House response? A waiver to allow usually banned sales of high-ethanol gasoline over the summer, which impacts only the gas sold at 2,300 gas stations nationwide, out of around 150,000 total.


Putting your money in things that will hold value is the best way to combat inflation. If you look at life and the way things are going in America, do you think inflation will continue to rise or fall in the next few years? There isn’t anything that would lead me to believe the economy will stabilize. You are getting robbed by the federal reserve, your cash is losing value by the day.

From TMZ:

If you’re flaunting your wealth in proximity with gangs you’re either black or retarded. This is good either way. The rich need to suffer the consequences of their neglecting on the society. Most wealthy put their money in things that will produce more capital, this applies to charity. They do not spend on what will better the future but what will grow their bank account.

They need to see and feel the pain of what we have to deal with.

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